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Sufferfest training plans - practical solutions

How do you do the Sufferfest training plan?

Select and Manage Your Training Plans Directly in The App

To get started, log in to the app, select your disciplineincluding road, triathlon, cyclocross, gravel, XC MTB, and eSportsadd optional yoga, strength or mental toughness, and then track your progress directly within the SUF app.

Tomorrow Trainiacs. Just a very smooth, cruise-y little 45 minute coach ride. Remaining week, so no reason to go ahead and kill us, but ironically, the article of Zwift vs.

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Full Gas last week followed, that was very popular, today we're going to compare Zwift to The Sufferfest for a total recovery ride. (energetic music) Okay so I just want to give you the Sufferfest version of what Sufferfest is a library of structured cycling, running and triathlon workouts, we also have 30 yoga articles for cyclists, a 10 week Program to build metal strength and strength training for cyclists. All of these elements are in our road, triathlon, mountain biking and cyclecross training plans.

Our workouts and training plans were developed by Neal Henderson and Mac Cassinat Apex Coaching in Boulder, Colorado. Neal has trained some of the world's most successful endurance athletes, including Flora Duffy, Cam Dye, Taylor Neb, Rohan Dennis, the current time trial world champion, and Evelyn Stevens. Sufferfest is the only training platform that personalizes workouts based on your complete performance profile and not just on FTP.

Other workout apps only set performance goals based on a percentage of FTP, resulting in super threshold goals that are either too high or too low to trigger your desired fitness gains. Last year we released Four-Dimensional Strength with a comprehensive hour-long fitness test made by Neal Henderson was developed. The app determines your neuromuscular strength, maximum aerobic performance, functional threshold performance and anaerobic capacity.

Once you have your four-dimensional performance profile, the app maps all of your performance goals in your workout to your unique metrics. This ensures that you are always working at the exact intensity required to get faster, which is especially important for triathletes as the card acts as a seal on FTP. If your card is low but you're just working on the threshold, you're not going to be going fast, uh.

By giving yourself insight into your strengths and weaknesses and tailoring your workouts and training plans accordingly, you can get more out of your training time. ' and then come back and we'll talk about it. (energetic music) Okay, 45 minute little ride and I get it.

It is not so bad. Let me write down my thoughts on this. I'm coming back, there is something.

There's a reason it exists. Okay, so let's talk about Sufferfest versus Zwift. In general, the Sufferfest consists of 50 or a little more than 50 guided ERG mode workouts covering the ups and downs and climbs in the virtual world, like in Zwift.

The ERG mode is where your trainer is only controlled by a preset program, and no matter how hard or fast you pedal, the resistance just follows the workout Resistance says' Right now we're only doing 200 watts.

Does Sufferfest link to Training Peaks?

You can connect your TrainingPeaks athlete account with Sufferfest.

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training peaks is a platform that helps you analyze and log your training plan. There are tons of tools out there if you want to build on a specific goal or just want to improve your fitness. Now it's a platform that I've been using throughout my racing career and along with the people at Training Spikes, we've decided to put together a helpful little guide to help you understand some of the platform's features and get the most out of the platform.

So I will talk about the basic free version of the training article first when you sign up for an account for the first time on the platform, you can use a variety of tools to help you monitor your progress, you can upload training sessions, log these training sessions, training summaries and you can use a tailor-made training plan with a trainer trainingpeaks calendar page where you can see all your past and all your upcoming workouts now trainingpeaks is compatible with over a hundred red third-party apps such as zwift or wahoo for example, so you can use the platform so that when you have finished a trip, that trip is sent straight to your calendar page, which is ready to be viewed. On the right side you will see a summary of your weekly hours and distances, on which you can click your completed workouts and this is where it gets really interesting all your driving data is displayed here e.g. altitude, calorie consumption, strength if you use a measuring device and your heart rate here you can also talk to your training supervisor communicate and that is what makes the platform so special in my opinion it is the bridge between the athlete and the coach training peaks makes it so easy to communicate with your coach, let him know how things are going so he can then adjust your training, so that you can write a description here of how your training went, how you feel, what can be seen directly from your trainer, even if you complete your training sessions as planned in the training piece calendar.

They will be color-coded in green in your training sessions not quite complete, d If they are amber and they really don't end your session as planned, it will be color coded red. Remember I had some of these myself when I was training, but are they all? Tools that really help you get the most out of your training and monitor your progress to the best of your knowledge. I remember when I was racing and we showed up at a competition, it was always a bit atopic when we showed that we had color-coded our training and the structure for this race we would have been or would have been somehow red this week our sessions have been on green and we would have been in tip-top shape by now as I said under construction before you can give perceived effort values ​​on your rides in training peaks and this is a great tool that I use a lot when I was racing around to follow how I was feeling and that my coachesso at Gyro d'Italia had to give a felt effort grade on every single stage and my coaches would then take a look at that, pass that on to management and that would possibly be the tactic for adjust the next day.

So if I had a couple of days saying I was super tired like 10 out of 10, maybe we'd try to give me a day off, but well, that never really seemed to happen so you can any Day see us scrolling through the days on this big tour, so we started with the prologue, which was a six, then we had eight five seven seven five four nine seven seven and a half three five seventeen ten six seven ten ten seven eleven from the chartthat stage and finally a five to finishof the grand tour training peaks also has a mobile app that works with their online site. So when you are on the go, you can look at your daily training and see what training you need to complete, what you need to complete and also give feedback very easily via the mobile platform how did the training go? Also, organize all of your goals and events on the calendar so you can scroll forward on the calendar and type in any of those goals or events so you know what's ahead of you and what to work towards My team and for obvious reasons I've made this an important one Goal made, so just click on the day and enter your goals and events to have them appear on your calendar your trainer can do this for you too to help plan your workout, or you could use it as the end date of a specific workout plan that Available on Training Peaks Training Plans are one of the most important features of Training Peaks, and the platform really connects riders to a whole range of different training plans designed specifically for novice to seasoned riders that are literally geared towards whatever you're currently exercising these training plans are all written by professional coaches rubbed and they are rated by other users so you can get a really good idea of ​​how the training plan works and how well people are reacting to it before you buy now if you want to find these plans you can find them in the training parts shop so go Go to the left panel and right click to enter this shop When purchasing a training plan, all of the day's training will automatically appear on your training calendar, so all you have to do is scroll forward and see what coming towards you. See what different intervals you have every day when you work with zwift, for example that the workout of the day is automatically displayed on the platforms.

So all you have to do is hop on your bike and end your efforts if you're looking for a coach who has a more personal relationship with your training, while training peaks offers a coachmatch service where you enter your preferences and training peaks connects you with an accredited one Coach brings together to help you achieve your goals like this I would find it 10 times harder to make any progress if you want to use more of the training tip features there is a premium version that costs just under $ 10 a month and to give you a better idea of ​​what some of these features entail, I'm going to use one of my old racing files from the 2019giro d'italia, to be precise, and stage 20, that was an absolutely brutal day on the bike five and a half thousand vertical meters 6 hours 45 minutes on the bike and tell you what I cried before, during and after this stage it was absolutely awesome angular so you can see my ride here and of course you have the map view where you can see my route or should you see a race of pain through the dolomites then you can see the graph of my powerfile elevation speed heart rate data etc. In addition, you have my maximum performance for the ride here, so for example I did 393 watts for an hour at the beginning of the stage, my second was the highest performance for the whole of 2019 no wonder that I cried during the race, peak performance is another key feature of the training peak premium account means that you can kee p track all of your personal best things like heart rate over certain periods of time. This was quite a topic of discussion when we got back on the team bus from a race and would compare you to your teammates who had a PB that day whose performance was perhaps a little off? had the best performance of the whole year or maybe ever in this particular race and it would always be quite a point of contention, in fact you can also track your metrics in more detail with Premium with the performance management chart and e.g.

B. Track Fatigue Form and Fitness Throughout Your Different Stages Of Training You can also drag and drop your workout so you may have to rush to work on a day when you couldn't complete your workout, or when you are like me, you can design a nice easy ride to the cafe the dashboard setting on your premium ac count will also have lots of different graphs so you can really track your performance and progress across many different parameters. That was a little guide to training tips and a bit more information on how the platform works I hope you enjoyed this article and if you did please give it a big thumbs up and while you are down there let me know Comment section below know do you use a coach and if so what is the best way to communicate with that coach? How do you let them know how you are progressing with your workout and how do they tell you what workout you have? is around the corner, please let me know if I am always interested in hearing your thoughts, thanks for watching, see you soon

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How much is Sufferfest monthly?

Pricing: After the 7-day free trial, the monthly Sufferfest subscription costs .99 and the annual one costs 9.

How many workouts does Sufferfest have?


By increasing strength with a progressive, circuit-training programme of 97 exercises across 22 videos designed specifically for cyclists, you'll not only get faster, but you'll also improve your efficiency and endurance too.

What's better Zwift or Sufferfest?

If the quest is to get fit and reach your performance potential, Sufferfest is the way to go. Alternatively, Zwift has tens of thousands of riders pedalling around Watopia each and every day. Conversely, Zwift offers a greater variety of workouts, routes, races, and community engagement than Sufferfest.

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What is a good FTP?

A lighter cyclist who can put out raw high wattage numbers is going to go a lot faster. The article claims that a typical fit cyclist might be able to crank out 250 to 300 watts as an average for a 20 minute FTP (functional threshold point) test, while the pros usually average 400 watts.

What heart rate monitor works with Sufferfest?

The Sufferfest are offering subscribers a free Wahoo Tickr heart rate monitor.

Is there a free version of Sufferfest?

Offer is for a free 60-day trial of The Sufferfest on any compatible device. Offer only valid for new subscribers to The Sufferfest Training Centre App. Promotion code must be entered when you create your account at https://app.thesufferfest.com/account/create to receive your free trial.

Is Sufferfest a beginner?

The Sufferfest is known for its wry humour and brilliantly brutal indoor rides. However, for the absolute beginner with little experience beyond casually riding their bike, the programme can be quite intimidating to begin.26 2020 .

Can multiple people use Sufferfest?

We allow up to five connections with one account. This means your one account could be connected to an iMac, MacBook Pro, Windows Computer, iPhone, and iPad all at the same time.8 . 2020 .

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