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Zipp 302 review - comprehensive handbook

What's the difference between Zipp 302 and 303?

'Depending on the conditions, yaw angle and rider style, a 303 wheel will be on average 2 - 3 watts faster than 302. It is the rim shape more than the dimples that makes 303 Firecrest faster than 302,' said Zipp in answer to our question.31 2017 .

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zip has just launched its second headline set of wheels for 2020. This is a brand new 303 Fire Crest Diskreg Whizzerand, when I say it's brand new I think it's literally brand new, that this is a big change for the brand they say compared to its predecessor With this wheelset you can save between 10 and 50 watts at 40 KS per hour, which admittedly sounds extraordinary, but let's be clear these are not just claims about aerodynamics, it's also about tire dynamics and how it works with the wheelset as a whole zip calls it total system efficiency Video We'll explain exactly what this means and how to make these efficiency savings. I started the search here on GCM in 2013 talking about tire pressure.

Most road trips are now usually done between around 90 and 120 psi, as this pressure has decreased over the past few years, why have corrugated tires? got wider, so they went from 23 to 25 to 28 and beyond, and that has allowed us to run a lower pressure without fear of tire damage and I'm proving our comfort, but it's not that easy as the research Over the past few years it has shown that it is actually a lower pressure tire that transfers less vibration from the road to the bike and into the rider, allowing you to roll much more efficiently on the roads a few years ago we even unwittingly had one I did my own test on the cobblestones of PiruBay and showed exactly what is faster than a racing bike with 28-mil tires, a gravel-slash cyclocross bike with 35-millimeter tires or a mountain bike with 54-millimeter white tires pave a bit of leeway, although it has the aerodynamics of a bus, it was the mountain bike with the cyclocross bike five seconds behind and another five seconds back to the road lock Now the mountain bike felt slower, what with the high front and massive handlebars, but it went faster, why well sprung but massively soft fatigue that isolates us from the vibrations and allows us to roll faster, so what has to do that with it? h the new zip wheels the zippers say you have also rethought and invested a lot of time and energy into researching efficiency by using an aero stick that sits on the front II wheel and can accurately measure your aerodynamics From this you can then extrapolate what proportion of your overall performance must be from rolling resistance. They also modified a Rolling Road to make it perhaps the most inconvenient taxiway in the world, but one you can imagine is a remarkably good simulation of Belgium would be like the Rolling Road Spring Classics Edition, ultimately they confirmed the previous test results as well the results are really solid data which in a nutshell shows that your optimal tire pressure is a balance between rolling efficiency and damping efficiency, so a harder tire rolls more efficiently because it deflects less and that deflection somehow costs energy but it also carries more vibration for it the bike and for you, the rider, and that vibration also costs energy and actually a lot more than people have now realized, if you graph this data you get a bell-shaped curve. You see, if you have two softer tires, then you have to spend a lot of watts because it is really too hard and you also have to put out a lot of watts because it is really sluggish, but for various reasons the exact position of this optimal point now depends and actually the shape of the curve depends on the rider's weight and also the surface that you're driving on such a rougher surface, especially terrible roads and off-road, the greater the potential savings you can make, and hence that carrot comes in at a potential 50 watts -Saving.

So with all this datazip you have developed the wheel feel that forces you to run wider, more efficient tires that you need here to run tubeless tires, and then they are not only optimized for aerodynamics, but also designed to They run super low pressures, the first perhaps most important thing is that they increased the width of the rim well to 25 millimeters so that the old crown of fire was 21. The 303, which came on the market a few weeks ago, is 23, this is the widest of the lot with 25, why the greater width? The 303's corrugated zippers say they realized that some customers might still want to ride 25mm tires - it's actually the shape of the tire or this rim is very different from the normal one. They have those much straighter sidewalls that Firstly, improve your aerodynamics, but that also give the tire significantly more grip so that you can ride lower pressure than normal, but still go around corners without the bike feeling how deeply shaky you have to, as we've already heard, of course from yours Body weight and the surface of the road or path you are driving handy zip packed all your data and entered it into an online tire pressure calculator so that not only the basics we talked about are taken into account, but other things like tire width and rim width as well even tire time for me with this setup so 28 mil wide tires, it suggests there ss I ride with fifty-five point one psi in the front and sixty-two point nine psi in the rear tire, that's about four and four point three bar, where I'm ten kilos heavier about 83 kilos 59 again ah sixty point five to get that point now At this point many of you may be thinking that some wheel brands have been running 25 mil rim beds for a while and you're right, but what gets interesting here is that zippers are saying this is about more than just tire pressure because they really design, they say sag and vibration dampening in the rims themselves now to their wool-dyed color this could sound a bit weird because stiff wheels have been considered good wheels for as long as I can remember, but I'll whisper mountain bikers have been on compliance for some time and actually focused on that when they recently designed their 3-0 moto wheels, so good, That I don't have to admit Ita mountain bikers might actually now be able to owe this to what compliant actually means, although it does mean a wheel can dissipate energy from the bike rather than all of the vibration and shock from the rim and through the Passing on spokes, however, may derive some of it elsewhere you are probably familiar with.

Frame Design The beauty of carbon fiber means you can still design with lateral stiffness so the wheel doesn't feel flexible when you extend it in the saddle yielding rim well zips different layout different resin and basically everything? is different on this new rim not only a new rim flange new hubs - now only a short page here, actually. Just as important for the redesign is the fact that these wheels have shared a lot of weight compared to their predecessors. They now weigh only one thousand three hundred and fifty-five grams for the really very light pair and the redesign has also made it possible to refine the production process and improve the efficiency of it and that is then reflected in the price, so these are much cheaper than their predecessors, then I only pay 1800 euros for the pair and they also have the lifetime replacement policy we talked about the 303s so that means you get a new pair of wheels if something happens to you while you're on the go just stick with the last point , because something happens to your wheels when you are out and about.

I think a lot of us drive or have higher pressure on our tires for fear of bumping into things like potholes and other things on the road, impact damage or worse, if you hit them hard enough you can scratch your rim and like this? If it happens then when you hit a pothole like this, not exactly a wheel eater, but still pretty significant if you only ride 59 point 1 psi in your tires of course I don't get a flat tire here because I don't have these tubeless tubes, but how much support does a 28 millet from this Widerrimwell offer I would still recommend either avoiding it or hopping a bunny but I didn't hit the rim which I thought I would have done now than the 303 before one Launched a few weeks ago, it was claimed to be even significantly more efficient than the old 303 fire vehicles, so how do these two stack the 303s and the new 303 farcrest apparently this is 5 watts / h more efficient at 40km so Iguess is either a lot or a little depending on what type of driver you are. The difference is of course that the room widths are different, but the rim profile is also different, these are actually flatter than ever, these are 40mm s deep as opposed to 45mm deep for the 303 s, so your new a 303 far from zip, but also a whole lot of data fueling this fire, why the tires can be faster, why they can possibly be more efficient than all of us should certainly run 28 and above when we live in the real world and not anyway drive on pristine asphalt. Let us know in the comments what you think about what tires you are already using and would you be tempted to fall on super-low pressure? join us in the comments and please give this article a big thumbs up if you liked it

Are Zipp wheels worth it?

Narrator: These are the brand new Zipp 303S wheels that are more affordable, lighter, and apparently faster than the 302 wheels they are replacing. That doesn't seem to do them justice, as Zipp says they've improved the overall efficiency of this wheelset to the point where the performance surpasses the classic 303Firecrest, which hit the market back in 2016 and costs twice as much. In all honesty, I want you to know how Zipp did it, so let me fill you in.

First, yes, I'm still largely confined to my house, but amazingly, I've got my hands on some hot new technology. Many thanks to Zipp for sending me this and also for patiently answering all of my questions so that I can give you the juicy details. Reminder of Zipp's balance bike range, which covers the entire depth spectrum from the flat 202 series to the all-rounder 303 series, the 404 to to the 808 and the disc wheels.

Most depths have different models and prices. have the Firecres t, the classic zip with its characteristic dimples, which are used and abused both on and off the road. The NSW that takes performance even further, and then you had the 302, which simplified all of the carbon and aero knowledge and distilled it into a more affordable wheelset.

Now we have the even cheaper, lighter, and faster 303 S. Disc- specific, happy off-road, as well as on and tubeless ready. So what's up? For the most part, they got a new logo, for a start.

Let's talk about these benefit entitlements first, shall we? Zipp says this 303 S is 10 watts more efficient than what their 2016 303 Firecrest is at 40 km / h. Leaving aside for a moment that these are faster than their more expensive brethren, I think it's also very important and interesting to note that Zipp is rapidly changing the way it is quantified, and that's because Zipp says they are have moved from just wind tunnels to holistic real tests that not only include aerodynamics, but also tires, dynamics too. Its data collection techniques are so advanced that you can now get accurate and repeatable results outdoors with an aero stick that measures wind and atmospheric data in real time.

The Zipp engineers basically had to spend countless hours driving up and down stretches of road at 40 km / h. How do these stack up in the wind tunnel? I don't know. Zipp says they're not that fast either, and instead points them out point out that it's your real-world data that shows you are 10 watts more efficient at 40 km / h on slippery roads, because on rough surfaces that difference seems to increase even further.

How? Zipp has designed these so that they are aerodynamically optimal for 28 millimeter wide tires. That's a really big part of this overall increase in efficiency because wider tires roll with little resistance and can also be driven at lower pressure, which also increases rolling efficiency. Viewers will find that there is less of a difference than there is between the outside and the inside, and yes you are right because these are hookless.

A traditional rim has a little hook on the top of the inside of the rim sidewall, but with the latest developments in tire technology, you no longer need that. You can get rid of it and get a whole host of benefits from it. One of them is aerodynamics.

Hookless means a much smoother transition from tire to rim that creates less turbulence than you cut through the air. Since the inner rim width can be wider, the tire blows less over the rim, which also creates less turbulence. The rest of the rim profile has also changed accordingly, old 302, 45 millimeters, but the rim is much less blunt at the nose than on the Zipp predecessors.

What about the weight then? They're 165 grams lighter than the 302s that came before them, which means they're only 1,530 inches in total for the backpack. That's 710 in the front and 820 in the back. Granted, this isn't a stupid, stupid light, but for a wheel of this depth, strength, and price, I'd say it goes pretty well.

How are you? Much lighter then? Zipp says advancing the construction process, mold design, and carbon layup has allowed them to be more efficient with less material. One of the big steps forward was, surprise, surprise, go without a hook; you could change the way they shape the rim base. You switch from a soft mandrel to a metal shape that allows for more even compaction.

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You can basically use less resin and less carbon in this part of the rim. If you're worried about strength, you don't have to be. I think it's fair to say Zipp has always been risk averse when it comes to construction In the impact test, they are as strong as their predecessors, but these even now have a lifetime impact and damages policy that covers all damage while driving.

How are you? Well, these are the first carbon Zipp wheels to be manufactured outside of the U. S. SRAM, the parent company of Zipps, has its own carbon manufacturing facility in Taiwan and it has completely replicated the production of Zipp Indianapolis Process over there, but then Zipp also says that by making these refinements in the building process, such as hookless, they were able to make it more efficient.

They also say that because they're lighter, there's just less raw material in here. You don't often hear manufacturers say something is cheaper because it's lighter, but high-five all round. It takes a while to get back to this but it's like a lot of cool things have happened but one of the most obvious differences from the new wheels is the new stickers.

The classic Zipp logo changes from this to this one. Eagle enthusiasts will of course have noticed this not only with the mountain bike wheels that were launched last year, but also with the wheels that the Movistar team used earlier this year. Two last points should be mentioned first the hubs say they have the same bearing axle and freehub as the ones used on the Firecrest wheels in recent years, but here the difference is actually in the spokes and the way they enter the hub .

These use J-bend spokes, whereas the Firecrest uses straight-pull spokes. Finally, a very important note about the tires that you use with them. It's important that you use tubeless ready tires on these rims as the higher tolerances and stiffer bead of tubeless tires mean they don't need that traditional hook design to work.

You can of course use a tube here, but you will need these tire-ready tires. We'll soon have another article for you to dive into Zipp's new test protocols. because it's a big break for the brand and they've definitely found some super interesting and also super useful insights, some of which can actually already be found on their new tire pressure calculator, on which an algorithm is built on all of their recent research .

I had a bit of play. I think it's super cool. We'll include a link to it in the description below this article.

That's a very brief rundown of the new 303 S. They're available in stores at just under $ 1,300 or just under £ 1,000 for the pair which, as I said at the beginning, makes them some of the cheapest carbon zipps to date. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section below and please give this article a big thumbs up.

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Can you run Zipp 302 tubeless?

The Zipp 404 is, without question, a classic aerodynamic wheelset and one of the top choices when you're looking for aerodynamic gains. Even if it falls into the pricey category, its quality and features are worth it if you're serious about a solid, trustworthy aerodynamic upgrade.

What are the best aero wheels for the money?

Zipp's 302 Tubeless rim-brake wheelset delivers dependable speed for aspiring and experienced cyclists alike. The 302 is now tubeless, allowing you to run lower tire pressure for greater cornering grip and reduced rolling resistance without the risk of pinch flats.

What is the difference between Zipp 303 and 404?

The 303 (26.4mm) is wider than the 404 (24.7mm), so (I have been told) this increases is stiffness even thought there is a 13mm difference in rim depth.

What is the difference between Zipp NSW and Firecrest?

The outcome is a wheelset that's even lighter, faster, more stable, and quite a bit more expensive than Zipp's 303 Firecrest. And much like the Firecrest, the new 353 NSW is only available for use with disc brakes and tubeless tyres.

How much faster do Zipp wheels make you?

From his tests, the rider discovers: With conventional wheels, he can ride 20 minutes at an average speed of 41.12 kph with an average power of 379 watts. With the Zipp 808 NSW aero wheels he rides 51 minutes at an average speed of 41.13 kph and average power of 344 watts.6 . 2016 .

Why are wheelsets so expensive?

that have an effect on wheel price. Generally the more intricate the design and lighter the weight, the more they'll cost. Also, even though there is probably millions of cars on the road, only a fraction of those cars have Aftermarket Wheels.

Are Zipp 303 Tubeless Ready?

The 303's rim profile and tire bed is ideal for wide tires, tubeless setup, and running lower pressures. Pavement, dirt, or gravel, the 303 is engineered for everything you'll tackle on the bike. Available in S-Series, Firecrest or NSW, rim or disc brake, tubeless clincher or tubular.

Are Zipp wheels tubeless ready?

Zipp is best known for firsts. Zipp has revamped its entire clincher line up 202, 303, 404, 808 in both Firecrest and NSW spec to be tubeless ready and disc brake compatible.

Is the Zipp 302 disc a good wheelset?

The Zipp 302 Disc wheelset is a great road wheelset but it’s still a little narrow compared to today’s wider gravel wheels and even some newer road wheels. A pair of non-disc brake ZIPP 302 wheels that begging to be ridden.

Is the Zipp 302 carbon clincher race worthy?

The ZIPP 302 Wheelset begs to be ridden. ZIPP wanted the 302 Carbon Clincher to deliver the ride that Zipp wheels are renowned at a price that makes Zipp carbon quality and performance more attainable than ever. By sharing technology from the 302’s big brother, ZIPP obtained this pretty well.

What's the maximum weight of a Zipp 302?

Maximum rider weight is 115kg, and the rear hub accepts Zipp’s XDR driver body, allowing use of a 10-42 cassette. Over several test rides with 28mm tyres fitted, I found the 302s to be responsive and accelerate keenly, although not with the surging feeling common from lighter wheels.

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