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Rudy project sunglasses review - how to decide

Are Rudy sunglasses good?

The Rudy Project Defender sunglasses give you the big lens look for an excellent field of vision, with a really good photochromic lens as well. They're resistant to misting, which clears quickly if it does occur. But all that performance does make them expensive.

The One Obsession campaign is a huge part of Oakley's recent history. It's the idea that many of us, most of us, are obsessed with our chosen sport. But many of us are obsessed with Oakleys too.

And one person who definitely ticks that box is Brian Takumi. He's been working here for 21 years now. He's the VP of Brand Creative and literally wrote the book on Oakley.

And he's going to take us through his seven coolest, most beloved, and most important Oakleys of all time. (intense music) Right, I'm looking forward to it. We can let off steam with sunglasses.

buying new bike

We have before us a selection of what you think is the most important or your favorite Oakley eyewear of all time. Where are we going to start? - I think the first thing we do is start with the beginnings of Oakley and sunglasses and that is the eyeshade. I think without that you wouldn't have Oakley the way it is today because it really got us started with glasses, so obviously a very sport-specific and a very niche piece.

At the same time, it helped us on our way to make what we are today with glasses. I think the next thing you're looking at is obviously one of the next steps in this area, which is Razor Blade. Because I think while this was the part that helped Oakley create it, Razor Blades was probably the part that really defined it, stepping out of that niche world of cycling and snow sports and the like and really getting into that mix of athletic performance , could become lifestyle glasses that you can wear every day.

So if you look at the Razor Blade that not only is it used in sports but can be worn as an everyday item. And certainly over the years this shape, the shape of the lens, the iconic ear hooks have certainly become a mainstay in the definition of sports glasses. - Yes, and I mean because they were used in sports.

Greg LeMond wore a pair to win the Tour de France, didn't he, 1989? And then as well now, has Pharrell Williamshad been a lovely diamond-studded couple lately? - Pharrell Williams has a beautiful diamond-set pair, a solid gold pair that he had made by a jeweler, - A solid gold pair. - so it has definitely found its place in pop culture, history and present, so this is certainly a defining moment for --- and the customization of the Razor Blades, which obviously wasn't available with the Eyeshades, but the color palette and options, the beginning, was so different between these two generations? - Yeah, I think it was definitely, Jim didn't see the chance here with the detachable and adjustable earhooks, something he had there and then as they continued to work on razor blades that it had the adjustable ear hooks but certainly the fact that he was able to create the earphone kit that he could sell and sell in multiple colors and that you could basically customize them yourself. That was certainly the first step in bringing the customization to life, and I think that's why razor blades actually were like that, and it also became an iconic thing because it not only enabled the performance to be done in it , but also to be able to choose and choose the personal expression, colors and shapes and the like. - All right, what are we moving then? The third most important couple.- I think if you go down the timeline it probably starts with Mumbo M-Frame just because that was really the start of this optically correct shape, the torque shape, which is more like a sphere than that the cylindrical shape here so it was also the start of thinking about the different lens shapes so this was a very square shape at the time we were doing this and then thinking about how to really fit that to someone's face? So one of the things Jim always liked, that idea with a three point fit that helped define the shape where the hookier stems went away, we went to the straight ear stems and that was really something about it really developing that idea it wouldn't look at your face that if it was sitting back here it would be sitting those two points right here and on your nose and it had this idea of ​​three point fit, which is why, when you look at those ear stems they have the hammer ear stalk, had the trigger, had the shape in that direction, while on an M frame you see the ear stalk coming out and back and that was really the idea of ​​the fit that right here goes holding on to your head instead of hanging on your face - Okay, so where are we going next? From our M-Frame to- The next one for me is likely that it didn't have a big mainstream place in history, but it definitely helped a bit in getting where we are today, and it actually was , obviously for the cycling world, you know Racing Jacket a lot, but it was this one we did for Atmosas, a co-lab in Australia or Japan. and the thing about it was, this actually glows in the dark, all that color, the celeste color, the socks, the celeste color glows in the dark.

And obviously at that time you're talking about it, I want to say early or 2010, back when we did that, or late 2000s. Obviously it was not easy to do something like this on glasses, too, there were many details in it, these had to be sprayed by hand, on top of that, so that the color that shines in the dark does not rub off, at the same time the details that we actually put into the little Aee stamped on the screws there. That really helped us set the tone as we were pushing the boundaries in decor again and really starting to bring some interesting stuff into the world and take it to a whole new level.

It's a pretty iconic shape arguably is known because Geraint Thomas still single-handedly shows the flag. - He's still wearing that today - Are you tempted to make a bespoke pair for him this year? - Oh, it goes back and forth. I think you guys are cyclists so you know it's hard sometimes, as While we're trying to get the shape better, introduce new technology, some guys find it hard to break away from what after so many years of wearing what they're comfortable with so let's look at how we can take advantage of the fact that he's still wearing a racing jacket and think of ways like, okay, well, instead of just using the existing line, the option is there to do something with him or do something special for him, or how do we breathe new life into Racing Jacket? What are the options? - Yeah, okay, cool.

Right, so from the super limited edition collaboration, where are we going next? - So I think, as I said, that really set the tone for the decoration and I think that was very limited in its scope and visibility. because it was made as a limited edition for Japan. I think one thing really has a special pl

My heart is what we just did at the Olympics in Korea, and that was with the Harmony Fade. And so we always tried to have colors for our athletes at all Olympic Games, whether it was summer or winter. We did the green a couple of winter games, in Rio we had this green fade, but I think that was really something special for me.

While my team has always worked on it, I think this always has a special place in my heart because I really worked on it myself. So this is the original hand-painted prototype of what we wanted to do, exactly that 50-50, yin and yang look that was painted in my garage, just the concept piece, that was done to think about what we were going for the Olympics could do. - That would be a cool country flag, wouldn't it? The Harmony Fade. - Yes, exactly, yes.- I think that would be, yes, yes.- Become our flag.- Yes, let's go.

Okay, well, so we said goodbye to limited edition color variants- The next piece Which I think helped me determine where the brand could go was really that idea from Frogskins Lite.

I sometimes think what they're looking at here is that performance goggles have to look like performance. Cyclists now, especially if you are from this world, you know that not all cyclists are elite types who ride in the Tour de France, and they are are not all types of carbon fiber frames. There is a huge range of guys out there and guys ride carbon fiber bikes, guys ride aluminum, guys ride steel, some people use it, yes to go on big coffee trips or something, some people just go to the local Going to market, and if you talk about it, or just to get work and commute, so if you talk about it, what can Oakley be in there? It shouldn't be that when I'm going to ride a bike I have to wear something that looks like I'm riding the Tour de France.

It might be like, well, I ride a bike but sometimes I just want to walk, I want some of these features but I don't have to look like I'm racing - Cool. Okay so stay one more Couple left, these that many of our viewers will not be familiar with - Yes, the silhouette, they are very similar to an M-frame or a radar, but this is actually one of our military glasses and I think while the military sometimes one can be a very sensitive topic, at the same time it is very meaningful as a brand and you I think, as a manufacturer of glasses, what does glasses mean? And I think I had a personal opportunity to find out because we once went to a hospital here in the States that deals with our soldiers who have come back from overseas and suffered from some type of amputation. And so we went to see her and we went into that soldier's room and he had both lost his arms in a spiral and we went in and he knew we were from Oakley and he said, 'Thank you for what you guys are doing.' And you're sitting here talking to this guy who sacrificed both limbs.

And I said, 'Well, thanks for what you did.' And so the next thing probably changed my perspective on what we're doing tremendously, but he said, 'I don't think you understand what you're doing.' He said, 'I've both lost my arms' and they're going to give me new arms, 'but if I wasn't wearing my Oakleys,' I would have lost my eyesight 'and I would never have seen my little daughter again.' And you think how powerful that means we could literally change the life of someone with glasses and think about what we do, oh, do I look cool in that color or things and things that go on but literally from all of those Things that can be replaced on your body now, the eye, sight is still the only thing you can't replace, and when you think about it we hear things like, oh, this shape is not cool for this shape is cool or I look cooler in it, you could literally change someone's life and especially in a world like cycling where it is, do we think of sunglasses as sun protection when the sun is shining or can I see the road? about how many people drive at night, or you start a drive before sunset or stop your drive after, or you start a drive before sunrise and end a drive after sunset and you think oh the sun is not shining let me take my glasses off but you think about it, wow what if a stone was kicked up in the dark? And you can no longer see this stone in the street.

It's even harder to see when no light is on. And how easy it is to rock, whether you're driving alone, or a car drives by, or you're in a group of five and someone pushes a rock, that could literally change your life.- Yes, it's the story related to Glasses are not talked about very often when cycling.

As they say, it's easy to get obsessed with the performance of the glasses yourself or the style of them, but actually the fact that we should be wearing them in the first place, around our eyes - And that's something Jim always talked about. We make sunglasses, we make eye protection. And that's really why you see some of the things you see with all the impact tests and things like that.

We can sit down and go, well, no one is ever going to shoot me with a shotgun, or no one I'm ever going to drop a four-pound weight on my face. At the same time, it doesn't take four pounds to block your view. It takes such a big rock just knocked up that could blind you forever High Speed ​​Impactor the high mass impact may seem excessive, it will certainly be less than what could actually take your eyesight off, especially if you are over Cycling and riding the road or talking about all of those things, mountain biking. let's get you on a trail that only throws dirt in your face and you'll take off your glasses because there's no sun.

It's like putting my face behind a wheel and throwing stuff at you. It's really about eye protection. - Yes an important message then end on after touching on shape, performance, style and now protection.

Let's actually let us know about it in the comments below belowwhich are your favoritesand when in fact your favorites are not in here. Also please make You definitely give a big thumbs up thanks Brian. It was super cool talking to you. - Thanks, I can just get through this.

Are Rudy Project sunglasses polarized?


Rudy Project polarized lenses are the ideal choice for fishermen everywhere. Our Polar 3FX HDR lenses offer superior glare reduction making it easier to spot fish. Our Polar 3FX HDR lenses offer superior glare reduction making it easier to spot fish.

Is Rudy Project Legit?

Do NOT buy from Rudy Project Australia !!!

Rudy Project Australia is run by a crook. Do not purchase anything from them. I purchased some expensive sunglasses at the begining of summer 2019.

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Where are Rudy Project sunglasses made?


Are all Native sunglasses polarized?

Native Brand Sunglasses and Goggles Frame and Lens Technology. Native is the first and and only brand of all sports all polarized eyewear (ASAP). All of Native's PCC lenses incorporate a 'vertical' polarized filter which absorbs the horizontal light thus eliminating the glare.

Who makes Rudy Project sunglasses?

Rudy Project is a worldwide developer, manufacturer, and distributor of performance sunglasses, helmets, goggles, and prescription solutions of the highest technical level. Founded in Treviso, Italy in 1985, Rudy Project has been a global leader in the field of sports eyewear for over 30 years.

Why do pilots not wear polarized sunglasses?

LCD displays, which can be found in a cockpit, emit polarized light. Therefore, polarized sunglasses reduce the ability to read those LCD displays. A pilot with polarized sunglasses on could fail to see a shimmer of glare given off by another aircraft's windscreen.

What is Rudy Project glasses?

Our award-winning performance sunglasses are designed for comfort, functionality, and style. With Rudy Project, you'll get the best in UV protection, polarization, visibility, and sport-tailored frames.

Do Rudy Project helmets have MIPS?

Built for extreme performance and unparalleled protection, the Racemaster is Rudy Project's latest cycling helmet creation with an aggressive design. MIPS mimics the brain's own protection system with a unique low-friction layer between the head and the helmet.

Are Polarized sunglasses bad for driving?

Studies have shown that sunglasses with polarized lenses make driving measurably safer than standard tinted lenses. A driver wearing polarized sunglasses and traveling at 50 mph has an average stopping distance 23 to 27 feet sooner than a driver wearing standard lenses.

Which is the latest model of Rudy project sunglasses?

Many iconic models followed, including the radically styled Performance, Extreme and Aggressor - considered by many as the blueprint upon which the Rudy Project brand was built. The newest edition to Treviso-based firm's ever-growing portfolio of eyewear systems is the Rudy Project Cutline.

Which is the best lens for Rudy frame?

To go with the bling gold frame Rudy Project has included its Rp Optics Multilaser Orange lenses that create a nice contrast with its design but also the experience. Much like Oakley Prizm lenses, the Multilaser lenses creates more contrast between colours when out riding, making it easier for you react to stimuli on the road.

What kind of lens does Rudy project tralyx use?

Rudy Project Tralyx Multilaser lenses worked well to combat that while also defending against harsh bright rays when the sun actually does come out. Unfortunately, if the cloud was too heavy and the light too dark, the specs would struggle thanks to the darkened lenses.

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