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Rainbow jersey - how to settle

What does the rainbow jersey mean in cycling? The Rainbow jersey is a special jersey worn by world champion cyclists during races. For example, the world road race champion would wear the jersey while competing in stage races and one-day races, but would not during time trials.

Primal jersey sizing - practical solutions

How do primal jerseys fit? To take full advantage of the technical properties of your Primal apparel, it should fit close to the body so that moisture is effectively transported away from the skin to help keep you cool and dry. This product is relaxed fit. Designed to be accommodating and fit loosely for a casual feel.

Peter sagan green jersey wins - how to address

Can Sagan win green jersey? But the green jersey is often won by an all-round talent with the ability to finish high in bunch sprints while carving out results on the punchier finishes too hence Peter Sagan's record seven victories.24 . 2021 .

White jersey vuelta - answering the questions

What are the jerseys in the Vuelta? The overall leader at present wears a red jersey, although previously it has been the 'Maillot amarillo' (Yellow jersey) and the 'Jersey de Oro' (Golden jersey) the Spanish counterpart to the yellow jersey of the Tour de France.