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Endurance cycling - how to solve

What is an endurance ride cycling?

Any ride of about an hour or more at a conversational pace is an endurance ride. Overload. To improve your endurance you need to do longer rides than you are used to doing.

endurance it is a big part of cycling, no matter whether 80 km 100 kilometers or even the tour de france but now the spirit of endurance is holding on more and more and pushes us further and harder i am no stranger to suffering but mark beaumont and laura penn hall are absolute experts on the subject fresh out of the writing. The gcn book on this subject, here are your six pillars on how to improve our endurance. The mindset is one of the first chapters and I think you have to start with the mindset because we automatically jump into physical training that we know about and there are a lot of resources to sort through, but we tend to the mental aspect to be taken for granted, and if we really persevere this is the most challenged I would say and perseverance is the greatest arena that exposes yourself to self-awareness and really brings you back to your raw behavior that brings you down mentally really in depth and i think if you want to go to the well it is worth laying some basics in preparation and making sure you have a couple of tools in your toolbox to refer to if it gets difficult for me .

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I guess it's about knowing that you need to know why you know why behind what you do so that when things happen? getting difficult, you have strong desire and motivation to know why it is worth it, why you are there and really getting that sense behind your actions will help lead you to consistent engagement and there are other types of tools in the toolbox that you may have on how to concentrate on your breathing or to recognize what our emotions are or behaviors are a reaction to how we perceive an event, and all of these points we have tried to record in this chapter, which is why we think it's so important because it's often the bit that is overlooked, the reason Laura and I agreed to introduce the mindset, the psychology in the beginning is that I think it's worth questioning why Do you go on long journeys, why are you using your skills, why? not just comfortable cafe rides why not make it easy and I think at the heart of it is that everyday life is pretty easy for most of us, sure there are things to juggle family and work with and you know , Finance, but ultimately, there isn't much in modern life that really tests us, how it makes us find out what we are made of, and there is some perseverance that really makes you stand up to the difficult can, and I think it's psychology is a reaction to everyday comfort. They know the fact that life is often not tested is enough. So you know we want to go out and find what stretches and so wanting to do something difficult in our hearts is the feeling, the life To live and go with one eye in the mirror What is it that will give me this life affirmation, the stuff that I'm going to do? love to look back and you also know what a challenging time it was for planet earth, this perseverance mindset for so long in Ritand Resolution makes you pretty good for everyday life so I don't find it too reckless to say that when you are yourself As an athlete, you will find that process and that determination and mindset of just knowing what kind of hard mileage is pretty useful when it comes to breaking things down including the bike, so body and setup is one of the biggest areas that we'll want to look back at to prepare and prevent poor performance when looking at endurance.

What do we mean by, I mean the biggest thing for us usually about the set up is looking at your bike setup, and I know Mark has some great points about that in the book, as he's actually been writing for years, you know that you didn't look at his bike setup, but that was one of the first things we did while touring the world in 80 days, endurance has become increasingly popular over the past decade and with it, has The bikes are also evolving which means there is a lot more to choose from and if you look at the specificity of endurance, it means that endurance actually leads to more comfort because you get fitter, to get in that saddle and on this bike to sit for more hours. So it's less about aerodynamics and performance and more about comfort, so your first things that matter when you set out to start endurance sports is the type of bike you get, but think too Remember that your saddle, saddle height and saddle are for convenience, but if you have to try a few others for longer rides and also next to this saddle it is about This saddle height The position that your feet are in your knees in the position where you get on your front end, so the saddle and saddle height is the key. Your cleat position is the key you must have to think that your feet are locked in these pedals and they will make a number of turns too this is something that often causes knee injuries and cleat position issues so make sure to check and it can affect some foot pain as well n that we can get too, and also on your front-end setup.

You won't want the front end to be really low and lightning fast for performance if you're going to be in it for hours, think more about it, you may need to sit a little higher, a couple of front straps for comfort and your neck and relieve your upper body so that there is less pressure and you can endure your ride comfortably and so that you can look at different people but set up your bike. Just to optimize your saddle height, adjusting your front-end setup could be what you need to relieve to prevent injuries to your knees or ankles, but the other thing we need to consider when going on long journeys is the stamina we want in our tissues in our bodies, we often take it for granted suggests that we just sit in the saddle and somehow have to cover the kilometers, but prepare our body and condi our body for it We'll be asking, and doing it is kind of a key, so there are some great things to take off the bike that will help you last longer and prevent some of these planning-related issues from developing into a jump in performance, to really change your endurance cycling choice, you need to have a calm confidence in your own abilities, a healthy dose of obsession and a really good plan and the last point planning I think people naturally love to Making it look like they do Effortless of course because style is important, but being effortless as a cyclist and perseverance doesn't mean trying, on the contrary, up I know all the things that work and all the other things you think about gotta cut before you n this is what actually makes you look like a pro, it gives you the peace of mind what you don't want to do is to confuse this behavior unless you really use the foreline pump, but be warned because it is seldom appreciated among your friends to be alogistics boards as we seek because here is a calm confidence in everything you thought out and have planned before you start your ride when it comes to paddling past your pals with that poker face, hiding your exertion, which can be fun but when it comes to pretending you are actually out of bed can drop and pull off this massive endurance ride you're just kidding yourself so prepare like a pro and then you can pretend it's just the big day of workout is probably any cyclist's favorite topic to argue about if this is what you do every day, how it accumulates over the weeks and months to the big event, but training can also be the hardest part to really prioritize in a busy work-life balance would do to put -the-shelf solution for allendurance riders because the events you are training for will be so unique, if it is the time trial that we talked about, it could be a lot more specific because it is very different is driving the road as fast as possible endurance fence that you might be training for, but in simple terms, endurance riders tend to test their way really hard through the miles and then the race on the summer season to hone and the reason endurance riders tend to use reverse periodization is because we really want to test ourselves physically and mentally during the winter months and know that we have a really long range to draw from when we need it, but when we get to our event we ride well within ourselves the wonderful thing about perseverance is that you don't need to look for it, it will find you somewhere on the road and What you do in the last two or three months on the way to the event is that you really slow it down, take your much longer rides down, and build the stamina that is only used to be on the bike for much longer periods How it feels on the back of your neck your hands your feet your bum and conditioning is a whole different thing than having the physical strength to smash the pedals, so there are some key points when refueling that we want to sum up about that you should think about and plan ahead of you plan even hit the road so you can keep your energy throughout the ride and get the most out of your session. These things are primarily hydration and what we mean by that is to have a bottle on your bike that is made of water and have a bottle on your bike that is electrolyte and depending on how long you want to walk you want may also be consuming some of your carbohydrates so your macros which we'll get into in your drink in a moment, so the second point when you have hydration that you look at and think about what your intensity looks like, what your session looks like and in whatever environment you are in hot environment If you are going to sweat a lot, then these electrolytes are really key in your water bottle and fluid replacement.

The second thing is your so called macros on your ride and also the preparation for it and macros are made up of carbohydrates, fat and protein and if you are going on an endurance tour it is important that you have the energy you need to do your retraining and what the event is and where we talk about carbohydrates, which are often your bulk of your energy source, but we also get those macros from the fat in our carbohydrates that tend to work longer. So if you recycle slower we will use the fat resource we ingested, but then if you p go up a hill, if you have to somehow knock down the hammer, if you pick up the pace you will be drawing from the carbohydrate stores, so you want to make sure that you are fueling up and that you have something in the tank before you set off to do that because it will be short-lived or ineffective if you want to draw from those carbohydrate stores and run out and eventually with the protein it is absolutely essential for rebuilding and protecting our body from both infection aspects but also rebuilding muscles and tendons and all these things to minimize our risk of injury and illness and then the last point, however Definitely not least micronutrients, which basically keep our body moving and protect us again from injuries and diseases, and di ese micronutrients are what we are looking for, the base of six fruits and vegetables at least a day and with some berries and here we have seen the success of the vegan diet because basically you are taking up to eight nine servings of fruits and vegetables each Day to yourself and definitely have a boost in your energy and feel a little bit of sugar to help with that carbohydrate and that hit when you hit a mound made up of some mangoes or dried mangoes or dried apricots can a handful of nuts Giving you the fat sands and it could be that you have a flapjack that you have in your back pocket to give you those carbohydrates and those micronutrients can come from taking abanana, they can also come from those apricots or something like dried fruit come while you're out, so keep it simple, keep an eye on your hydration. Think about that your macros break it down into carbohydrates your fat and protein and think about the micronutrient source that you will recover for any endurance athlete is the area that is most overlooked or out of whack when we start being below average We think it's because we haven't trained hard enough so we train more and yet our numbers get worse and then we think we need to train more again instead of actually stopping and resting.

At this point there is a great quote from excellence that goes: stress plus rest equals growth and what does that mean? is without giving enough stress and just resting, you will never grow, but with all that kind of stress all the time, if you don't rest you only lead to failure, not growth, but the word rest tends to be great for most of us do this love cardio workout and I was just wondering if I was playing with the idea if we could change the word to suit all aspects of the workout so let's do a high intensity workout we do a low intensity workout we do doing strength training, what would actually be if we called recovery adaptation training because that is what recovery is, giving the body time to adapt and grow The most important points in recovery is to really plan and think about it It's im planning your recovery time so that you maintain it n control is imposed on you and you think it's a last minute thing that you have to do Planned ahead so you know it's coming and you can actually switch off. Second, it's about your refueling, so make sure this type of recovery is all about what's in the tank and it's' all about how we prep and protect our bodies with what we ingest and hydrate, and thirdly, sleep is hugely important to our recovery cycle, so make sure we optimize our sleep, you get the most hours to protect you, protect time and you are making the most of it, and most importantly, there are definitely other additions as well, What you can add is the ice cold baths the compression stockings that are there, massage all of these things but plant them ahead of time but don't compromise on the three key points, plan ahead, feel good, and sleep well, that was Laura and my main pillars for perseverance, but of course it's a huge topic, it's so extensive, i would like to know what you think are the most important things to youthin k promotes these great adventures. Remember to leave some comments below.

Let us know what gives you the skills to ride these great distances. Give us a big thumbs up if you've enjoyed this and go to the description below where you'll find the link the stamina book for yourselves, otherwise have fun endurance riding and out, enjoy your adventures

How long is an endurance bike ride?

Getting started. For endurance cycling, it is all about properly building your base fitness. If you are planning on taking part in any endurance event (I categorise this as anything over 100 miles) you should spend 12 to 16 weeks riding long, steady, low-intensity miles to strengthen your aerobic systems.

How do I increase my cycling endurance?

If you are looking to increase your own stamina, then follow these 10 ways to increase endurance in cycling.
  1. Be Realistic.
  2. Bike Riding Technique.
  3. Increase Length Rides.
  4. Train On Hills.
  5. Interval Training Sessions.
  6. Previous Alimentation.
  7. During Cycling Alimentation.
  8. Be Consistent.

Is biking cardio or endurance?

Biking is a top-notch cardio workout. You'll burn about 400 calories an hour. Plus it strengthens your lower body, including your legs, hips, and glutes. If you want a workout that's gentle on your back, hips, knees, and ankles, this is a great choice.

How much faster is an aero bike than an endurance bike?

With an aero bike, you'll simply be able to go faster than you would with a non-aero bike. The 150-Watt rider riding during a windy day now finishes 6.5 minutes faster on an aero bike (8.4 minutes with no drafting) and is 83.3 seconds per hour faster (93.6 seconds with no drafting).15.07.2020

How can endurance riding benefit a cyclist?

Long rides that are considered endurance pace focus on building an aerobic energy system. Specifically, you can expect to increase size and strength in your slow-twitch muscle fibers. You will increase capillary density, so you can absorb more oxygen from circulating blood.

What is the fastest mile on a bike?

The current record for Fastest 100 Miles By Bicycle (without drafting) is 3:11:11 (31.4 mph avg).27.10.2020

How long can you ride at threshold?

Functional threshold represents the highest physical intensity that you can sustain for approximately one hour. Many riders think of this as similar to performing a 25-mile time trial effort as this requires a maximal, but evenly distributed effort for the entire distance.25.07.2014

Why is my cycling not improving?

The reason you are not improving may be that you are not giving enough time for your body to recover. In fact this is probably the most important part of training. No matter what type of riding you do. When you workout you break your body down, your body needs adequate time to rebuild.

Is biking harder than running?

In general, running burns more calories than cycling. But it's also higher impact and harder on muscles and joints.

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What is the endurance type of bicycling?

The Endurance Cycling organization will also be referred to as EC herein and on EC products and events. Some of you may ask what would be or what is considered as the endurance type/style of bicycling? Endurance Cycling is going to define 'the endurance style of cycling' as 'any bicycling ride of 60 miles or longer'.

How can I improve my endurance on the bike?

For cyclists entering into their late base training phases, increasing muscular endurance and strength on the bike needs to become a greater focus. The greater your muscle endurance, the less fatigue you will experience towards the end of a long race and the more intensity you can handle while training.

When to focus on muscle endurance in cycling?

The greater your muscle endurance, the less fatigue you will experience towards the end of a long race. For cyclists entering into their late base training phases, increasing muscular endurance and strength on the bike needs to become a greater focus.

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