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Bikes with huge tires - possible solutions

What are the bikes with big tires for?

The 3.8-inch tires create a huge contact patch with the ground, grabbing up traction on slick and loose surfaces. They are heavier than most bikes and turn slowly, but speed isn't the point. The massive volume of the tires allows you to run air pressures so low they barely register on a normal pump's gauge.13 дек. 2013 г.

I'm in a mountain bike trail center. Look at all the bikes. We have all kinds.

We have hardtails, children's bikes, gravel bikes, e-bikes, downhill bikes, gravel bikes. But no one has a fat bike but me. Am I pissed off, or is everyone else missing out? (Happy music) Right, so I have Blake's Canyon Dude he borrowed which means I have my Nukeproof Mega in the background the difference? Well, they're both carbon fiber frames, short stems, wide handlebars, dropper posts.

Really, it depends on the width. Check out the size of this fat bike. It's like a cartoon bike.

These hubs are solid, the fork is solid. These are four inch tires. Yes, by no means the largest fat bike tires.

You can go up to five inches. The rims are from DT Swiss. They are 76 mils wide.

Look at this, you even have such big drills in the middle compared to the 30 mil tire rims on my Nukeproof Mega. As I said, only cartoon bikes. Are they cool? I know it's a totally subjective thing 40 year old motorcycle that's a total pain in the ass, really unreliable.

But it's fun and it's cool. And for me, I like that. Let's ask a few people here at a mountain bike trail center what they think of fat bikes. - Swell knowing I have a fat bike too.

I rode a MATE fat bike down on Wind Hill. Although it was fully stiff it was a bit of a rally but it's still a lot of fun - I think if I was you know doing some cross country I could give it a try. But I kind of wouldn't use it on the trails.

But maybe for a longer run, maybe I would - No, I wouldn't I Give up the bike for a fat bike But whether I would buy one I probably would, it depends on how much fun you are. I would drive a bit, but not enough to make me buy one, yes - they look nice but they don't look good enough, really agile. - I expected it to be more sluggish than it actually was.

And it was also a little firmer than I expected. I was expecting the big tires to give in a little more cushioning. But no, it was so surprising. - Fatbikes, are they cool? - Uh - Uh - Uh - Uh, I wouldn't say cool, They look funny .I don't think they're cool, but they look funny. - Yeah, definitely, absolutely.

So I also drove the Blue in Wind Hill. I sent it across the tables and really laughed, but yeah. I definitely think they're cool. - Not really.

I'm not saying it's cool. Maybe a novelty - I think they are quite unique - Maybe if you are a big guy - Do you think you would be judged by other mountain bikers for riding this bike? - Yes, obviously - Middle age, thick.- beard or not? - yes, beard.- you introduce yourself there, right? - could see me on one.- are they light? - they are quite light, yes.

Pretty light I would say - You look heavy - Heavy - Fast or slow? - Generally slower - Quite fast I suppose. It looks like you're getting a lot of friction with the wheels. But it looks pretty fast because you're floating above everything - they look slow, they look slow - next we ask some riders what they rated the bikes out of 10 for desirability.

So if those bikes are both in the bike safe and you haven't rated them as nice or super nice anymore, it was a 10. What would they give you? The results came out on average, 6.25 for the Fatbike and an eight for the Mega.

Personally, I would say probably seven and nine. What about some other myths that are making this fat bike rate so low? So are you fast? I've already proven this, I've ridden it a few times on a fat bike and I've shown that they can be super fast, especially on the right terrain where it's rough. Even downhill trails can be really fast on a fat bike.

You are loads of fun. The smile on my face after the first time proved that. Blake also proved that, above all, not that much that you can't do on a fat bike.

He's done a lot of great tricks and made some massive jumps. Really, they are way more powerful than people think. How about dispelling some of these other myths? Are they heavy? So the bike weighs 14 kilos or about 30 pounds.

So no shell, but not as fat as you might think. But enough of statistics. Let's try to get someone to ride this bike.

Right, this is Anth parking lot. - Hi - You have never ridden a fat bike? - I have never ridden a fat bike - What was your normal bike? - I ride a Yeti. I don't know what that says about me , but yes.

I wouldn't necessarily go for a fat bike. It's not something that really crossed my mind when buying a bike - I think it's time you took it for a ride - Okay - And tell us what you think about it - Okay , I will. Cheers, guys. (energetic music) - Right, what's the first reaction - In terms of handling, I actually found it pretty good.

Just, I looked, it jumped off the pedals when I did. I tried hooking it up over something. But yes.

Yes, it got on really well. Took in all the roots and the like. - What about the noise? I really sense that, that kind of brr, the role. - Yes, there is a rumble, isn't it? It's very different, quite tive.

Yes, it doesn't scare you. I think it's a bit like a motorcycle sound. - Still a new bike, do you think? - After I've ridden it, I'd get it a little more reconsider than I would have before .- It will never replace your Yeti, will it? - No, I don't think so.

I was surprised how well he climbed. Yes, it is easy to kick. I thought that was a little you know , a little crunching.

But no, it's pretty perky up the hill. But yeah I don't know. I think I like my full sus, it's great.

Can you get full sus fatbikes? - You can, you can actually do that. - Would that be a bit stupid? - It would probably be, I think - I'm stupid in my head - You initially rated it seven, has that changed? - I think you know it looks pretty good for a fat bike. I think you already know that when you take it in for a ride it certainly does justice to the look if it makes sense, so.

It wasn't a disappointment to drive it. Whether I would give it more and that, I think if I only did a few minutes with it, I would probably stick to a seven, maybe push me to an eight.- So, technically, it's what you expect or better than you expected? - It's better than I expected, I'm honest, it was a bit of a surprise how bubbly it was, how well it handled, really soaked up all the roots and furrows and such.

Be curious how it was, you know, to get a bit. Especially with these large volumes, especially when landing, you can see how that was. But yeah, maybe next time.- So fatbikes, I think what Anth said his first reaction, better than he expected, is what everyone really feels the first time they ride a fatbike.

I know I did, I know Blake did. We have proven that they can really be capable of being quick, having fun, and doing massive tricks that Blake did on them. But will we see more of them in trail centers.

Well I don't think so. There's just that it's a bit too niche. You're your average trail bike these days, your touring bike is so good all round that these aren't that good things for most, but they are a lot more capable than people think.

If you want to see the previous articles on Fat Bikes, are they fast? Click over there. Click there to abuse Blake on that exact bike. Give us a thumbs up if you like fat bikes don't forget to hit our sub button.

What is the biggest Fat Tire Bike?

Snow Shoe 2XL

Can you ride a fat tire bike on pavement?

recently decided to push the envelope by creating the world's widest fat bike tire, the Snow Shoe 2XL, which is a whopping 5.05 inches wide.18 янв. 2017 г.

Blake, what do you think of fat bikes? - Martyn, I absolutely love fat bikes. This is one of my best bikes I've ever owned - Well, that's very good news. Because today we're going out on the street, riding fat bikes.

Can you ride a fat bike on the street? - I don't really know. This thing is meant for certain types of terrain, right? - Yes, snow, sand, that's what it's meant for. But we'll see if we can push it forward today.- Yes.- Work with its limits.- I'm ready for that.- And reinforce its strengths.- I know a few good places, right? - Dude, let's go.- Oh yeah.- We'll have it.

Boy, the steps are big. How about trying to just ride through them? You know, use the fat bike to just ride. Look how three sets - just go up. - Just drive the whole lot.

I'm afraid that you might get a puncture because you couldn't do it with a normal bike - maybe an e-bike - like now, just drive through it. - Of course I can. - All right - Oh my god - Wow! - That was easy.

Now you have to come down in style. Take it off the floor. That's not a style - Oh, that's nice - Can you get her down super fast? ? Downhill speed? Like clack clack clack.

You know how clack, clack, clack, clack, send it as fast as you dare! just pump. - Do you think? - You do the first two sentences so smoothly. - It's hard when I lose speed. - Come on.

Pump it up all the way. Look at the crazy boat. Oh yes, speed is good .

Easy! Fat bikes are unreal, aren't they? Wow, that's amazing! - Yeah. Fat bikes are amazing. Last step, last step, last step.

That's nice. I like that very much. All right, next place. - Next place - let's go. - That is fun.

There is a loophole. - Oh yeah. - It's pretty big. - I see this. - Yeah, it's pretty big.

Oh dude you have to try - It's like two bike lengths. Two bike lengths? Two bike lengths because I have to land two bike lengths.- I think you could.

It looks big, but I think you have it.- I think it's on. Shall we tear it open with a void? - Make a roll - Roll it - Offer it - Right - It's tricky too.

Because Blake has to land as on a narrow thing as well as a gap a big deal. It's going to be difficult. It probably looks better from there than it does here. - I do not know.

Yes actually. The speed that I am driving. - When you bounced up your bike one after the other, you did it a normal bunny hop - yes - you are there with your rear wheel, easy - light - as if you were doing a lame bunny hop of it, would you land here.- We're flying high.Alright Just imagine.- All you have to think about is making sure your front makes it.- Yes, exactly.

Imagine. Oh no, oh no - the most important thing is that you land high in the front. (Blake laughs) - Yes.- If you do I won't make it.- I think I might hate it.- I think you'll just do it.

You just have to commit to the speed down here. - Big time. - Well, there's no denying he's brave.

Oh my God. Easy. (Laughs) - Let's try, let's try again.

I have something on my mind. - Oh yes? - Possibly. - Okay.

Maybe you keep an eye on the landing. We could look at a manual landing. (Hip hop music) - I think I got it. - Come on, try it out. (Hip-hop music) Hop-to-skid is pretty good. - I think I can do it. - I don't think you can make it. - Shall we go ahead? - This usually works, to be fair.

Awww.Hop to the manual. So flippin 'close.

And here it comes, one easy gear jump, and he jumps to the manual . I think we can give that to him. I think we can give it to him.

Yes, yes Zimbabwe is thrilled, along with Blake Samson, their only driver. The only man on the planet who could have done that. And the emotions have come through now.

Sampson on fire. Thank you everyone who supported me. I'm actually crying, I made it super emotional. - Next riding arena .- Do you think I could bunny? hopand stop shortly before the end? (laughs) - That would be hilarious - Should I try this? - That would be pretty fun, I would say - How jump, yes, it's a fat bike - Fat Bike Super Grip - Check it out. - Oh, you have to stop this.

I'm telling you what, let's make it clear I'll park in the end. So you have to stop. (Laughter) - You know, that's irritable. - I'm putting myself on the line here.

physical therapy for knees

If he doesn't stop, oh my god, that's terrifying - Are you ready? - Wait a minute, you're finished. Full speed ahead. (screams) (laughs) - I thought I wasn't going to stop - It really didn't look like it was going to work - No, it didn't.

I thought, oh my god - fatbikes have some grip, thank god - thank god folks - let's go somewhere else. - Next place.- Let's go to this one now. (laughs) - Come on over, come over.- I see it.- Right in this bank.- You saw that before.- That was so scary.- Oh my gosh, me.

I thought I wasn't actually going to stop. Imagine if it got inside you. - You have to try this drop on the fat bike.

I know you've done it before. - Yeah, I've done it before - Bringing style into the fat bike could be pretty hard - Yeah, there are some big wheels, eh? Nice day.- I'd like to see that.- Droppin 'in, on the fat.- Here it comes, crazy (beep) .- Oh yes, oh.- Did you get it, Martyn? - I got it.- That looks.

That's a sick 10,000 likes on Martyn's Instagram - should I put it on Instagram now, see if I get 10,000 likes for it? (Hip-hop music) (slinging) - yeah - that's a big one, that's a beautiful one Gap. I like this gap. - This is a successful piece.

Look, we already got 144 likes on the post. - Oh, and it's only been four seconds. That's not bad. - It's not bad. - That's not bad. - It's fine. - That means I'll be down here in four seconds.

That's pretty clever - That's pretty clever - Shall we move on to the next piece? Because I feel like there's a piece of wall down there. (claps) - We need a wall. - That's it, I think.

Yeah, down here - I think that's it - Come on, fat bike. I have more for you - So will you call me fat then? (Martyn laughs) - Fancy park - Oh look man, yes, a park is something interesting - There will be something - Shall we go? - Yeah, look at that. Check out this slide - I hope there is no dog poop here - A playmate, instant challenges - Oh, check this out! Look at that.

I'll just drive down.- Maybe try it out, and then maybe give him a manual.- Manual? - Manny.- I think you can, dude.- Manual, manual! - You play it.- You have to do it manually , Man.

That's perfect. (laughs) - Try to get up again. - Stand up? - Try to get up again.

That looks pretty difficult. - Because you can't pedal you have to slam on the side - You have to get all the speed down. And get a decent pump from that lower part - Oh yeah.Yes (laughter) This fat bike works well for that .- The fat bike is the best for that right now.- Make a stop.- Stop? - Stop.- Yes, yes.Oh nice! Yes.

Buddy, manual time.- Scary time. - Come on, just do it.

It's full commitment - Whoa - you see, that was what I was worried about - Whoa Ohhh. (Laughs) Go on, go on, Whoa, go on, dude, go on, I want this , I want this. Yes.

Wow. I like the hop-in. - Do you like the hop-in? - Two more.

You should never say more because people think it's bad luck. Never believed in it yourself, but it is a thing. Many drivers do not want to hear 'again'.

Because it is always the last where you commit yourself. Good luck Blake! - That was (beep) hot. Oh my god that was good.

Oh my god that was good. No mess, that was good. That was well done. - That was good, wasn't it? - That was well done. - I kept hitting.

I was like turning up! - I was like no, no, no, yes. Right, I discovered the rocks. - Rocks. - You couldn't have seen them.

Check them out.- That's the thing about going out with mine, you make trials.- Can the fat bike try them? -Oh check these out.- Check this out.- It's an easy challenge, isn't it true? - Well - can you get from one end to the other with the fat bike? Can the fat bike do trials? - That's pretty, this stone, this third stone looks, no fourth stone looks - Yes, but dude, I have Did you get that right? You just break it up into small pieces. - Yes, I broke this one, this first one - It's like, this is a movement.

Front to this, then you can stop. Next, stop. This one, you have room to really pause and get the last piece right.Back roll, back roll out.- Yeah.- High Five.- High Five at the end.High, not hello.- At the end.- Oh, yes, true.- Think just about doing a second hop when you're at it.

Get in, hop again. Hop.Yes - Oh, it's hard, pretty hard.

It's hard, - Oh, Fat Bike saved you there. Keep your game. (laughs) - Now there is no more space for annoyed trial rides.

You just have to be - zen. - Yes, exams are zen. There is no trouble. - Take it apart, reassemble it. - Oh, nice, nice.

Big elevator. Awww. Yes / Yes.

Go ahead, put on the front wheel. Now wait, wait, wait (laughs) Damn it. When you get there, dude, when you get there, - yeah? - I would look, because that's the norm in legal proceedings.

The front axle crawls over so the axle is right there - Oh, so it uses it like a hook. - And then you are drawn here, you just have to forget where the rear wheel is going. - Yes. - And you have to get your front wheel, you know, just think about the front wheel.

It will want to go in that direction. Go poof and then just stick it in. - Yes. - And your back wheel will be here - Yes, it has a lot of platform - And it has a lot of surface area - Aww, fast.Aww, fast.- Go on. (Martyn laughs) Yes.Yes, yes.Yes. - I got that. - And that's how you take exams.

That was incredible. (Laughter) - I have to sit down, that was scary. - That was incredible. - Sorry, bike.

It got me through. - We find the limits of the fat bike. - We are. (Laughter) - We'll find my limits.

Let's get out of here before I get hurt - Oh god - What do we have? found here? - these are steps - this is a serious set of steps - do you think i can get up them? - they will stink when they come down. I don't know if you can get it up. But I think you should try - I should try, yeah. (Laughter) - And you get a lot of speed here.

That's how fast you come in this bend. - Yes. - Full commitment in the curve, and then cut them off. - And you don't really want to pump into it because I don't know if you're going to get a flat tire - You won't damage this bike, it won't break down.

This curve is much tighter than he thinks. (laughs) What do you think? from this corner? - I, I don't know how fast I can get around this. But let's try - let's try But I think you can do it - that's steep.

It's steep. - You just have to bring the front hook over the top and then you just hop up. - Yes, and start pedaling. - You get over the top, no problem. - Go on, Binger. (Bike on stairs) - Oh my god, that was a terrible noise - it's all good.It's all good.- Yes.- It's not good.- Oh no.

You're not going to puncture this bike, it won't break down. - Martyn, you know what? You bewitched it man - you know what? I think this is a great way to end it. Hope you enjoyed our road driving today, we definitely did - I loved it.

I just wish it continued.- Stay with us on GMBN and remember that there are many more articles to watch. This guy here - Smash this globe if you haven't already subscribed because you're missing out on some great content, right? - Give us a thumbs up if you like fat flat tires.

Damn it - yeah

What bikes are good for heavy riders?

The short answer is, Yes. Fat bikes work just fine on smooth surfaces and pavement. They are not going to perform as well as bicycles that are designed specifically for that surface, but most people find it easy to hop on a fat bike and commute around their area while still feeling comfortable.

So I've always been a pretty skinny guy, and I've always been very dedicated to my training when I've been driving full time, but when I'm driving with friends some of them are bigger and it always looks like they're working a lot harder .Yes, they may not have as much time to exercise as I do, but how much difference does weight make on how hard you have to work? So today I'm going to try to put it to the test to see if it's bigger drivers actually have to work harder and how much. I ride my cross country bike, I have my heart rate monitor on.

I also have a power meter so I can see exactly how hard I am working. And I'll do a cross-country lap So divide it in two, the first piece is an uphill section. A bit hilly, single trail up and down.

But to get to the top of the hill I assume that will be harder. And then down a long, hilly descent, again on a cross country loop. It's the extra weight that will give me more momentum, but how much harder do I have to work to go downhill? Let's put it to the test. (up tempo music) Okay, it's time for the first test, just at my normal weight, I'll be going pretty hard.

Try and drive with my FTP, so about 270 watts through the power cranks and a heart rate of around 170 BPM. This is something I know I can hold out for about an hour, so it's a good, fast pace, but I can definitely do it twice. It's the right time to go, this is going to be hard work. (exciting up-tempo music) It's a steep little climb. (gasps) On average I now have about 400 watts for about a minute.

So I'm up to 175 BPM, my maximum heart rate is 185. Now I apply a long flat resistance around a fire road and then climb the last bit, one stroke upwards. (Exciting music in tempo) Proper test done, time for some refreshments.

Or the cake was good maybe too good? I feel pretty full. Test two, I feel very heavy. It's crazy how much difference it feels like.

I feel a lot more than 15 kilograms .I think my poor little carbon cross country bike is going to take a beat. Like my heart and lungs so let's get ready.

Let's do it. (Up tempo rock music) It already feels like this Like I had to shift into a lighter gear than last time to try to pull my ass up the hills. (gasps) (fast rock music) Right, that's done the tests.

Time to take off my bulletproof vest. I don't think I need this anymore. Back to the shed for the dates.

Right, so I got some test results yesterday and my legs feel pretty tired to be honest. Let's look at the times, let's start climbing. So with the heavy weight I was two minutes, eleven seconds slower, which is to be expected think things get interesting when I look at my performance and heart rate.

My performance actually decreased, so I spent 13 watts less on average with the heavy weight. My maximum power was almost 100 watts less with the heavier weight and therefore my normalized power was also six watts lower. This is kind of the opposite of what I expected.

I thought that with the heavier weight, my heart rate would probably stay about the same, but my maximum performance would increase all of my strength because I have to push this weight a little harder. But actually my performance dropped and my heart rate increased. My average heart rate rose to 163 BPM, from 159 BPM without weights.

The maximum heart rate is up to 176 BPM with the weights. That's 95% of my maximum output so obviously I worked super hard calorie burn 311 compared to 265 with no weight. So you definitely have to work a lot harder and it's a lot slower with these weights.

Things get super interesting when you start looking at your max powers for three seconds or five minutes. I'm going to be doing a geek version of this article so I'll go into numbers a lot more, but my max strength is way higher with the heavy weight. My maximum strength for three seconds was 657, compared to 548 without the weights.

So they're all much higher by the time it comes to max five minutes of power, and that was a lot lower so I just couldn't maintain the power, which I guess gives you the results, I've worked and been harder on the way up Much slower with the weights as expected. It's getting a lot tighter on the way down now. A sort of similar story so I worked harder.

My heart rate was higher, just a little. My power was dropped quite a bit. My max power was 123 Watts lower with the weights, but the times were much closer.I The weights were within eight seconds of this descent.

It's a pretty long, flowing descent, with some flatter rolling sections with rollers so you could pump up and down and I felt like the weight was absolutely riding on those parts. Only the extra momentum meant that I could really maintain my speed. However, getting the bike up to speed was a lot harder and I think that shows the performance.

However, once I was up to further accelerate the bike, I just couldn't turn the power down to get the bike up to speed. As I said, only eight seconds difference in the times on the way down. Conclusion: Yes, I worked harder and was slower, but only marginally on the descent.

Did I have to change my driving style? I definitely hurt more from putting the weight on the descent. My hands killed me, my back started killing me. I didn't feel like I was going to rest, not even on the descent, where I try to stand stiffly on a cross country bike to try to recover a bit from all the weight, so it was tiring and probably my average heart rate was higher even on the descent, and I definitely spent a lot more time in the granny ring, I don't think I spent the time without the weights so I felt like I really did Grind away gears to tackle these climbs.

Is that a realistic test? Well, on heavier, active riders, they kind of scale so that the muscles handle the weight a little better. This test was a bit more like I sat around for six months, drank too much beer, ate too much cake, and then got back on a bike, so I think it's kind of realistic. Really the biggest conclusion for me is that things like I say I work harder, I'm a little bit slower, but in reality I'm two minutes slower when climbing y works against you.

I also made a geek version of this article so click up there. Where I learn a lot more about the numbers, but also talk about how much faster you can get through? lose a bit of weight. Now click for Olly Beckinsale putting me through my paces and trying to prepare me for an enduro race.

Hit the sub button and give us a thumbs up.

Are fat bikes harder to ride?

Some people actually prefer a fat bike to a road bike for traveling on roads because the wider tires and lower pressure make for a more comfortable, softer ride. The increased weight makes fat bikes harder to pedal on normal terrain, like asphalt and pavement.11 мая 2017 г.

What is a good beginner motorcycle for a big guy?

The Honda Rebel 500 is one of those bikes that comes along every few model generations and is just the absolutely perfect bike for a beginner.

What is a good bike for a 300 pound man?

The Diamondback Overdrive 29er is a mountain bike designed for the 300-lb man. It comes with a durable aluminum frame to support the weight of a heavy man looking to break into cycling. This bike has 29-inch wheels that are durable, rigid, and large enough to hold someone with a larger frame.25 февр. 2020 г.

Are bikes with big tires easier to ride?

Fat bikes make it easier to ride in or over the snow, but that doesn't necessarily make it effortless. You might stay more upright, but you still really need to muscle your way through snowdrifts or thick sand. The larger rims and tires typically add at least 4 pounds to the bicycle's weight.14 февр. 2014 г.

Can you be too heavy to ride a bike?

If you are planning to start cycling, bear in mind that most bikes are designed for people who weigh less than 220 pounds. The warranties on many bikes are actually voided if the rider is too heavy. If you are significantly heavier than 220 pounds, think about getting a bike designed for heavier people.14 мар. 2017 г.

Are fat tire bikes easier to balance?

Since the contact surface is wider, fat tires also translate into better balance. That is why fat tire bikes are perfect for those learning how to ride a bike. With some practice, even the most inexperienced rider can get the hang of it in no time.

How much slower are fat tire bikes?

For commuters, the fat bike is going to take 10 times the effort to go much slower than road and commuter bikes. These are fine to go a few miles, I suppose, but they won't get you across town with much speed and you'll show up looking pretty sweaty from your intense workout.28 дек. 2020 г.

What kind of bike is a fat tire?

A fat bike, sometimes referred to as a fat tire bike or fatbike, is essentially a mountain bike with larger, knobbier tires.

What kind of bike has super wide tires?

With super-wide tires, fat bikes float over snow, sand, and almost anything else in their path. But are they right for you? Just like big tires, trends can take a long time to blow up. Consider the pathbreaking ­Pugsley, from alt-bike brand Surly. When introduced in 2005, the bike was unlike anything else out there.

How big are the tires on a mountain bike?

Plus (also known as “mid-fat”) tires typically measure 2.8-3.0˝ wide, whereas traditional mountain bikes tires are around 2˝ wide. What are the benefits of Plus?

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