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Bike trails - answering the questions

What is a good trail bike for beginners?

Best mountain bikes for beginners
  • Ragley Marley 1.0. Playful hardtail that can take on any trail.
  • Orbea Laufey H3. Aggresive hardtail for trail shredding.
  • Vitus Escarpe 29 CR.
  • Commencal Meta HT AM Origin.
  • Specialized Chisel Comp.
  • Cannondale Habit 4.
  • Vitus Sentier 29 VR.
  • Trek Roscoe 8.
23 июн. 2021 г.

What is a good entry-level mountain bike? I get this question every day. That's why today I'm giving you the tools you need to find a new or used mountain bike, regardless of the brand. But first we need to define what an entry level bike is.

If you are a beginner and have unlimited money then this discussion is over. Just go out there and spend a bunch of money on a nice bike and you’re done. But I guess that most beginners are looking for the smallest financial commitment they can make while still getting a decent mountain bike.

This bike is decent enough to get you in big trouble time and time again. Better yet, it's available for $ 329. Yes it's a Diamondback Overdrive and I ride for Diamondback, but I want you to forget today because Diamondback may not be available where you live or you are looking at a used bike.

Today I want you to pretend this bike is colorless and has no logos. How do we objectively determine that it's 'trailworthy' if you just examine it? Let's start with the most important indicator of a good mountain bike: the derailleur hanger. If a mountain bike is equipped with a rear derailleur, it should be hung from this small piece of metal called the hanger on the frame.

In the event of a fall, the hanger is designed to break off to prevent damage to the frame. It can then be reoriented or replaced at low cost. This is way better than throwing the whole bike in the trash, which is what you have to do if you break any part of your frame.

Be careful with such patch solutions, or worse, with a derailleur mounted directly on the frame. Bikes like these could be just a fall away from total destruction, and mountain biking is all about falling. Therefore, a derailleur hanger is the very first thing you should look for to determine if a bike is trailworthy.

Even the simplest bikes have a precisely cut, functional looking derailleur hanger here. So your investigation should begin with and possibly end with it. The next important part to look for is a threaded SS stem, which you can identify by these clamp bolts here, and these 4 bolts that hold the handlebar in place.

If you see this instead, it is usually bad news. To service or replace something up front, including the fork, you're limited to unreliable parts or vintage mountain bike parts that are hard to find. Good luck tracking down a brand new mid-90s suspension fork to replace your old one.

Not only is a threadless stem easier and cheaper to maintain, but it's also stiffer, something you'll want to compromise on. Moving on to the wheels, you need to make sure they have quick release levers. These are common on entry-level bikes and allow you to remove or replace the wheels by hand without tools; more importantly, they are an indicator of the intended use of the bike.

If flat tires are inevitable when mountain biking, it is problematic to always have a 15mm wrench with you to remove these nuts. Worse, mountain bikes with nuts on the axles are hard to upgrade the wheels, and wheels are one of those things that as you gain experience, you will outgrow them. So on an entry-level mountain bike, look for quick release levers and if you see nuts, stay away.

Next comes the crank and chainring assembly modular and bolted together, not riveted together as one big piece. I am sure you can see the problem in this. Break something here and you are probably the cost of your entire bike to fabricate something, so if that's your thing then fine for you.

Otherwise, look for something that you can actually screw on. The next thing to look for is front and rear disc brakes. Even cheap disc brakes can be exchanged for better ones, which is important to note because your bike must have the attachment points for this right from the start.

More importantly, disc brakes are far more reliable than rim brakes, which is why the mountain bike industry switched to them quickly and decisively decades ago. Because a good mountain bike should be low-maintenance and upgradeable, one should be very suspicious of one without disc brakes. Finally, you need to make sure that the bike comes in different sizes and that the manufacturer actually gives instructions on what size you need.

This is as easy as using Google, a lost art. In any case, if the manufacturer doesn't offer this information, then they probably don't think much about their bikes and so you shouldn't trust it to take you deep into the woods, so this indicator is less objective than the others, but you should at least have one Get a bike that suits you. While there are many other indicators of a trail-ready bike, they are largely irrelevant if the bike in question doesn't meet the requirements that we will now focus on what to expect from an entry-level bike like this and some of the things you can do with it can do to upgrade it.

First of all, it's important to note that almost all entry-level mountain bikes will be hardtails or bikes without rear suspension. The linkage required for rear suspension is expensive and heavy, so it is generally not worth investing in until you start to break the thousand dollar point. For the sake of simplicity, we'll limit this discussion to hardtails.

Hardtails are fun and quick, so they're still great to get started with. But hardtails under $ 500 are almost always XC or cross-country bikes. XC bikes are optimized for pedaling and power transmission.

They are quick and easy to use to travel long distances. But these benefits can hold you back once you start trying your hand at freeride. That's not to say you can't jump a bit on an XC bike.

It's just jumps, drops, rock rolls or any kind of long descent is best done on a trail bike. This black hardtail next to Overdrive is a good example of a trail bike. The raked fork, aggressive angles, wide handlebars, longer travel, and shorter stem make it better for the type of riding I do.

Since you can't convert an XC bike into a Tra il bike or vice versa, you need to be honest about what you want to do with your mountain bike before buying one. But if your budget is under $ 500, whether you like it or not, you can get an XC bike by the time you finally move on to jumping and throwing the bike around a bit more, you might feel limited. Here's what I did to improve the capabilities of my budget XC bike.

The best thing you can do is, hands down, changing the tires.When I threw those wider, gnarled tires on my overdrive, it felt like a completely different bike. I was able to run these tires at a lower pressure, which made them more grippy and forgiving.

But that was not all. Do you hear all the rattle my chain clapped all over the place and in fact it came off completely on several dropsand jumps. To fix this, I installed a chain guide which virtually eliminated the problem.

This will cost you a lot less than upgrading your drivetrain, which could easily run you as much as this bike. If I were a beginner to get as far as possible on this bike, I could upgrade the pedals and maybe the fork to something like this too. Venturing beyond that wouldn't necessarily be economical and considering that a decent trail bike can hold its value well, you'd better sell it and upgrade the whole thing.

After all, if you already have a bike and find that it fails some of these tests, you can still benefit from this article. If it currently works for you and you enjoy it, then keep shredding. If you feel like it is holding you back, now you have the tools to find something better.

That said, we haven't talked about assembly, maintenance, or all the other upgrades you can ask, with the help of my viewers, I'll do my best to answer them in the comments. So find a good beginner's bike and enjoy it. Because you are only a year away from selling all your belongings and getting an irresponsibly expensive financing bike.It happens to the best of us.Thank you for getting rid of me today and see you next time.

What are the best bike trails?

Best bike trails in the U.S.
  1. Going-to-the-Sun Road | Whitefish, MT.
  2. Flume Trail | Lake Tahoe, NV.
  3. Swamp Rabbit Trail | Greenville, SC.
  4. Highway One | Big Sur, CA.
  5. McKenzie River Trail | Bend, OR.
  6. Captain Ahab Trail | Moab, UT.
  7. Trail 401 | Crested Butte, CO.
  8. Copper Harbor Trails | Keweenaw Peninsula, MI.

I'm Mike Levy and welcome to the field test values ​​discussion, trail bike field test

Welcome to the field test trail bike values ​​discussion. (Happy themed music) Mountain bikes can cost a lot of money, especially if you want to have the latest and fanciest gear. And let's face it, it's not that any of these field test bikes are cheap.

I mean, we have a specialized S-Works Stumpy here that is $ 9,500. What's left to upgrade that thing? , absolutely nothing, because I had no money left. I'm Mike Levy, and I'm welcome to the Field Test Value Trail Bike discussion.

The cheapest trail bike in the bunch is the SLX-equipped Mojo, which goes a bit more at $ 6,200, including the surcharge for the carbon wheels and handlebars. That thing sounds like a bloody theft compared to that stump jumper, doesn't it? Well, maybe, but to make things a bit clearer we're going to break down each model range and see which makes the most sense. Which of these bikes give you? You get the best for your money.

Let's get into that. Well, we might as well start with this fancy S-Works bike. It is the most expensive American at $ 9,500.

And I don't think I have to convince you that it's not worth it. S-Works is about having all of the things. And with a cordless drivetrain, crazy light and wide carbon wheels, and factory suspension, it has all of these things and drives very well because of that.

I am sure you are shocked, I know. But that's not what I would buy anyway. It just costs so much money.

But there are six Stumpys to choose from, with the other three carbon models costing $ 7,000 for the Pro, $ 4,700 in the US for the Expert, four big American for the Comp. It is important to note that all Fox forks use either the Grip or Grip 2 damper, all have four piston brakes, and all have the exact same geometry as they are all on the same carbon frame, the biggest difference being the alloy wheels on the Expert and Comp. The others have carbon tires.

Geo and suspension ar e everything, so if you really want a carbon frame, it's hard to ignore this $ 4,000 Comp model. It comes with SLX. This is now a cheap spec compared to the others at the same price.

But if you're not into carbon frames, well the $ 2,300 Stumpy looks like a deal, but I happily check out the $ 3,200 Comp Alloy, which comes with more powerful suspension as well as an NX drivetrain instead of the SX drivetrain actually Horst-Link suspension is still used, where the carbon models have this Linkage-Driven-Single-Pivot with the Flex-Pivot. And I'm sure they behave a little differently on the trail, but I haven't ridden the aluminum bike yet, so I can't compare. All right on Giants 135 Millimeter Travel Trance X Advanced.

And I know the only thing you'd want to buy is the fancy $ 8,500 version with the battery-powered suspension I tested. But I'll talk about the others, just in case someone out there maybe, maybe, somehow wants something else? Version without Live Valve ?? I mean who knows right? If you want to stick with carbon, there are three versions to choose from. The expensive Zero model that I have.

The $ 5,500 One Model or the $ 4,500 Two Model. All of their parts hang on the same carbon frame. They all have carbon wheels too, although the Zero gets a lighter version.

The more expensive one comes with Fox's high-end fork and damper. While two of the less expensive Pikes Select get the Charger RC damper, and it's GX versus NX for the powertrain. But it's the aluminum models that I notice the most.

If you're okay with ditching the Advanced tag in favor of aluminum, I like the look of the $ 3,200 Trance X 29 2, which gets a Fox 36, with a grip damper and SLX drivetrain heaps. But does the SLX and carbon wheel I reviewed offer the most performance for you? our money from the five motorcycles? Well, if it were my pennies, it's really hard for me to overlook Mojothe's cheapest Deore specs of $ 4,500. We were super impressed with the drivetrain a Fox 34 with Grip 2 damper.

Very small numbers on the crazy ACTOFIVE P-Train? I'm supposed to anyway, so here it goes. Now the frame alone is somewhere around $ 4,000 without a shock, depending on exchange rates and tariffs and the mood of obscure shipping regulations that are supposed to make things as difficult as possible. And if you want your exotic car in a shock, well yes, that's more D-Mark, please.

It's about $ 4,600 with an EXT STORIA because you're not going to be putting something boring on it, right? Hope not. Now Simon doesn't sell complete motorcycles, but I don't think anyone is going to hang an SX-Dri ve train or cheap fork from the front of this thing. Question is if I wanted this frame but had to build it without going crazy, in other words, parts that don't hold back and an amazing descender, but that won too, if I didn't go bankrupt what would I do use? For a fork, I might get something like a Pike Select with the Charger RC damper.

Now this is not the newest and highest quality 2.1 Charger damper, but it really impressed me with its performance, and the difference between that and the most expensive version, meh, I pretty much agree with that, the P-train was made for descent. That makes 4-piston brakes a must, too; Shimano's bike point inconsistencies ruled them out for me, but SRAM, TRP, and Hayes all had goodies at reasonable prices.

The wheels would be aluminum, of course, and they were either Stan or Spank. But not those damn brightly colored wheels, just some nice black rims. I save some money as tires.

I buy some big meat from Victoria or Specialized instead of spending almost double e as much from Max's or Schwalbie. On to Barney, Salsa's 140 millimeter travel Blackthorn. There are three carbon wheels, two aluminum wheels, and I should point out that not only do they sell a carbon frame for the usual carbon price, but they also sell an aluminum frame damper for $ 2,100.

This is noteworthy as very few other brands offering a relatively inexpensive aluminum frame on their own had assumed that one of the two aluminum blackthorns would make the most sense. They have the same geometry as the Carbon, after all, but both come with budget-conscious forks that use second- or third-tier dampers, riders who are used to high-end stuff will definitely notice the difference. Here you can definitely buy more power with money.

Since the $ 4,900 Carbon SLX Blackthorn is the cheapest version I want to buy. I know, but that gets you a mostly SLX drivetrain, surprise, four-piston brakes, and a Lyric with RockShox's fantastic Charger 2.1 damper.

So if value is the question, the real answer is an aluminum frame with a high-end suspension fork, or at least one that uses the best possible air spring and damper for the money. We don't see enough of that these days, but we definitely should. And against this background, the Aluminum Giant Trance X stands out for me 2, which costs 3,200 US dollars.

And this money brings you the same adjustable geometries as the carbon wheel, as well as a Fox 36 with a grip damper and the always impressive SLX drive train. I mean what else do you need? You ask me, of all the versions of all these motorcycles, the Giant Trance X 2 is hard to ignore. But let me know in the comments)

Are bike trails dangerous?

Trails are a Great Alternative to Riding on the Road - But They're Not Perfect. Many people have retreated to trail riding as a safer alternative to contending with vehicle traffic on our Florida roads. Having a head-on collision with another cyclist can be as dangerous as colliding with a vehicle.

Oh sick, today we ride on BCPOV on Santa's bike park? I am not joking. As many of the channel's subscribers know, my wife and I are on a massive road trip across North America. After going all the way east to Quebec all the way south to Florida we finally hit the west coast.

We got out of Arizona and arrived in the San Bernardino Mountains outside of Los Angeles. We came to drive at a place called Skypark which is at the top of the mountain. In fact, this place is like no other bike park I've ever visited.

First and foremost, it's a Christmas theme park. Complete with European style buildings, a train, visits with Santa and his brother and his brother's wife and whoever those people are. Anyway, you understand what matters.

It's a year-round Christmas village with all the characters that go with it. But as it turns out, the owners of the park are also mountain bikers and have decided to include mountain biking with other attractions. And even though it's at the top? a very large mountain, the park is only about 380 feet high.

And for $ 49 for a day pass, you might find some kind of chairlift or shuttle waiting for you here. Well, you're wrong, but hey, as the 350-foot Spider Mountain in Texas proved you don't need a huge elevation gain to have fun. So why should you need a chairlift? Turning up at the Skypark started off great.

When we met up with Tony from YouTube channel, the Outsider MTB. But his first claim to fame wasn't actually YouTube. Some of you may know him from his early days as a pro skater in the late 90s and early 2000s.

We are also joined by Alan from MTB Alanand, his wife Kelly. All of these guys are locals in the area. So it's great to have her with us to show us the trails.

I mentioned earlier that there is no elevator here. And while that's a little disappointing, the pedaling is pretty relaxed, what is it? perfect as I plan to do as many laps as possible today. As we set off, it dawns on me why it's so nice to be back in those tall pines.

We have spent the past few weeks driving desert trails. And while desert riding is fun and interesting, driving through these tall trees on this deserted ground really feels like home to me on the climb there is a thin challenge at the edge of the trail. Who can not resist a thin one? Oh God.

That's a skinny ass. For the first round, we decide to take a path called Arrow, which is named after Skypark's dog, packed full of features. Literally every few seconds there's something new to hit. (Invigorating music) (invigorating music) (invigorating music) (invigorating music) (invigorating music) (invigorating music) (invigorating music) (invigorating music) Oh, sick. (enlivening music) whoa. (enlivening music) (enlivening music) (enlivening music) So many hoops. (laughs) (invigorating music) - Sorry.

Here we have a double - okay. (invigorating music) I'll get this next time. (invigorating music) (invigorating music) (invigorating music) I love it when they pack so many features into a single trail.

It really reminds me of Cat's Pawat Highland Bike Park in New Hampshire. Okay, now I understand why you can get away with $ 50. (laughs) But Arrow isn't the only trail that's full of features.

Oh God. - Go on. - Get a little further this time.

Our next trail, Comet, is something people will either love or hate. And that's because it's full of skinnies. Oh.

Skinny. (laughs) - Yes, dude. - If it's there, then I have to ride it.

His Ewok village here. Personally, I enjoy riding them, but that may have something to do with my home trails being on the north coast of Vancouver. Where the ladder bridge was invented.

They became popular when mountain bikes were short and the steering angles were steep, so they ride slowly. And since today's enduro bikes are long and slippery, they just don't play with them that well. And in a world where mountain biking is getting faster and faster, I can understand why skinnies are not that popular anymore.

But I still enjoy the challenge. Oh God, that's cool, sick, sweet. Oh, that's a janky - yeah.

There's the guy too. - Let me check it out quickly. Oh, you have two options.

That's a pretty classic north shore. Yes. The funny thing is that Comet isn't the only trail with skinnies on the mountain.

Oh God. And with my insistence on doing every trail in the park today, I dragged our somewhat disinterested crew down Naughty or Nice. Oh.

Oh, there is already wood. But this trail has something that is really rare in mountain biking these days. The sway.

is vegetable oil bad for you

Oh God. I got it and it was still bouncing from the moment Tony walked over it. It seemed to be a burden on governing bodies and insurance companies alike.

These features tilt when you drive over them. - Greater. - Oh, stairs.

Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.

Oh God. As it continues, the entire lower part of the trail is basically just a huge, lean one. That continued in another wobble.

Oh, another wobble. Oh, it's really thin. Oh God.

Oh God. Oh god. Unless Yuka didn't know that. (Screams) Those insurance companies may be right.

Go back upstairs. Yep.Oh.Front washed and I think you probably have to hop back there.- Yeah.- It's time to take that most popular trail in the park.Neverland.Neverland is to the Skypark like the A-line is to Whistler.

It's a lot of jumps and it's a lot of fun. Whew.Sick.Yoy.Rad.Puh. (grunts) don't fly away quickly.

Poof, sick, poof, poof, oh god - yeah buddy. - Yes. (grunts) I'm not doing it right now.

Oh, that's curvy. Phew That was just my first lap on Neverland. But it was definitely not my last.

Yes this place is good. - Yeah - Not a lot of downtime on the trail, you know? Absolutely. But you know, Neverland might have a lot of jumps, but none of them are the biggest in the park Parkby the Village is called the Session Jump.

And this one is the biggest in the park. It's a one-hit wonder just for sessions. This is where people hang out and practice their jumping skills.

I have to say it works really well. Just pump this roll into your lip. And it sends you perfectly into the transition.

I understood it pretty deeply back then - yes. That was the best. So what did I think of Skypark in the end? Well I have to say it was a pretty nice surprise.

To be completely honest, I had never heard of it until Tony and Alan mentioned it sounded like a lovely place. So we decided to give it a try. For people who live in LA, pine forests are hard to come by.

But just drive to the top of the San Bernardino Mountains and you have a pine forest? Even this guy from BC felt at home there. Everything in the Skypark is really nicely built and worked great. There are interesting, cool features everywhere.

But the entry price of $ 49 is a bit steep, especially in bike parks with chairlifts like Highland or Spider the mountain costs the same price. And since many tourists come and are ready to pay the $ 49 just for Santa's village. I can take the management guesswork when it comes to pricing.

That being said, the annual pass is pretty competitive at $ 299, the mountain bikers here are b uying. As always, thanks for watching and stay gnarled.

How do I find good cycling routes?

Seven ways to find great new places to ride
  1. Take an unfamiliar side road.
  2. Explore your local area using Google Street View.
  3. Take a look at local riders' routes on Strava.
  4. 10 climbs from around the world you haven't heard of.
  5. Join a local rider on a ride.
  6. Join a cycling club.
  7. Ride a sportive.
  8. Good old-fashioned OS map.

We don't all live in bike paradises, but with a little know-how we can all get at least one step closer to riding quiet and fun roads. So in this article we're going to talk about route planning, how to use the technology we have now to find great new routes to drive and then follow them, so if you are new to the sport and wondering how to deal with busy roads can escape. You're just looking for new roads to spice up familiar routes.

Hopefully this article helps! So what are great roads to drive on? A little bit depends on what you like personally: I love going up and down hills as long as they are not too steep, thank you very much. Other people like to cruise along the hatch or drive as fast as they can. So we leave this type of route planning to you.

However, what is universal among all cyclists is the love of calm, safe and quiet roads, but it should be: do not drive where you drive I say again to effect: do not drive where you drive or do not drive where you drive! 'ding'I see a lot here where I live in the UK. I think people know some important roads from the city and the countryside and they know them because they drive them And from the cocoon of your car they can look really beautiful: beautiful scenery, nice wide streets, fast moving traffic and whatnot is not to like! Well, fast moving traffic to start with: these roads are bad for cycling and yet so often they are full of cyclists Roads to ride This is where technology comes in so there are a few dedicated route finding apps and websites that we use here at GCN one called 'Komoot' and they have a great free version and a premium option too. It's super easy.

So now I'm on your website. I clicked on the route planner page. I gave my starting point, an excellent cafe that I know, and I put in a destination that is an excellent tea shop, buy note and Komoot literally did the rest that I know from experience that these are streets I would choose , and Komoot found them because it has all sorts of intelligent algorithms, data it has access to from its own users and also things that are called highlights there that were left by the public spirited people and steer me to agree great things for cyclists.

So in this case brilliant trails from Portbury to Clevedon now that as you can see is an outback, now I feel like a looping path that sounds great and after some time you can see Komoot literally a loop performance created. Now there are plenty of other little options here to play with including whatever kind of route you want. So I took a bike ride which is usually the quietest roads out there also gives me gravel or faster road rides, how far my route is: in this case 44.1 kilometers, it tells me how much climbing there is and where on the route it comes down to, at that elevation profile below and it even gives me an estimated time and that is based on how fit I think I am, as you can see, I kind of made myself for humwell, pretty generous assessment of my own Fitness decided.

There are three ways you can follow this route: The first is the old-school route, where you meticulously write down turn-by-turn instructions I'm not into a piece of map that then gets wet and sweaty quite sure why you certainly don't want to do that anymore. Instead, you can use your phone as a kind of navigation device.So Komoot has an app and when I just click on my trip, the turn-by-turn navigation starts either acoustically when I want to put my phone in my pocket or visually when I have a hill, which allows me to clip my phone to my handlebars The third technique is to use a GPS bike computer like this So, this is a Wahoo, and actually I can sync it with my Komoot account, which means I can track my Komoot route at the push of a button If you want to do a little more research into your planned trip before you go, maybe because you're going there, so there's a little more to it, you've invested more, then I recommend Google I use this all the time, a lot of it, for filming, but actually it's super useful when you only have one up You might want to get an idea of ​​what the road looks like, even what the pavement is and also the traffic conditions because you can be pretty sure that the Google Street View car is causing a traffic jam.The aver old cyclist will probably do so too, which is a definite one red flag and it's obviously super easy to use.

I don't think I need to explain. But no matter ego you drag the little orange person onto the street that you want to check out in this case brilliant alleys Portbury to Clevedon and by the way excuse yourself with an idea of ​​my internet speed. Oh, let's go: 'incomprehensible'.

Brilliant Lane Portbury to Clevedon, actually that looks good. Ultimately, local knowledge is a great resource just waiting to be exploited, be it digital on social media or in real life - people go to your local bike shop, which is always a gold mine, for example, or a local bike club, too just random cyclists that you see in my experience are always more than happy to chat about routes so you can definitely make the most of it and then share your tips too and I am confident that you built one Build a fantastic road network and then build tailor-made loops. It's exactly what you enjoy and where you keep the time you spend on busy roads to an absolute minimum.

Hopefully this article was useful. Please give it a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it and stay safe and enjoy driving. It's a beautiful new road

What is a trail bike good for?

Trail bikes are the most versatile of the lot. They excel in every kind of terrain and can usually be used for a versatile range of applications. They perform on the quick after-work lap just as well as they do on long multi-day rides and don't have to shy away from bike park excursions either.4 февр. 2020 г.

How many cyclists die in NYC each year?

But at the same time, 24 cyclists have died on city streets this year, NYPD stats show. That's just five short of the 29 bike fatalities reported in 2019. The city has counted 98 pedestrian deaths as the year closes, down from 123 in all of 2019.29 дек. 2020 г.

Which is more dangerous MTB or road bike?

Basically mountain biking is both more dangerous and safer than road biking is. Downhill mountain biking is the most dangerous, followed by biking on the road, with riding on simple trails on a mountain bike being the safest option of all.

Can you jump a trail bike?

The short answer is that you can probably do up to 2 foot jumps along the trails and be fine on a good quality xc bike. If the jump is too big on downhill, just go around it or slow down a little so the bike lives to ride another day. If it's a big drop, just take a path around it and enjoy the rest of the course.

What is the difference between a trail bike and a XC bike?

The trail bikes do break faster and more precisely. The cross country bike is lighter and quicker in acceleration and steering while the trail bikes are heavier and optimized for descends. Today's mountain bikes have become extremely specialized in terms of their intended use.

How many bikers killed NYC?

But at the same time, 24 cyclists have died on city streets this year, NYPD stats show. That's just five short of the 29 bike fatalities reported in 2019. The city has counted 98 pedestrian deaths as the year closes, down from 123 in all of 2019.29 дек. 2020 г.

How many cyclists died in NYC 2020?

To date in 2020, at least 21 cyclists have been killed, and eight of them in the Bronx — the most of any borough. At least 200 people have been killed in traffic violence in New York City this year.5 нояб. 2020 г.

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