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Are change bikes any good?

Pros. It's a fairly light full-sized bike at 10.5kg that just happens to fold. If you want to go even lighter, I did a build exercise where you could replace everything but the frame with carbon components and get the weight down to 7kg.

Transcriter: Fernando Muñoz Reviewer: Maria PericleousI was much less nervous at the dress rehearsal when there were only eight people here. (Laughter) So they told me I was going to die and I went on a bike ride. My own story in cycling - and I'll ask for a show of hands to see if it resonates - is: I learned to ride a bike when I was about seven, and my range went from the backyard to the block.

A few years later it went a few more blocks. When I was 12 or 13, I drove all over the neighborhood. My bike was my source of freedom, it allowed me to escape my parents, and it allowed me to interact with my friends without my parents being in the next room.

It was just a wonderful source of freedom! Then I turned 16. I got a driver's license, I had access to a car and now I had a new definition of freedom lights, but how many of you would share that kind of story and story on your own bike? Put your hands up. Oh my god! Alms Not everyone.

In my day we also had social media. We didn't do it on our phones, we didn't do it on our iPads or our computers because we didn't have any of these. We could still find out where our friends were.

Today, when you go to Facebook, almost every day on my feed there is a map of St. Paul with a little dot at the airport that says, '@ MSP Airport on my way to Chicago''On my way to Paris

Can you get a folding hybrid bike?

best folding hybrid bikes

The best hybrid bikes are a seamless meshing of road and mountain bikes, retaining their most useful characteristics to create an ideal commuter and travel bike that can also handle some light off-road trails. This is one of our best foldable bikes models.

Welcome back guys from Maine the temperatures don't even reach 80 degrees in the next five days so blue skies and finally pleasant weather for me, by the way, as far as I know it is even more pronounced Arby is in Portland than I suggest and maybe I was a few ago A little naive for years, but there actually is a law in the Portland City area that prohibits overnight parking of RVs, which even included private property there for a while until they started repelling hundred dollar fines and RVs tow right off people's property, or public property, or anything I don't want to dwell on, it doesn't matter Portland is just a tiny, insignificant town in the state of Maine and I plan to enjoy the summer somewhere else where it's a little more welcoming is for RVs that talk about excitement and adventure. My folding bike has arrived, so d his an amazon purchase, it's a foldable compact bike, it takes some assembly so I'm going to open this guy up and see how detailed it is and how hard it is going to be to put together, let's take a break in the unboxing and setup here -Phase, because if you've seen my last article, you probably noticed at the same time that they sent me a white bike, not the blue bike I ordered and that comes in four different colors I don't know why them sent me the white bike, it's not terrible, it has a little bit of blue on it, but it's the white bike and I very rarely have problems with amazon, this is a huge buy and investment so i will give them a call and see what they are want to do. Hey, I have a problem with an order I just received through Amazon.

They sent me the bike in the wrong color, yes it's Eric, they had four colors available and only one of them was Amazon Prime, that was the solid blue with some white accents I received a solid white bike with black accents and how two or three blue lines are you can you can you tell me if you are from the one i should get and so you thought i dont want a white ins? I appreciate your honesty when you tell me that they went out of the blue when they sold me a blue one, that's important because it's not worth my time to wait another week for Anna, send this to me white again, so I mean, well I appreciate your honesty, can you get me a deal on that white and then give me a discount on it instead so I can hit the streets again so i just got on the phone with amazon and got it right folks i mean it's hard to travel? because you know I don't have an extra week and I was kind of trying to put that well, they went ahead and took off one hundred and forty dollars from that purchase price credit which was not returned to my account in a gift card but on my credit card, my debit card within five days, so I mean, I've basically got the bread and the bike half gone and I don't care what color it is at this price it's definitely worth it, so it all worked out and so I don't like stress It just wasn't what I ordered and it would bring me nothing to wait, they don't have the blue one in stock so they would do the same if I return the blue one and reorder the blue, it will send me another white one, so I'm going to go and take a hundred and forty dollars off the price and assemble this bike, well folks, we have the white version of the camp folding bike, everything is assembled like this tightened as I would like, everything is adjustable here so I adjusted the handlebars the way I wanted in all positions and the brakes and gear levers the way I wanted the seat is the only part I'm not excited about because I really want it this far but you can see the adjustable damper jamming here which is unfortunate but I can only get a sander and just sand an inch off of it so I can get the seat where I can really want him to be comfortable. It's still doable, but my legs are almost completely stretched down on the pedal at the moment, so yeah, this is the bike I'll take off on my first little tes I'm not going to go here leaving these pups alone, it is actually a nice, enjoyable ride and I will be able to get some fresh air and exercise and mobility with a bike that is safe in my garage with the 21 gears I can safely get up steep hills but I like it comfortable and compact I have a bit of friction I think it's the front brake The front brake here is rubbing on the outside so it's not properly centered there I can't tell if this is just a moment to do a bit of research or else I can maybe put a washer and there is something to get the pad off, it touches a bit and arub and while i ride but otherwise yeah its a 26 inch folding mountain bike and now i i we rde try to show how it folds up. There are a total of four things you can do to make this thing smaller.

First take out the seat, then fold the pedal and we take the handlebars off and put them aside and then I have another clamp right here, this will fold the bike in half, so see how it goes through, and it can go that way . I'll show you how thin it is 13 inches wide at this point, with the pedals folded and the arm bar good that the bar doesn't have? to go there it can actually get fat or something, now we're looking at 13 inches wide, pretty awesome, pretty neat so it doesn't have to be stored outside, it can go straight to my garage, just so weatherproof, pretty much cool when you have the bike somehow? It's a bit of a pain to have to sell the bike to fix the brakes, but I actually got a call from Greeley today, they have all of the parts of the OEM Chevy drum shoes and the rotary switch that I will get at 7:00 tomorrow morning: 30 should park in the morning waiting for checks in the lobby and hopefully we've finally resolved that epic brake problem on the Chevy chassis and are ready for new adventures in Maine stay here on the property while I take care of a few things, but yes the bike will Fun to drive around Jackson

When should I replace my bike?

When To Replace Your Bicycle Tires, 7 Signs Simple Signs
  1. Worn down tread. Worn down tread is the easiest to spot among the list.
  2. Cracks. Cracks on the rubber usually happen if you don't use your bikes after a couple of years.
  3. Constant flats.
  4. Holes and cuts.
  5. Exposed casing.
  6. Visible ridge.
  7. Poor ride quality.
27 . 2019 .

- So this week is a very special edition of the GCN Tech Clinic, because what can I say, I'm here on the Dubai Tour. Now I don't have my toolkit with me so I can go too deep, but I still think I can address your questions, let's see. (Ambient music) First up this week comes a question from Sophie who has a braking problem.

Yep, nobody likes braking issues because they help you stop so, the problem is they pull the lever and even though the cable has been re-greased and the cable replaced it still doesn't work well. The first thing I would check is to make sure you have ferrules on the end of your cable make sure they are pushed all the way on. But it is also important that the end of the outer cable, before you attach the ferrule, actually has a very clean cut, very flat, then put this ferrule on completely.

This way you won't get slight movement of the ferrule at the end of the brake cable. So make sure there isn't a gap on the brake cable at the end, and you're not braking effectively in mid-air if that makes sense. Make sure of that.

Another thing to check as well is to make sure that the calipers and levers actually match. So Shimano and Shimano, SRAM and SRAM, Campagnolo and Campagnolo. The reason for this is that they actually have a different lever pull ratio than the brake.

So this is really important to remember. Well the next question is from Mark who wants to know when a tire needs to be replaced, as you say, of course if there are any nicks or cuts in the tire then sometimes it is time for a new tire. Then sometimes you can just fill those holes with superglue just to extend the life of the tire.

Now for the gauges, to let you know when the tire needs to be replaced, actually Continental who supply us with tires here at GCN, they have two little gauge holes on top of the tire. Well there are no obvious holes all the way through. These holes go just a few mils below the surface of the rubber.

And essentially, when you can't see those holes anymore, you know it's time to replace the tire. So this is a brand that is doing something about it. Another thing to keep in mind is make sure the tire still has a round profile at the top; once it goes flat, the tire will basically not do its job properly when you are cornering .

So keep an eye on these things and you are good to go. Next up is even a lone fighter. Give me a name check.

Many Thanks. Problem with a rim bending against the brake pads when they get out of the saddle for the first few pulls. Now, if your wheel is standing upright, actually check the spoke tension as it could bend a bit in that if you put a little weight through the front end of the bike, that rim will just move over the brake pads and touch the brake pads.

meeting bicycle

Or maybe you just adjusted your brakes very, very close to the rim. So of course you will get some exercise. Okay so Stuart wants to know how long have you been? Hold the cable? That's a good question because I honestly don't know.

But take care of them, so when washing the bike make sure you don't use harsh degreasers that get in there and wash out any grease from the cables. Of course, even after you've finished washing the bike, use a good water displacing spray to remove the water from the inside and then prevent rust inside and inside the outer cable as well. Also, take good care of the cables Are not frayed where they clip into the derailleurs.

Obviously I have an electronic shift on this bike here, so I can't show you that exactly. But also check the outside cable. So if there are sharp kinks or the ends are a ferrule, make sure that the outer cable jacket doesn't tear there at all.

But who knows? They could last for up to two or three years, I guess, maybe longer, maybe less. It all depends on the driving conditions - including helping grip tires or reducing the chance of flat tires? That's a brilliant question because you know what? I actually know the answer to that, or somehow. First, I'll let you know it's not the vinegar that you put on your fish and chips.

It's actually white vinegar, and I saw this from the UK mechanics on a velodrome. They actually did it with a Dugast tubular, and that was one of the pink ones that remembered, it's been quite a while, is a latex-tread tire. So essentially they got that white vinegar, put a sponge in it, then drove around the tire and then the drivers went out and got on grip? I don't know, but there has to be some logic behind it because they were brand new tires.

And sometimes brand new tires on a velodrome are pretty slippery. Whether or not they reduce the risk of punctures I can't say, I'm afraid, because inside the velodrome it's pretty rare that we actually see someone who gets a flat tire. But try and let me know how to do it.

Next comes this question from Hitesh, who wants to know how often to replace a bike helmet and if the foam is going to deteriorate? This is actually a great question as I used to work for a helmet brand and a helmet manufacturer. So I have a little bit of inside knowledge. However, most helmet brands don't give a straightforward answer as to when to replace them.

Obviously, the outer shell, i.e. the polycarbonate shell, can be damaged by UV rays, especially if you are somewhere in Dubai.

Obviously we don't get that much sun in the UK. We get a little. But yes, it can degrade the foam and the polycarbonate shell.

But what is also important? Remember, if you drop your helmet by yourself from a very small height or very carefully, it can still damage that helmet and make it essentially useless as you may have some tiny, tiny hairline cracks in the foam that did its job, even if you weren't wearing it at the time. (Man whistles) (upbeat mu sic) (moves to tense music) - No! - Also watch out and try to keep the helmet clean. I actually give mine a good old scrub in the shower.

I use some shower gel to clean it and I don't don't use harsh chemicals because you don't know what this does to the foam. He can respond well to it. Think about these pads too.

Take them out and clean them thoroughly with some shower gel. Rinse them thoroughly because if you start sweating afterward, you don't want some soap to get into your eyes. The last question this week comes from Dan, who is considering switching to tubeless tires.

But what are the pros and cons? “Well, let's tackle the pros first. Obviously there will be less rolling resistance because you remove the tube and then essentially don't reduce the friction between a tube and a tire much, there are still which tires can run at a lower pressure, which is pretty trendy or even scientifically proven is that it's a little faster. And finally, one of my favorite pros is that you can put some sealant in it when you've set it up, and essentially if you get a bit of a thorn or glass in the tire, the sealant does its job and plug the hole, like that that you can keep going, what for someone who doesn't like stopping at the roadside and changing hoses is pretty important.

Now the only downsides for me are actually the tire choice and tire availability. There aren't a lot of choices right now, so if you are particularly picky about your tires and treads and brands then this might not be for you. But I'm sure we'll see tubeless tires keep evolving and evolving, we'll see more brands that make and market different types of tires, I enjoyed that and I helped fix your bikes .

Also, keep in mind your technical problems for me down there in the comments. I love reading them and most of all I love getting you back on your bike. There's no excuse because Jonny Tech is here.

Now, remember to like and share this article with your friends, and for another great article on why the pros choose their stem length, click here.

Is it worth fixing a 30 year old bike?

A department store quality bike is almost never a good repair investment. If the integrity of the frame is compromised, it's time for a new bike. If the frame is bent, cracked, rusted through, has broken welds, a stuck seatpost or bottom bracket, it's time for it to be retired.

It's not often that you're lucky with something very special just hanging out by the side of the road, but I stumbled upon this bike on my way to work a few months ago with that exact sign that was right there for my harvest lies. Let's face it, then what's so special about it? Well, first of all, it's a touring bike that you don't see that much these days, we have Reynolds tubes, Mavic wheels, a Suntour groupset and the best of everything, it's free. Today we're looking at how to restore a bike that could have gone straight to the trash.

In the workshop! (jazz music) First, let's look at the frame and the fork, sure, that they are in top condition, or, well, as close as possible for a bike that is free or with a notice in front of the house, please take. Now in all seriousness, unless it's such a bike as the Colnago Master Olympic made of super steel, then if it's bent or twisted or cracked or crushed then you probably won't want the money, time, or effort to get it actually restore unless you have some real, I don't know, some kind of attraction to it or something like that. So what are we actually going to check for? Well, make sure that the studs or wells are actually in order so they don't crack or come loose and make sure that the frame tubes are nice and round, or in any case the shape they are supposed to be, so that they are not pitted or dented, or the like.

If there is any sign of rust make sure it isn't actually going through the tubing set, a bit of surface rust that's fine. because we can get rid of that, but essentially you want to make sure that the framework is up to the task of holding and carrying your weight while you ride. Well, one very basic type of measurement that you can do to check how the frame is aligned is with a couple of strings to see the wheel away from the wheel.

So with that piece of strin if you want to wrap it around the head tube, bypassing the actual seat tube here, it goes to both sides and then onto your dropouts and you want this string to be as tight as possible. I'm not very good at tying knots, but I've got it pretty much right for my needs, but what exactly will that tell us? It will tell us how the rear of the bike aligns with the front. So what if you have a carbon frame or a carbon frame? an aluminum frame and it's out of line then it's probably best to get away from it now because that won't be reattaching very cheaply.

However, with a steel frame there are different methods of actually getting a frame back in place, but now I have this structure setup, I'm really very interested in figuring out if it's in line or not because I haven't yet checked it there and in place I got myself a handy tape measure, I'll measure how far the string is from the actual seat tube on either side, it's an inch and a half, just look on that side, also an inch and a half , I am lucky. Of course, if the framework is good and good, we need to check the rest of the components because without them you won't be doing anything very quickly anywhere, will you? So let's start with the wheels because in general they are one of the most expensive components to replace vibration, so some of them they shouldn't and they also run nice and straight and straight as they hit the sidewalls of the rims check to make sure they are nice and flat and not worn which can also be dangerous make sure none of those spokes are bent or twisted and then last the tires as this is obviously a very important part of the bike. Now you can usually see immediately if the handlebar is bent, because well, it's out of shape, let's face it.

Now about the handlebar tab, I would actually recommend removing it completely, so you can check the handlebars for corrosion as some people out there tend to sweat a lot and it will settle on the handlebars through the handlebar tape and cause pretty dire consequences including breaking the handlebar, believe it or not, so make sure you don't screw this up. Take a good look at it and then give it a neat cleanse to remove any residue. Next, let's look at two of the most problematic areas on older style bikes like this one and by that I mean the bottom bracket and headset.

First thing with the cranks just try to move them from side to side as you can see here at least some adjustment work and then with the headset up front you want to do the same, try and rock that forward. Well, the easiest way to test that the headset is on the ground with the bike down here is to put on both brakes. this is my p method and try to move the bike back and forth.

If there is any movement in the headset area here that you would feel, believe me, then you will need to make a little tweaking later. Next check the brakes so pulling the levers make sure the actual calipers or cantilevers are doing their job properly in this case, which they all seem to do pretty well. Pretty retro and old school aren't they? these cantilevers, i like them.

Also, check the cables for any signs of any obvious fraying or cracking such as, it's not the end of the world if you need to replace them because they're pretty cheap then we'll go over the actual gear systems. So, in my case, nice and easy with this a pair of down tube shifters. I can see the mechs are fine which, well, they seem to be doing their job and as for the rear, let's check the ratchet gears are still working.

Oh, like a dream. Quality components - they w listen in, they don't wear out or that's the old saying anyway. If your cables are actually snapped or stretched or something like that, there is a way to do it manually and that is by gripping, this is certainly fine for a wired rear derailleur, grab it and just pedal and slide it over and then make sure that the spring actually returns the derailleur to its correct location.

Finally, check the chain for wear. So if you have a chain testing tool please use it. Fortunately this is on the wear indicator at 0.5, so it is certainly good for a few thousand kilometers more, I think after the state so far, it seems to have had a good innings.

But let's get to the actual fun part, (upbeat music) But what then needs my attention with this classic from the eighties? Well I gave the wheels a spin and guess what? You are all fine. There is a very small kink in the rim, however, so I'm going to adjust it here with a spoke wrench just to make it a bit straighter, but luckily these cup and cone bearings are fine and that's a real relief, because sometimes this work can take a little longer than five minutes, because a bearing with a cone and cone, perhaps the actual barrel of the inner shell of the hub, could also be broken away with the cone, making it useless. But I'm so lucky with this bike, I can't believe it, but I'll just turn it with the spoke wrench.

Now one area that certainly needs to be investigated is that derailleur cable. Look at it, horrible, isn't it. Frayed, nasty, it just yells at you, I want to stick the end of your finger off of a few bucks, a few euros, a few pounds, just replace any inner wires that it will either give you better shifting or better braking and it'll be safer too, so that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Now, apart from the slightly frayed or frankly dangerous inner train there, all the other trains are in pretty good shape which I'm really quite surprised at, they will surely last a few months longer, but now I'm going to give you a little tip to try to brake a bit more gently, too, shifting gears and it's the only time I ever advise working on a bike upside down, or certainly not in an upright position. The reason is that you have to work a few drops of your lubricant like z down into the outer cord, basically gravity will do the job for you here, so let it sit for a few minutes and you should feel some gentler braking, i love gentle braking and gear changes i am almost blessed to find this bike and especially the fact that this headset does not require any attention. These older style headsets have been known to get pitted, slack, awful, jerky, anything like that, or certainly not been cared for.

Wonder why the previous owner of this bike only gave it away when it's in pretty good shape to be honest. Now if you've found one of these and it's not in good condition, of course first take it apart with your headset wrench and see the inside of the race here, so when I say inspect, make sure there are no holes in them , they are not damaged, these are the most common things. If so, I wouldn't go to the trouble of installing new bearings or new grease.

Instead I would buy and install a completely new headset because you don't want to risk unpredictable or questionable steering, after all, your steering of your bike is probably important, isn't it. Now it's time for the dreaded bottom bracket, I say dreaded because that was the thing that I noticed as soon as I picked up the bike, I could only feel that the cranks weren't quite perfect and I like perfection a bike so I'm going to take the crank off, I'll be checking that bottom bracket too, just to see if there's any way to get it working again or else I'll have to put in a new unit. Let's take a look.

Now is the time to tackle that bottom bracket with old school tools. although believe me these are actually brand new and I think they are probably the first time they have been used in the GCN tech workshop as we don't usually have a lot of bikes that come with this type of floor so let's get that first Grab the circlip to remove it so we can get into the basics of the bottom bracket. What I'm going to do is really just take the game and feel if the bearings are rough or smooth.

Maybe it just happened because as you can see the lock ring was mega loose, so it makes me think that maybe the previous owner was in the middle of his job and just gave up. Anyway, let's see how slick it can be, with the tenon wrench here, turn this, just trying to compensate for a little bit of that play. It's pretty stiff in there, but bottom bracket, there's no movement and it's nice and smooth.

So we're in luck, I'll just put the circlip and the crank on, we're pretty much done, but don't worry, there are a couple of things I'll do with it. Now you didn't think I could get this bike working for just a few pounds spent on this cable, did you? No, in fact I'm going to put some new tires on this bike as they are surely outdated, well, I want the best puncture protection if I ever tour this bike. So a bit of investment it's more than worth it.

Now you will surely agree with me that putting some new tires on this bike will ensure that my handling will be a little better - protected from punctures, as well as safer when cornering, not to mention the tires I just removed , honestly were terrifying when I ripped them off the rim, they cracked and the smell didn't leave much to the imagination. Now there's one last thing I'll do, which is wrap the handlebars, but I'll get you don't do all of that because I'm pretty special when it comes to it, there is a article for it instead. Now a little advice, if you walk along and see a sign like this, don't go any further.

Hold up, take the bike because it could be an absolute gem like the one I found here with I'm amazed at that to be completely honest. Now also remember to let me know what you would check on a bike if you found it on the side of the road, let me know in the comments section below and as always, give this article a big ole thumbs up and share it your buddies, especially if one of your buddies almost found dumpsters. Don't forget to visit the GCN shop at shop.globalcyclingnetwork.com and watch two more great articles now.

Come on, give him a watch.

How long will a bike saddle last?

In our experience, the average life span of a saddle that's ridden about 5,000 miles a year and doesn't experience undue damage is two to three seasons.

Can you change bicycle seat?

Bicycle seats, also referred to as saddles, are designed for quick removal and replacement. You can install a saddle using a single tool. If you're unhappy with your saddle, don't hesitate to replace or adjust it. There are all types of saddles for all types of bikes and rear ends.

Can a bike saddle wear out?

A modern plastic base saddle will not really wear out. It might fail due to cracks, bent rails, worn-through cover, damaged foam/gel, or such, but as long as it maintains its integrity then you can keep riding it.

What tools do I need to change a bike seat?

Older bikes typically have one setscrew, while newer bikes have two setscrews that secure the two halves of the clamp together around the rails. Loosen the setscrews using a 5mm hex wrench, or in some cases, you might need a 6mm hex wrench.

How long does a bicycle saddle last?

In our experience, the average life span of a saddle that's ridden about 5,000 miles a year and doesn't experience undue damage is two to three seasons.

hardtail mountain bike

Do bicycle saddles wear out?

We have learned both the foam and gel on a saddle begins to deteriorate after about 12 months of normal use. We aren't really sure what constitutes normal use but the fact of the matter is the foam and gel begin to break down over time. The manufacturer recommends changing the saddle at least every two years.

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