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Trek emonda review - common questions

Is Trek Emonda a good bike?

The new Trek Emonda isn't any lighter or stiffer than the old one, but it's supposedly quite a bit more aerodynamic – a neat trick considering it still looks very normal. Just as you'd expect, the bike is a superb climbing companion. The low weight is certainly noticeable, as is the impressive chassis rigidity.18 июн. 2020 г.

Many bicycle brands offer a specially aerodynamic frame and a particularly light frame for climbing, it is believed. For example Trek's Madone versus Trek's Emonda. But the question of which bike is faster on which route is a bit more complex than just mountains versus flat, and in fact it requires quite a complex analysis.

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So we figured, who better to ask which bike to use on which track than those who are really at the forefront of performance? So at the Giro d'Italia we asked mechanics which bikes their riders use depending on the route choose certain bikes for certain stages and different bikes for other stages. I can see that you have different bikes here. You have the Emonda for some riders and the aero bike for others.

Can you vote daily? - You have three bikes here in the Giro, so if you prefer an Emonda you have two Emondas and a Madone, and then you can choose whatever stage you want. Like today we have four emondas, four madones. It goes all the way up and down.

And then you can also choose the height of the wheels. The biggest difference is the Emonda is a climbing bike so the weight is a little lower than the Madone and it's built for the mountains so they can choose what they want, yes. - But do your Emondas have weights to bring them to 6.8 kg? ? - With the disc brake wheels, I think we only have to put some weight into the really small sizes.

It depends on which wheels you ride. And of course we also have the Velon device with us in the Giro, which is included in 6.8 - And the Madone, how much does it cost with the deep wheels, how much weight penalty you pay for using the Aero bikes? - If you ride six centimeters high bikes, the bike is about 7.3, 7.4 You compare it to a 6.8 cm bike, in the mountains, can make a little difference, yes, sure. - How late can the driver tell you say? ou, if they decide to change bikes five minutes before the start, you're a little (beep) I guess - they can do that, but we don't prefer, and besides, they only have one power meter, so they Crank, yes.

And then they drive through the stage without a power meter. But of course they are the king, so let's do what they want. But better the day before - Yes, better know the day before. (Vibrating bass-heavy music) I wanted to ask you whether your drivers generally prefer the S5 or the R5, or whether they can choose at every race of the season. - Yeah, it's a great mix.

A couple of guys really like the S5, others do the R5. Sometimes they mix, some stay on one bike all year round. It's just what they - they can choose - any rider you think will change bikes sees it most often on stage and they, oh today, I'll be in the wind, I want the aero bike or mountains today, the climbing bike? - Yes, or bad roads or whatever, yes - which bike does it? You choose bad roads? - Actually the S5, because you think the R5 is a bit stiffer and harder than the S. - So, which bike did you choose for today's stage? - Again a mixture, we have three or four Rs and we have the rest are all S5s.

So it's a mix of things. We have two guys, they do everything R5 the whole Giro.- And what's the weight penalty for the S5, how much more does it do? weigh than the R5? - It's actually not much different.

If we are really on the edge, then we have a different set of wheels, an even lower set. Then they can opt for even lighter bikes, and then sometimes we can get in trouble with them. But that's for the S5 and the R5 - so it's more about the driving experience than the weight? So rather that they feel more comfortable - We have bikes that are actually a bit heavier than the mounts, but they feel better.

So this is it. In the end, it comes down to the feeling, not the weight.- Yes, at the end of the day you have to feel good to ride well.- Yes, absolutely. (Happy music) - I wanted to ask you why all of your drivers are the Giant TCR and not the Propel? - Here we have the team basically climbing in great shape, so guys we’re going to help out on the climbs beforehand.

Nobody here is a real sprinter, that's the main reason. We have a couple of guys who couldn't sprint, or maybe the second or third bike has a Propel, but not here. - So you can choose which bike to bring to the Giro and you have decided on the TCR. - Yes, and basically we have a little bit of what is based on what the riders are here, major climbers or supporters of it.

So with the lighter bike, it's comfortable. So yeah, that's the main reason. - And how much heavier is the Propel than the TCR? - It's not really that much heavier.

A little bit. But it's more aerodynamic and, let's say, for climbs they prefer the TCR. And it feels different? You think it's the driving feel as well as the weight that they choose the TCR? - No, it's not just about weight, but a little bit about stiffness and other things.

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All of the drivers here only have DCX, if I'm not mistaken. (bass heavy music) (cheers) - So, in summary, there was actually more variety than I thought. Most teams allow their riders to choose the bike based on the stage.

And a surprising amount of that choice seems to be based on the driving experience. What surprised me. You'd think the drivers would care.

It's more about how fast they go than how the ride feels. But let's go. The other conclusion I get from this is that because of the UCI's minimum weight rule, professional teams may not be the best people to ask this question.

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A lot of really light bikes have weights in the down tube just to make sure it hits the minimum of 6.8 inches. And the tech these days, most aero bikes aren't that much heavier.

So actually the advantages of a light bike in terms of weight savings are minimized in Pro-Tour teams. Well I hope you found this interesting. If you want to hear a little more about aerodynamics, why not check out Cy and I doing a article in the wind tunnel in Milan?

What is the difference between Trek Domane and Emonda?

Madone has an emphasis on aerodynamic efficiency, Emonda is all about lightweight, Domane has a focus on comfort and ride quality and Checkpoint (disappointingly not Daemon to keep with the anagram theme) is for dirt roads and mixed-surface riding.24 февр. 2021 г.

Which is better Trek Madone or Emonda?

New Emonda got more aero and the new Madone lighter. The gap between the two narrower than ever! Emonda is still the lightest, Domane is the heaviest and the Madone is in the middle (but closer to the Domane). All have some aero features, with the Madone predictably taking it the furthest (wheels and frame shaping).15 июл. 2020 г.

this is my Trek Madonn record i absolutely love it and i mean i am really a very happy boy but before we go any further and i tell you all the details about the bike i think we should take a minute. I mean, take a look at them first and start with the color because my track has a very special paint job, it has a two-tone design here with matte and glossy black surfaces and I really like the way the glossy black Trek logo from the matte frame sets off nicely and discreetly, that looks really cool, but my favorite piece is that iridescent lacquer on the top, it's really nice and it changes color depending on the light and viewing angle, it's a bit like the color you might be saw Cerberuscars on the old TVR. The Madone is a very aerodynamic design and replaces the previous model, the one it last had with a custom paint job, it's a very nice custom paint job back yeah I can't remember who designed it, somehow there is lots of cool features so the first big difference between the outgoing Madone like the last one he had is that this one comes in broken disc and broken rim versions, the previous one was just broken rim and as you can see mine is the broken disc and it no longer has the vector wings on the front, they were the little flaps that popped out when the steerer tube was turned.

There is also an adjustable Isospeed decoupler in the top tube. This is supposed to increase the resilience of the seat post in the rear triangle and make it more comfortable and Trek records that in its maximum setting this is now 17% more comfortable than the last YZ version.An additional benefit is that because it is now in the top tube and not in the Seat tube, the compliance you get doesn't depend on how much seat post you ride.

So if you're riding your bike without a Shichi, you have less compliance now I can adjust it by loosening a small Allen screw or hex head bolt here and then sliding along the slider to adjust the compliance - it's maximum compliance but close and I love it just how the bike feels in those surroundings after having played around with it quite a bit now. This is a narrow bike so I wanted to put some deep section wheels in because I just feel like aero bikes just don't look that flat look wheels that just don't go together, kind of like orange juice and toothpaste, so I did one set of these seriously blingzip eight five eight NSW's totally crazy. I mean look at these bad guys, the eight five eight is one of Zip's newest wheels and features the tiny hyperfoil ornodules on the rim snow.This was kind of inspired by the tubercles on the fins of humpback whales, the humpback whales are remarkable for their massive size Agile and hydrodynamically stable creatures are supposed to turn into an anaerodynamic one, but regardless of that they look fantastic and they sound absolutely new, as if there is a noise when you drive in the freewheel well checks that on the rims I have a pair of Continental GP 4000 s2 tires in 25mm width mounted front and rear and I haven't mounted the GP five thousand yet because I couldn't get a pair of those into my scruffy little hands of filming at the time, but I can't wait to see them in Regarding the size of the bike I am 6 feet 1 or 185 inches tall and ride a 56 inches frame and my saddle height from the middle of the BB to the top middle of the saddle is 77 cm long, my stem is 120 cm long and my handlebar is only 38 cm wide.

I don't have the widest frame, so it's no problem for me to ride narrower bars. I also feel good on really long rides for long periods of time, but the main reason is that they allow me to get a lot smaller in the front, a lot narrower and more aerodynamic, and they feel a lot faster, and the bike originally came with 44-inch handlebars and for me the contrast between the two is absolutely huge and it's also worth it. The fact that the cockpit is a kind of integrated two-part system with separate handlebars is another big difference to the last Yzma downs and the advantage of this is that you can use your Match the stem length and width exactly and also be able to adjust your handlebar angle with greater flexibility.On the cockpit is an Out Frontmount for my Wahoo Bolt Computer.Now at the time of creating this article bond trade you are not currently doing a Wahoo Outfront Mount, so this is a bespoke 3D -printed, which in my opinion is a definite Hackmy saddle, is a physique arioni Zero zeronow subti le choice is very personal but I get along really well with this shape and the zero zeronotation means this is the physiquetop of the range model, it's the lightest, it looks really tasty now to look more professional I also have a custom one Name sticker on the top tube that now mainly serves my own vanity, but also acts as a deterrent for would-be thieves in the gcn presenter bike shed the group set on my ma is finished Jorah HDI 2 with hydraulic disc brakes and I drive a 5339 standard crank and an 11 : 28 Rear cassette, but I'll change that cassette depending on the terrain or driving style, so I went to 11: 30 and sometimes I even put on an 1132.

I like having a 53:39 chain set because once you turn it up and spin it feels really efficient and I also feel like sometimes I have something to push against can, and the Kenai review maybe noticed a bit of combat damage to my rear mech as a slight scratch, probably a mystery caused when I slipped on an oil patchat ride in London, but don't tell anyone, okay, I don't want a tractor no suitcase bottle holder our Bond Trader xxx They are very light, they are made of carbon, only 19 grams in weight I love their looks, but what about the total weight of the bike. So let's highlight the GCN Truth Scales and see how much it weighs so that you have it the Truth Scales say 8.0 9 kilos ms, which surprised me a little to be honest, but it equates to a lot Top end bikes with hydraulic disc brakes, but it's significantly heavier than a lot of top end climbing bikes out there, but in many cases Trump's weight is now because I don't have as much aerobic talent as I like, I'm looking for other ways to fill the void and one of the ways I will try is to ride an Anarrow bike and use the science and get a nice aerodynamic position with a narrow handlebar I hope you enjoyed this look Totally like my Trek Madone disc and if you have please give the article a thumbs up and if you have not already subscribed and if you want to see another article then check out this one from my canyon below on CF SLX that I used in myEverest Ink Challenge and maybe let us know in the comments which one you prefer to do the canyon or the trek

Are Trek bikes worth the money?

Is Trek worth the money? Yes, Trek bikes are worth the money. Trek packs high-end technologies into their bikes, build their bikes around high-quality aluminum and carbon frames, and use only reliable Shimano and SRAM components.23 апр. 2021 г.

Which is better Trek or Cannondale?

If you have a long torso, Cannondale's top tubes tend to run a bit longer and may fit a bit better, Jowett advises. Conversely, a short torso may match up better to a Trek. Finish and overall quality are comparable. 'Trek actually offers a better value at the lower end.

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Is Trek IsoSpeed a gimmick?

It was really hard to put my finger on it none of them felt very fun to ride. That said though isospeed is more than a gimmick. Take the domane out on a very bumpy road then compare it to another bike there is a pretty notable difference.20 апр. 2015 г.

Is the Trek Madone comfortable?

When it comes to comfort, the Madone easily puts the competition in its wake, thanks to the IsoSpeed shocks. Individually adjustable, they offer a high degree of comfort at the rear, which is almost at the level of a comfortable non-aero bike.16 нояб. 2018 г.

Is the Trek Madone good for long rides?

It strikes a pleasant balance between bump isolation, road feel, and efficiency with no noticeable saddle movement during normal pedaling. A plush endurance machine the Madone is most certainly not, but it's still a striking improvement over the vast majority of aero bikes on the road.14 февр. 2018 г.

Why is Trek bike so expensive?

Most of their range are made for them by the same manufacturers who make the bikes for many other brands. Until the prices get above several thousand dollars, their bikes are very much like similarly priced bikes from all of their competitors. As the prices go up, there are more differences between the brands.

Is Trek or Specialized better?

There isn't a clear winner. Both offer similar bikes and components in the same price range. Trek has a wider variety of bikes to choose from compared to Specialized. At entry-level, you get slightly better parts when you go with Specialized.

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