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Stationary bike apps - how do you decide

Is there an app for stationary bike?

RGT Indoor Cycling App

The screen app can be used on Apple's mobile OS (iOS), Google's mobile OS (Android), and Windows devices. As you get started you are able to connect to your indoor cycling bike in your home via Bluetooth to your smart trainer system.

What's up Tariq from our SMARTBikeTrainers.com. If this pandemic wasn't enough to get your riding indoors, the cooler weather this fall will bring you indoors.

But the good news is that a lot has changed, we have smart trainers, smart bikes, and smart apps that can interact with your bike trainer to make training more exciting and a lot more fun. So in this article, I'm going to walk you through the top 10 indoor cycling apps, and also, just like I did in last year's article, I'm going to talk about some of the free options along the way, so be careful. And if you find this article helpful, it would help the channel a lot if you hit the Like button and also subscribe so you don't miss out on articles like this one.

How it works here, the apps I'm going to mention here are smart Cycling apps, that is, they support and interact with smart trainers or smart bikes. For example, the peloton, while very popular, didn't make the list and that's because their app doesn't interact with any smart trainer other than their own bike. So 2020 was an interesting year for indoor cycling.

We got the pandemic and indoor cycling became a big deal. Some companies offered their apps for free for a while when the pandemic first broke out, and some cut their prices, but we've also seen some apps go out of business and we've seen some new apps hit the I know some apps didn't make the cut this year for one reason or another, but you can find a full list of indoor cycling apps on SMARTBikeTrainers.com, and the link to that list can be found in the description of this article.

So let's get started right away, and these are the top 10 indoor cycling apps for 2020. (upbeat music) Kinomap has been around for a long time and they have one of the largest libraries of article routes out there. Their outdoor article catalog contains around one hundred thousand articles shot in 58 different countries.

Kinomap has curated its library primarily by users, so you can all find different types of articles from all different places, and in different qualities. Kinomap offers three different categories, classic interval training, indoor coaching articles similar to the spin courses for cycling, and they are on their trainers and outdoor article rides. If you scroll through each article, you can see who uploaded the article.

Some information about the trip itself, such as altitude, profile, distance and length, two user comments. You can add articles as your favorites or download or stream the article. Once you're done with an activity, you can share it with TrainingPeaks, Strava, RunKeeper, or others.

Kinomap is available on iOS devices, i.e. on the iPad and iPhone, and also on Android and is Bluetooth FTMS compatible.

Kinomap membership brings you $ 10 per month, you also have an annual membership for $ 80 and even a lifetime membership for $ 229. Kinomap also offers a 14-day free trial. (soft happy music) TrainerDay is new to the scene and a perfect app if you are looking for something simple, support s mart trainer functionalities and cheap or even free, take care? Yes, you can use it for free, completely free of charge.

A TrainerDay app is a simple app that does one thing and does it well, and does the workouts and controls your smart trainer and ERG or resistance mode. One of the strengths of this app is its simplicity and quick start option. You can open the app and start your workout within a few seconds.

You can quickly switch workouts and even edit workouts. TrainerDay contains a huge library of cycling workouts and training plans. You can create your own workout either using their web spreadsheet like Workout Creator which is very simple and quite powerful actually.

You can also upload your own training file and they accept all popular formats such as Zwift file formats, MRC or ERG files. The free version is a slim version, you get access to 20 workouts, but you cannot automatically sync your workouts with Strava or Dropbox and you don't have access to their large training library. However, all of the ERG functionality in the app will work in the free version too, but to get the most out of TrainerDay and all of its workouts, paying a subscription is probably the way to go, and the subscription is $ 42 a year, so that's about $ 4 a month, which is pretty cheap.

TrainerDay is available for iOS, which is iPhone and iPad, and also for Android. (Heavy Metal Music) The BigRingVr app is one of the best driving experience articles in high-quality high-definition articles and a user-friendly interface with many options. Your user interface might not look very modern, but it's straight to the point, full of options and easy to use.

They have almost 400 high definition articles from 11 different countries and these rides can be streamed or downloaded. You can search the trips by searching for a specific trip or using different filter options. The article quality of the rides is very well done and the frame rate is on par with other apps out there.

The screen has the full elevation profile and another one with a close-up of what is in front of you about a mile long by clicking anywhere on the screen, you can view these rides in Sim. drive mode, or you can set a specific watt target and drive an ERG mode. You can compete against other drivers who have ridden this course or against your own prior effort.

You also have the option to add a workout to your ride, a list of workouts to choose from and you can use a Zwift workout file too and they accept ERG and MRC workout files too. The workout functionality is pretty decent, you can increase or decrease your target performance using the keyboard arrows, or you can skip an entire interval. BigRingVr requires a Google account and only supports ANT plus FE-C and can connect to all of your ANT plus sensors such as heart rate monitors and cadence sensors.

Unfortunately there is no bluetooth support until now, bump them up a few notches if they supported bluetooth. It is only available for Windows and Mac, unfortunately there is no iOS version. BigRingVr is $ 99 for a year-round membership or $ 10 per month for a monthly membership.

And all membership levels come with a family plan and can be used on unlimited devices. They also offer a free 14 day membership so give it a try and let me know everything. ♪ Chigi chigi chigi ♪ FulgGaz is one of the best apps for driving real courses, they bring the outdoor rides into your home and a breathtaking article quality.

They offer 100 rides of Tour de France stages, even off-road courses. The FulGaz app has a very clean user interface. You can easily find rides either by doing a search when looking for a specific course or even a race.

FulGaz is compatible with almost every trainer on the market and can be easily paired with any Bluetooth sensor. They also provide support for various trainer functions and accessories, such as the Kickr Climb and Tacx Neo Road Feel simulation. FulGaz also offers the option of adding a workout to a course or selecting a workout from the existing RV training library.

You can also upload your own workouts or automatically sync your daily workouts from TrainingPeaks or today's plan. They offer a few functions, so I just work. You can take out the intensities or switch between ERG mode or SIM mode.

You can drive against a virtual driver and face this virtual driver challenge. You can customize the virtual driver performance setting based on the levels and inclines, and even how you want the virtual driver to be. FulGaz is available for Windows 10, iPad or iPhone, Apple TV and Android, they do not have a Mac OS version.

The subscription to FulGaz is $ 13 per month, or you can get an annual membership of $ 409 with the ability to have an additional family member at no additional cost. (upbeat music) RGT is known for its realistic and sharp graphics, also the driving figures are much more realistic with (indistinct) slowing down and leaning into curves. RGT has eight different virtual worlds and you can choose whether you want to go on any one you want Want to drive on the road.

You can take part in your own group rides or races, or create them and invite others. RGT also supports creating your own routes based on real GPS data. So if you have a specific route that you want to go, or let's say you have a GPS file from a racer that you want to have before you go, you can put it on RGT and they create what is called a magic road that based on the GPS data or the route you are sending them.

Once your route is created, you can drive it yourself or plan races or group rides along the route. RGT supports Windows, Mac, Apple TV on iPad. You also need an iPhone or Android device to use it as a controller.

RGT cut prices to $ 10 a month. and they also have a free version with limited access. The free version gives you access to three worlds and you can participate in events and races, but you cannot create your own.

They also have limited access to their training library. (upbeat music) Rouvy is an indoor cycling application that offers thousands of high definition virtual article routes, agumented reality and the ability to race, take group rides, ride with your friends and create your own route and article routes Create your own GPS file. And structured cycling workouts too.

Rouvy has split its app into two separate apps, Rouvy Workouts and Rouvy AR. And as the name suggests, Rouvy Workout is for structured cycling workouts, this is where you set your interval and download the workout of the day from TrainingPeaks Riding. There is no training option in Rouvy AR, you get both apps under the same subscription.

Rouvy has pooled and hosted many events, races and big tours on their platform to keep things fun and interesting and challenging. Rouvy also offers running, it's now embedded and free to use, but all you need is a compatible foot pad and you can choose any of the available running courses. Rouvy is for Mac, Windows, iOS, a. available on Android and costing $ 15 per month or $ 14 per month for a six month subscription or $ 12 per month for an annual membership.

They also have a family share. Two family members can use one subscription, which is an additional saving for you if you have more than one cyclist in your household. (upbeat music) Xert is an intelligent training platform that helps athletes to coach themselves.

It does this by taking a deep look at your data to measure your fitness and discovering certain patterns that are unique to you and using all of this information and giving you specific recommendations based on your current fitness and goals. Xert tracks changes in your fitness without the need for testing. You just upload your data and Xert runs an algorithm and tells you when and how you are improving a lot and automatically calculate your FTP value without having to go through an FTP test.

Your intelligent training recommendation engine will determine the amount and type of training you need to do to achieve your goals. Xert will recommend workouts that you can perform and guide through the workout. The training player monitors your fitness in real time and adapts the intensity and duration of your training to each interval.

The Xert Workout Player is also available for Garmin connect IQ latest fitness signature, download your selected workout and configure the exact workout interval, intensity and duration that are specific to you. And then play this workout with your power meter and / or smart trainer. All workouts are also available for download as ERG or ZWO files, but if you want to use Zwift, for example, but intelligent workouts or intelligent functions in Zwift will no longer be intelligent, all correct wattages and durations will be calculated when you open the workout file export.

However, the workup player in Zwift does not support a specific wattage or duration like the Xert player itself. Xert works with ANT plus FE-Cor Bluetooth FTMS compatible trainers or any power meter and costs $ 10 per month or $ 100 Dollars a year. And t hey, you have a free 30 day trial. (upbeat music) The Sufferfest offers a large library of structured cycling workouts and training plans for various cycling disciplines.

And their workouts have a different taste, many of their workouts are accompanied by real article recordings, professional races from Tour de France, UCI and others. So when you play a article of a professional race the plot is basically part of that race that represents this mythical land called Sufferlandria, for example, if there is an attack in training or a sprint, you will see a sprint in the article and be prompted to sprint . If there is an ascent you will be instructed to climb and you will see some climbing material from the article.

fox live valve

You will also see lots of funny and sarcastic comments designed to keep you motivated and motivated. The Sufferfest is Bluetooth compatible and ANT Plus when using Wind ows, PC or Mac OS, and it is compatible with most smart trainers and also supports the pairing of heart rate monitors, power meters and power adjustments. The Sufferfest also offers various training plans for all types of rides, including triathlons and e-racing, and can customize your training plan in the blink of an eye.

You can also choose a more customized plan and, for a one-time fee, work with one of their coaches to create a plan just for you. They also offer yoga, strength training, and mental resilience training. Sufferfest is available for Mac, Windows, and iOS devices and costs $ 15 per month or $ 129 per year.

A free 14-day trial is available workouts or create your own with the TrainerRoad Workouts Creator or import your workouts of the day from TrainingPeaks or Final Surge r disciplines. Workouts are divided into high, medium and low volume. And you can get one Adjust the start and end date of each planto to suit your schedule.

You can postpone the workouts to specify which day of the week you want to do certain types of workouts. and whether you want to do the workouts indoors, on your smart trainer or outdoors with your Garmin Edge or Wahoo ELEMNT by computer, TrainerRoad also offers group training where you can do the same workout with up to 10 other athletes while watching live Video, voice and this is a great way to keep yourself motivated and accountable for your training. TrainerRoad also has a great analytics tool to analyze your rides and do a performance analysis for each ride and throughout your season and a busy community in theirs Forum and on Facebook.

They have a great podcast too, so check this out too. TrainerRoad is $ 19.95 a month or $ 189.95 a year.

And if you have a good friend with a trainer, please Ask your friend to send you a free 30-day trial code. TrainerRoad is available and supported for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android Bluetooth and it's ANT plus, and that's no surprise, but first place goes to yes, you guessed it, Zwift, Zwift is social and has plenty of opportunities to challenge and entertain you anytime during the indoor riding season. You can be on the track with thousands of other cyclists in real time.

Zwift offers a number of virtual worlds. Some are up and coming routes like Utopia, which is their greatest popular wildlife, and other worlds are designed according to real places like London, Richmond, New York City, Innsbruck, Paris, Yorkshire and others designed a world, route and just drive in your own Tempo. A group ride, races, structured workouts, and the ability to import workouts from other third-party apps like TrainingPeaks, and they also offer group workouts.

They also offer running, group runs, run ra ces and running training. Zwift also offers training plans for cycling and running. Zwift also offers a range of challenges, events and rewards to keep you motivated, addicted and just to come back for more.

Zwift costs $ 15 a month as of this article and is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Apple TV, there you have it. These are the top 10 apps for 2020. If there is a specific cycling app I didn't mention it here and you'd like to nominate it, drop it off in the comments section.

I would like to know what you are using. Thanks for watching and have fun training and we'll see you in the next article. (glass transition)

Is 30 minutes on stationary bike enough?

If you're looking to shed some pounds, an exercise bike is a very efficient way to burn calories. Riding a stationary bike for 30 minutes at a time can burn anywhere between 200-300 calories (depending on the users weight).

Horseback riding can come in all shapes and sizes, but if you're really pressed for time, you can be in a proper ride in 30 minutes. Well we thought we'd give it a try and see if we can get a proper ride in just half an hour, take a survey on the gcn app which ride you prefer. Since circumstances are not the same for anyone, we are going to show you some real life examples of what we as gcm moderators do when we only have 30 minutes to make itapenlets gocycling shoes 30 minutes that is not very long to to take a ride on the road.

I thought it would take me 30 minutes to just get out the door with my gear on on the Mypike, that would be pretty pointless for me a really decent session in 30 minutes on the turbo with changing and showering after a short spicy session 2040s and I'll just do this with a warm up and a cooldown as often as possible so I think I could do 10-15 sets that I could do to be organized so I'll go and get ready to get my gear ready and my bike ready okay i think this is the fastest thing i ever moved a little over two minutes ago and the time clicked in the garage my session started my wahoo ok so i am on the bike took a little longer me was expecting almost four minutes, but I complain that I really really have to turn the fan on because I feel like it's getting pretty hot, so I'll take that into account lten, okay, so now I'm four minutes and 30 seconds into my warm-up, I thought 20 seconds before I'm starting my first effort, okay, now it's my turn I feel a little less stressed I mean I didn't have the best warm-up I've had usually a good 10-15 minutes but yeah i think we will get into these first assets i will take them at first a bit easy and then we get into them so i have four seconds so i better walk away most of the time i don't know once, what day of the week it is, so give me 30 minutes and you know it's gonna be a smash feast if it's cold outside and I don't want to be outside I'm there too long or I have plans to do with the family. I know I have to do it fast so I usually inflate the traffic jam to get into the zone, have to change, we have to hit it, we have to hit the goal right when I get out the door, no mess About two three minutes just to blow the cobwebs off my legs to warm up, get comfortable on the bike and then pace a heart rate of 120 to 140 for five minutes just to get me moving so I prepare for the workout I can do that in a moment, so we have three minutes, ini pressed the lap timer just to get up. For the next five minutes I want to keep a nice, high cadence I don't want to strain the muscles too much, especially if you don't have a lot of time, you don't want to focus on mastering Biggear to get the heart rate super high you just want one icy cadence keeping your pace high work on the cardiovascular system not necessarily stressing the whole body that comes later in a few minutes fitting for a ride in 30 minutes it will be difficult, but I think it is doable and I want to take this as an opportunity to just go on a nice bike ride, spread my legs, exercise my lungs, be one with nature, a peaceful moment in the middle of a maybe quite stressful work day yeah yeah my days are stressful, they are better, change your clothes .

Hold on hold, you're not here, look away for a second bit of privacy helmets checkokay, I'm ready, I'm gone, I'm out the door, I'm out in the open oh feels good to be out now, it took me two minutes to get ready because I cut out all that faffing just-kit from the door on the bike I allowed myself 13 minutes of driving time which I will be doing one way on my local roads, and me did this because I don't want to choose a loop that could be longer than it probably looks on paper, and also because it means that I know I just have to turn around and come back so I can be back on time, so if i do 30 minutes? in one direction 13 minutes back that's 26 minutes total travel time so I have those two minutes ready to get ready, give me two more minutes to change afterwards because I have a very important meeting after that, so I have to make sure i get back in time so everyone should be well able to have a top quality ride in 20 minutes26 minutes of driving time i escaped for half an hour i got off bike shoes but i don't care i decided to take one song about writing about it i got wet wet wet wet bike shoes and it really wanted me to sing for the bluesnow my 30 minute workout, i will get outside and go up a few hills in bath where i live because they are really close so i hope i can do a good 10 minutes of vo2 max exertion in this window, what i need to do? because it takes me 10 minutes to get ready, so I only have 20 minutes left to climb inutes, the average is 10, it's hard, but I think I can do two decent reps here, about 380 400 watts and then that's about 10 minutes on these kind of vo2 max endstop conversations i was on turbo 19 and a half minutes now i stopped counting how many 20 second efforts i made but i start to wake up i swear , my heartbeat increases, so I get a good workout I guess I'm fitfive more in then that will mean another five minutes oh no I have to cool down, yes another five and then two minutes of cooldown really just turn my legs and see if I can can move in just three minutes that will be just about everything alright let's make a little effort i kinda i wish now, but i was only on the road for a nice, easy ten minutes Really, I got myself done over here that second, doing my second rep and the clock is running for about 26 minutes which means I have four minutes to get home and change, that's a stupid idea oh godoh, I better jiggle this much for a cool down kay so I won't be on my ride for seven minutes but I thought I just stopped a bit because I found some nice blackberries. I mean I usually come here in the fall to pick them be so early in the season to be honest and and I just noticed them here I have to stop and see I'll just try them very juicy yet a little bit tart one a bit pissed off you could have stayed a little longer two weeks i think it's good to know anyway i crack better because this somehow consumes a bit of precious time i am very lucky to have this as a little cheeky trip during my lunch break, to tell you the mountain is a steep climb don't underestimate it right up to the middle of Myride and Carrick on shirt and straight on the bridge over the river now and as you can see an absolutely wonderful vantage point from here, the river is pretty swollen i should say we had a lot of rain so it looks pretty dark specially redthis poor canoe had a bit of an accident, don't think so he gets a canoe ride in half an hour oh i got a little lost, i better go back because well, the routes speak strategically and to be honest, i have a i got a little carried away because i was on downsiskin hill, it takes me 30 mins to get here and the way back is all uphill, this is not in my plan, I didn't think about it, I didn't think it through at all so I have to Move if I'm going to do this meeting because it's actually an important meeting 30 minutes got everything right so I just finished this sentence Two minute threshold last 30 seconds I'm going to hit it hard and I'll take a two minute break do 30 seconds all outokay, so the first two minutes are done, now I have two minutes free and I'm basically just going to cool down, then I'll do it again, another two minutes. I came here to this local sand pit just to put in a good effort it's exciting and having a bit of off-road fun for me so I really enjoy spending 30 minutes of my day, probably like many of you do the off-road Proportion is not insignificant so I have 60 seconds left to rest, then I'll do two more of those two-minute efforts, then I'll do some off-the-bike chores too, well, let's start with the second one up here, We made the second set, we still have two minutes and then for my last set of those threshold Vo2 intervals that I didn't have, I'll strike a lot to remember this session needed my equipment my shoes my bike and I forgot a weld hole three the more I can try harder then I can call down I would always recommend doing a good warm up and making a good call if you have a session like this do, but either i thought i got it through the end of it but i clearly failed to get down to 27 minutes and i just found that a two minute cooldown after such an intense session isn't long enough for my legs still burning, my heartbeat is still pretty fast and if i get off now my legs will hate me tomorrow, so i'll stay on the turbo for a few more minutes just to cool down properly so i won't have any pain later, but what did i think, three minutes to get out and take a shower? and it turns out I haven't planned that well I'm going to get as hard as I can to get home against Hillah Power on so those intervals are done, now it's time to do something off the bike work if i park the bike and now i will hold out another 20 seconds so while i work my way back now i will continue these efforts, now one more, i feel sick, huhso for all of that i have the area i am in live never really leave I've never been too far from home I have one last effort to do, I'll only do this by the side of the road while I make my way back to my house Okay, now 20 seconds right I managed to test it over the climb and I'm about to make my way home now I think I'm on the clear I have 25 minutes of driving so I have three minutes to get home, two minutes, to get changed, and then bi I'm back to work in half an hour so now I'm confident I'll see it at my desk so I've just done my meeting and I may not have made the most epic trips but you know what it doesn't matter because I'm out am i have fresh air and i am a little trained is better than nothing sometimes in life we ​​don't do something because we can't do everything we'd rather do nothing than do a little something and you know what you have to do sometimes is just get out, turning your legs and trying it out and that's the magical right, so I go back and build it all into my rideability, so I'm back to my seat about a few minutes and I know I've already got my uh-three- Did a minute warm-up I did my small amount of easy pace I did my two minutes into two minutes off the bike and run sprints now I'm gonna be n couple do last sprint to finish this last one so that's it 30 minutes with me looks like if you can jump out of there make you feel better you will get the blood in your brain you will feel a lot feel positive you will feel good you have something in a little bit is better than nothing is whatever is always say have fun, be sure, thank you for checking out all of them.

Hope you enjoyed this one and I hope it inspired you to get on your bike and enjoy these smaller rides, but please let us know in the comments below for do or favorite workouts or favorite little rides on the country roads like me I would really like to hear from you like we all do and please let us know in the comments section below, now like to hear your inspiration, I better return to my meeting because I just asked you to wait there carefully, see you soon, thanks for looking everyone and have fun riding

What app do you use for spin bikes?


Can you lose belly fat by riding a stationary bike?

Cycling on a stationary bike is very efficient in burning calories (300 to 700 kcal per hour) and fat since you can alternate between cardio exercises (aerobic zone) and HIIT workouts (anaerobic zone) and thus burn belly fat faster. Cycling on a stationary bike is a very effective way to reduce belly fat.

Okay, you need an exercise bike for this ten minute workout, and if you don't have one, you'll need to do one of my many other ten minute workouts to look good naked, and before we start this workout, go ahead and set up your exercise bike to do that you're good to go, but also make sure you warm up for at least five to ten minutes and if you're already warmed up then let's get started. Okay. Wait for the countdown clock to appear in the corner.

All right, in ten seconds you will be pedaling as fast as possible. okay, get ready. get ready, we're going to be pedaling real quick. get ready, we start in three, two, one. go.

All right, come on, pedal, pedal, pedal, pedal, come on, as fast as you can, come on, pedal as fast as you can, come on. Keep it up. Keep it up and stop.

Now relax. Here we go. We'll be pedaling again in another seven seconds, okay? Get ready, get ready Come on, get set and go.

Come on, pedal. Pedal as fast as you can, as fast as you can. Come on.

Come on. Pretend you're trying to escape a dog that is chasing you. Come on, pedal quickly.

And hold on. Okay, relax. Let's go, keep an eye on the clock.

Let's go. Almost, get ready and go. Pedal, pedal, pedal.

Go, quick for ten seconds, as fast as you can . Give all you have Come on, get on the pedals very quickly. Come on, keep stepping, keep stepping, and stop.

Now, if that's too easy for you and if you want to, you can start pedaling very slowly now, all right? Just keep moving, don't stop. Finished? And go. Come on, come on, come on, come on, go on your feet.

Pedal fast, let's go. Drive faster than me, come on. Very fast, come on, get up, get up.

Come on, fast. Come on, intensity. And stop.

tour of flanders 2020

Go, relax. Whatever you're doing , I don't want you to stop, everyone, do I? I don't care if you just sit there and stare at your bike for ten minutes, just a ten minute workout, not quite. Come on.

Come on, p edal quickly, pick it up, pick it up. Come on, speed up, get out of here. Get off this dog.

Come on, go ahead. Remember, you have a big dog that is chasing you. Come on, quick, quick.

And stop, go, relax, okay, watch the clock, wait for it to say go, and then go again, okay? Come on, three more seconds, get ready . And go, speed, speed, speed, speed. Pick it up, pick it up.

Come on, five more seconds, five more seconds. Get ready. Almost, almost time to rest.

And stop. Let's go. Alright, check out this watch, just think about the good looking body you will have by the time you are done with this workout.

And go. That's right, go ahead, you have to do it hard, They 'I have to do it intensely because look. Unless it's hard and intense, you won't burn your fat.

Come on, do it intensely. Pedal fast, pedal fast. And stop.

Come on I know it works for you, all right? If it works for you, it means it works for you. That means you're burning fat again, okay? You don't want it to be easy. You want it to be a little bit challenging.

Go. Go. Go, it might be hard, but look, when you start burning fat and losing weight, you're going to want to start doing it every day.

Okay, let's go. And stop. But let me take that back.

You don't want to do this every day. Just do it three or four times a week, okay? But you'll want to do it every day when you see the results. Come on, go on, go on, let's burn some fat.

Think about this one good looking body you 'come on, faster, faster, come on. You have to make it a challenge, you have to make it intense. don't do it intensely, you won't burn your fat.

I know it's hard, it's even hard for me too. But I do it because it works now. Go.

Come on, quick. Come on, come on. Pretend you're trying to get away from a dog.

Trying to be faster than me Come on, come on and listen, member, like I said, if that's too easy for you, step very slowly right now, okay? Three more seconds, get ready and go. Come on, go ahead. Pedal, pedal, pedal, come on.

Five more seconds, come on, step up, speed up. Come on, you're almost done. And stop.

And like some of you, you may have a stationary bike that you have to keep pedaling to stop. So if that's the case, even for this remainder, just pedal very slowly to keep your bike going. Go.

Come on, go on. Go on, don't give up. Come on, faster.

Come on, don't give up Come on, almost. And stop. Right now there should be a little voice in your head trying to tell you to stop, but tell that voice to shut up, okay? Say that voice that you want a sexy body, come on, don't let that voice hit you, tell that voice in your head to be quiet, I'm trying to get a sexy body, leave me alone, ok, fast.

Stop. That's right, if you do that, you will burn fat and you will go peeping or naked. Come on, that's what it's about.

Look at me, I'm sweating too, I know it's hard, but look, it works. Go Whatever you do, don't give up. don't give up, I don't care if you sit on the bike for ten minutes.

Keep going. Stop. Usually it's only about ten minutes.

It's ten minutes, but it's really tough, but it really works, all right? Go on. Finished? Go. Exactly, come on, speed it up.

Come on, come on. Give all you have. Come on, look at me.

Come on, give all you have. And stop . Let's go relax.

Keep the clock. If it gets too difficult for you, just start pedaling a little slower. But still I want you to try to give everything you have.

Okay? Always try to give it all you got because, look, it was only ten seconds. Okay, ten seconds of hard work, then ten seconds of rest, come on. Almost there.

And stop. Look at me, I'm sweating too. I know it's tough, but look, it was only ten seconds of hard work.

Come on, get ready. Just give all you have for ten seconds. Go.

Ten seconds, give all you have, ten seconds, come on. Seven seconds. Come on, faster.

Come on, five seconds. Come on, faster, come on . Come on, almost there.

And hold on there you go. Well, see, if you don't like the sound of my voice, just hit the mute button and do the workout, all right. All you have to look for is the lot and the stop.

Come on. Go on, go on Come faster. Come on, you can do it.

And stop. I know you're getting tired right now, but that just means it works for you. It is a challenge.

You're tired, which means your body is burning fat during the conversation. Go. Go.

Come on, go on, go on. Come on, we're almost done, it's only about four minutes. Come on and stop .

And when you think about it, when there are four minutes left, then there really is only two of those four minutes where you're going to work hard and the other two minutes you're going to rest, so it's really only two minutes of hard work, a and this hard work will pay off for you and you'll look good naked afterward. Come on, almost done, and stop. Go on, come on, don't give up.

You don't have to give up now because we're almost done. About three more Or four minutes, come on. Don't give up on me.

Go. Keep an eye on the clock. Come on.

Think about that good looking body. Come on, come on and stop. Think about it.

People will say how good you look after you've lost all the weight, how you look different, how you better fit into these clothes, come on, this is what it's about to look better, all right? looks better, looks better, looks good looks, looks sexy, impresses people. Come on, that's what it's about. Take it up, stop thinking about why you want to lose weight.

Come on. Most people want to lose weight to impress others just to prove they can lose weight or to look better. Come on, whatever you have to do, think about the reasons.

Stop. Come on. Exactly us Almost done.

Hang on with me. Hang on with me. I know it's hard, you can see it, look at me.

Go. I'm sweating too. I work hard, I work as hard as you do on this workout.

Come on, step on the pedals. Come on, step on the pedals, step on the pedals. Stop.

Come on, come on, don't give up on me. Come on, three more seconds and we'll go again. Get ready.

Go . Exactly, come on. Come on, step on the pedals.

Pedal. Come on, almost done. Come on and stop.

Hey you carry on I think there are two minutes left, what does that mean? A minute of hard work, a minute of rest. When you've made it this far, please don't give up. When you've made it this far, just give it all you have.

In the end you really have to give it your all, okay? Burn it up, come on. And stop. Come on, that's the last part.

Come on, you really have to pick it up here. Don't go slower because that's the last part, go faster. Okay? And go.

Try getting faster, I know your legs are burning. Come on, faster, faster. Come on, come on.

raleigh bikes for sale

When your legs are burning, think about your beautiful body look that you will get. Come on, just think about it and Stop it, let's go. Don't give up, come on.

Come on, three seconds and then we'll go again. Come on, and come on, step on the metal. Come on, pretend a dog is chasing you like I said before.

Come on, go faster, the dog will catch you, come on. Speed ​​it up. Come on, this is the last part, you really need to pick it up.

This could be your last minute so that means 30 seconds of hard work and 30 seconds of rest. Come on, go. Come on, come on, let yourself be Don't catch this dog.

Come on, this dog will catch you. Come on, faster. Come on, get away from this dog, faster, pick it up, pick it up.

And stop. Come on, I'm not sure how much time we have left, but I know we're almost done, come on, come on, Pi come on, come on, give it all you have now. This is the end, give all you got.

Come on, come on Come on, pick it up I think it's less than 30 seconds. Please don't give up, please don't. Go on, come on, you'll look good afterwards, I know.

Come on, pick it up. Don don't stop, don't stop, stop, go, look at this, you made it, you made it, good job, okay, you can get off your bike now, you made it, good job. Good work.

If you want to get a free DVD of all of my fat burning workouts on one DVD then just go to nowloss.com/free and yes, it's really free. I'm not going to let you pay for the shipping cost.

I pay the shipping cost for you, and I do because I really want you to look good naked. And all I want you to do for me is that you contact me through my website at nowloss.com and tell me your success stories about how my free DVD helped you look your best naked.

Does riding a stationary bike count as steps?

A general rule of thumb is a moderate intensity biking for one hour is equivalent to 10,000 steps. You may notice that this method provides a fairly low number of steps compared to the 1st method where biking for one hour bicycle ride with an average speed of 10mph is equivalent to 21,000 steps.

Is it OK to ride a stationary bike everyday?

Stationary bikes allow for an aerobic workout no matter the weather conditions. They can be safely used every day as part of a workout routine and may be ideal for people with joint problems.7 2019 .

Are there any free indoor cycling apps?

Indoor Cycling Workout can be downloaded for free from the Google Play app store and is available for ANT+ enabled Android phones and tablets. ICW works with any ANT+ FE-C smart trainer. You can also pair your ANT+ heart-rate monitor.

Which is better Zwift or peloton?

There's no right or wrong answer between Peloton and Zwift. If your main focus is to become a faster cyclist, you should go with Zwift. Zwift workouts are all built with cycling specific fitness in mind. The entire app is built around cycling as a sport.

Is 20 minutes on stationary bike enough?

A daily cycle ride of 20 minutes is enough to stay healthy. Regular cycling helps in burning around 1,000 calories a week, and even cycling at a mild pace of 12 mph will help you burn 563 calories per hour, says research. Insufficient physical activity is one of the leading risk factors for death worldwide.

How many miles on a bike equals 10000 steps?

Or 10000 steps equivalent? According to method #2, 10,000 steps would be almost 5 miles. What are the steps equivalent to riding 10 miles? Using method #2, if you ride 10 miles, then you would have 52800 feet/2.5 stride = 21,000 steps.

Which is the best app for stationary biking?

CycleCast is a useful tool to get indoor cycling classes whenever you want. Choose your instructor, the time of the workout and press play. The classes have their own playlist to keep you motivated. Prertty much easy plug and play app for a lot of home-based workouts not just stationary biking. Your max heart rate is considered in here so it can a

Is there an exercise bike workout on the App Store?

Exercise Bike Workout on the App Store Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Cardio and HIIT (High-intensity interval training) workouts for indoor cycling. Burn more calories, lose more fat and build more muscles in less time with app.

Are there any apps for indoor cycling bikes?

People are now adding the best indoor cycling bikes and using indoor cycling apps to bring the outdoor riding experience inside. Today’s exercise equipment manufacturers and even bicycle manufacturers are designing indoor cycling bikes for home gym users. To go along with the equipment you need to find the best cycling app.

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