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Santa cruz blur review - search for solutions

Is the Santa Cruz Blur a trail bike?

The XC version of the Blur gets 100mm of XC-focused suspension at either end, while the TR and Wilder get 115mm at the back with 120mm forks plugged into the head tube, along with marginally chunkier components. Santa Cruz says: “the TR is not a trail bike, it's a XC bike for certain courses.”1 июн. 2021 г.

how sicker than you can ever believe everything is okay also new for this year probably not that new you took photos of it Francis knows how long he won't let other people drive it I hear the blurring TRC we got it in late spring We started shipping them in June I think I was told not to say this, it's the four-cross reborn I mustn't say that quite a number of people who loved the blur for cross, that we had for Cross a long time ago, this like the Ins Travel Blur VPP Bike that was really loose and had a really low bottom bracket, you could corner it super hard and people loved it, but nobody ever bought me loved it but it still wasn't like sitting on things for years saluting to scare him away but everyone who bought it loved it and this is my love bling bike that had it. I think it had a VP Freedown pipe g they were designed for this Slalom II for Crossingworld which like everyone else has since found out outside of the actual UCI for cross racing and these guys okay hardtails doesn't really exist, so we might have missed the market a little bit but there was this core of people who like a lock had the idea that it was a super aggressive trail bike, it was loose so you could throw it down for people who did a few years ago were ahead of the curve and learning corner wheels and actually putting their weight on them. It was great, even though it was a tank and even though it never sold here anyway, we are 2011 and our engineers were driving around in santacruz on blurry crossings but they hit it like 140 forks and things because they the way like the way they were treated when they were super sloppy downhill but that of course as other contingent things The bottom bracket was essentially raised at a slack angle, this was kind of a merging of what we knew about this bike, what we are about we weren't allowed to talk in the past and where we went with nomads and LTS and what we also had with the XE where we had the XE was our first carbon fiber bike it weighed four and a half to four and a half pounds with chalk and was radis, depending on its size rad it's even easier now, the XE, in case you didn't notice it's over there somewhere, it weighs four pounds with ashock now bonus so during that time we thought about what if we did something that was almost XE-Light, but over time with people who really start getting more to throw their bikes downhill, even though they are really light bikes, that's how it is this the TRC bloodrail carbon TR illustration c4 carbon 68 degree angle with 124 with a low bottom bracket that I should have memorized at this time of year but it's the fair and you guys like the fifth people I talked about with you today talked and i can't remember but it's a low bottom bracket and 73 degree seat angle and kind of a long top to see the angle and top tube ra a lot like what you got on the XC and tallboy head angles, not like anything but maybe an LT, but an LTS design around 154 for the same head angles, if you put 140 or 150 on it you will see a head angle of 67 degrees or less it's relatively flawed as I said last time , the s it was black.

Black folks got upset and their slackerbikes which are out there like a banshee or something are looser, but it's a super good aggressive off-road trail bike for downhillers who want light cross-country bikes, it's probably what I call that Downhill Cross Country Bike No that's stupid it's a really good bike for people who want a lightweight bike that covers tons of ground and also gobbles up large aggressive terrain frames and has seen five pounds for the dumb light that you could build build with a dropper post and pretty stocky tires like high rollers and still a 26 pound bike if you use likextr or X 0 or X, an X level component so it's easy to build it is super chunky at the same time and it's radical where trail bikes should go somehow I think that's all we have I'm tired of

What is Santa Cruz XC bike?

The Blur has recently returned as Santa Cruz's race-oriented full-suspension XC bike. The 2,060-gram CC-level frame is the lightest full-suspension frame Santa Cruz has ever made, and it uses a VPP layout to both maximize pedaling efficiency and help riders endure long-distance cross-country rides.15 авг. 2019 г.

We're here in Sedona, Arizona for our annual field trip testing budget bikes. Speaking of inexpensive bikes, this is Santa Cruz's Hightower D.

It's their cheapest Hightower at $ 2,899. I think that makes him the lowest hightower? No. This is stupid.

But you get the same 140 millimeter lower links, VPP suspension, and geometry as the carbon versions, which cost a hell of a lot even more. Okay, let's talk about the geometry. I'm 1.70 m tall, and that's a big one , with a reach of 473mm that feels great.

Steering angle 65.5 degrees. Seat angle 76.8 degrees.

Now the tail end is pretty short at 433mm. Weight, this is actually the heaviest bike at this point, almost a full pound. 35.2 pounds so it's pretty chunky.

Now the geometry is also adjustable, just like the high-end Hightowers head angle by 0.3 degrees, the bottom bracket height by four millimeters. More importantly, the leverage also changes t more progressively.

The lower link drives a Fox Float damper to provide 140 millimeters of travel, and up front you have a RockShox 35 Gold fork that provides 150 millimeters of travel. It has a low-speed compression setting here and, of course, a rebound down at the bottom; brakes, SRAM Level Ts, four-piston brakes, 180-mill rotors front and rear so you know it's ready for anything. Another component to highlight here is the bike's tires.

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Some of the other trail bikes here, the tires on, you'll want to change them right away. Some aren't even tubeless compatible. That is not the case here.

Maxxis DHR IIs, front and rear, 2.4 inches wide, 3C compound, EXO casing, you are ready to go, all right, let's talk about some frame details here and the first thing I want to mention is the chainstay protector It's a small detail, but it really helps to make the bike quiet. The other is that there is a lot of space plus a large water bottle, which is very nice, and the cable routing to the bike, it mimics the carbon version , it's very clean, it's easy to use, very intelligent.

One more thing, lifetime warranty on all of these bearings. So you get the Santa Cruz, the Hightower D, it costs $ 2900, five years later you still have the bike, there is a lifetime warranty on these bearings if they feel bad. Go to your Santa Cruz dealer, they will replace them for free.

It's hard to ignore. Okay, enough talked about components and geometry and all that other stuff. Let's talk about how this thing drives. (quiet music) - I checked the carbon fiber Hightower last summer.

Much more expensive than the one we have here, and that's one of the reasons we brought the base model, $ 2899 D version. Basically, I wanted to see if a non-carbon entry-level bike could still do this. So we got this one, the first thing we did was set it up, pretty easy - yes it's pretty easy, it has DHR II tires, they're tubeless ready, it has a Fox Float s ankle, three position - Counter.

I ran 30% say Kaz, you're a little less say I guess? - Just a touch, but close to it. Pretty much similar to their recommended weights. - So there is a RockShox 35 Gold fork in the front, I have it exactly in the recommended range for the air pressure, so, yes, pretty straightforward all round. - Yeah, works well, compared to this Recon fork we have to put a lot more pressure on it than RockShox recommends doing it well, so - And that's the motion control damper in this fork, it's just a lot more powerful of the high tower ? - I've spent a lot of time with the fancy carbon version of this bike so I was very familiar with the feel it would feel, didn't take me long to get used to, has a nice, neutral riding position, it's not a super steep seat angle, but it's not super slack either, it feels a bit bigger, it's a bit slacker than some of the other bikes we have here --- half a degree - half a degree which I do would say, half a degree is normally imperceptible, but overall this bike feels a bit bigger due to the geometry and the weight has to be taken into account. - Yes, the front end length on this one is a little longer than some of them, it is by no means long, but it is definitely longer than some other motorcycles, so to me I felt like the bike had one, definitely a bigger presence on the trail, those slow technical switchbacks that make you like, you know, zero miles an hour around the corner. - Yeah, and it's a 35 pound bike too, so not a lightweight, you know budget bikes, we don't focus that much on weight but it's worth noting, although I have my fastest climbing time on this one in that regard Had a bike, so that kind of shows it's not that important - So if you want to climb you have to kick, I thought the Santa Cruz, the Hightower kicked pretty well, itches all the time.

Kazimer, I think you reached a different conclusion, a little, didn't you? - Yes, I tried for a while, but then I went for this middle mode. It has an open trail and then basically a lockout. I just found that the trail increased the low speed compression a bit and that was kind of the place I wanted to be, it felt like it was hitting the sweet spot for me but that's why there are different positions , and then the trail mode, it was still very smooth, even if I didn't switch it for the descents, I could leave it that way all the time if I wanted - yes, so overall the climbing, many times it almost felt more like an all mountain bike than a trail bike, but at the same time I don't think it held either of us back, right? - No no. - It's fine, yeah. - It worked well. (cheeky music) - And then when you get to the top and it's time to go back down, I mean this thing, Kazimer, tell me what you think. - Yeah, it's definitely at the top.

The bikes we're testing here just have that solid feel. It has four piston brakes, real tires, those Maxxis DHR IIs and the damper, the Fox DPS, everything just comes together to make it feel exactly what you want and in this price range is above your weight I would say - yes , so Kazimer mentioned that it is a few pounds heavier than the other bikes here, but when you go down the hill, the it just feels more solid than the other bikes. I think a lot of it, well, there are two reasons for it.

First, geometry, it's a bit different, it's a bit longer, a bit looser here and there, but so is the suspension. I mean this fork is way more advanced than the Recon fork, and the damper on the back of the bike is something nicer s good, too, one of the big takeaways for me on the descents is that this thing feels super solid, it feels more like an all mountain bike. And there is, I know it sounds cheesy, Kazimer, but it's inspiring. - Yeah it's nice, you don't have to worry so much, you know, you can find a rowdy section downhill and you can let it go, It doesn't feel like it's doing something you don't want, and just has a bigger presence on the trail, which a lot of people who want to push their limits out there will enjoy - Yeah, so once it gets rougher, once it gets fast this bike is definitely above the others that are a little bit shorter and maybe so, it's only half a degree in the steering angle, but I mean it all adds up, you know? - Yes exactly.

We'll talk more about how it compares to the others, but I'd say it puts it right in the top three tests for feel when it comes to descent ctions.- Yeah. (upbeat music) All right, on the time test section.

As we mentioned earlier, our time test loop included a section with a small technical climb, then became traversing, with a few more tricky parts there, and then led into a rocky descent that smoothed out as it went, with a few jumps for a good one Made to measure .-- Trail bike suitable.- Trail bike suitable, exactly the kind of terrain a bike like this or any other is being tested should be able to handle it.- Kazimer, how did you do that? - I got it done quite well.

I think I hit a magical vortex on my lap because I got my fastest climb time, my fastest crossing time, and my fastest departure time, which obviously resulted in my fastest overall time. So, fastest on this bike, it's the heaviest bike, but it didn't seem to slow me down - it caught me by eight seconds so now I have to go back and try to beat that time but I'll get it before I leave here. For me, the Santa Cruz, it was fine though I'm not beating in the middle for timing.

Not crazy fast, not crazy slow, it just felt like a good solid bike. - Yes, and it's worth noting that I spent a lot of time on the carbon version. So maybe I had a little advantage, I kind of knew how the bike would behave, but I'm also faster than Levy, so it could be too. - Stay tuned for an update on this COM, okay? (sad instrumental music) (upbeat music) Okay, Kazimer, let's talk about a few details here.

What do you like, what do you dislike? - Yeah, I guess one of the things I like is how nifty the frame is, you know? “It doesn't give you that aura of budget, it doesn't seem like they are just trying to make the cheapest, even just the components they picked, they are on the more affordable side of the? Spectrum, but they didn't just try to find the cheapest thing and call it good. - Yes, they could have just left out and attached nothing for the chainstay protector, or nothing on the down tube. But they did, they put it there, it's a nice little touch. - Yes exactly. - Definitely. - And then, as for other components, these brakes, four piston brakes, nice to see on this bike - even though it's a trail bike, let's not say trail bikes need the four piston brakes, but-- - I think they do, but --- I don't think they will if you're riding a 130mm-travel 29er trail bike, but-- - but it's fast, I have to slow down - Hmm? - when I'm fast drive, I want to be able to slow down - Oh, okay. - Yes - but please.

Four-piston brakes and 180-mill rotors, that's a nice touch, and also, as already mentioned, the tires, right from the start, there isn't really anything to be changed here, nothing that helps you anyway. - Yes , you don't have to switch right away.- No, you won't get any faster if you change any components or have a better time.- So the topic of this field trip is affordable bikes, so this falls into the category under 3,000, just sneaks into it , it's in the, we have another bike that's a bit more expensive, but we also have bikes that are $ 1,000 cheaper when tested here, so let's say this Vitus.

Do you think this bike is $ 1,000 better than the Vitus? - Well, that depends on the person, I'll say. I think if you're more of a traditional trail rider you are I don't try to take KOMs on extremely loud descents, yeah. You know i don't think so But if you think you're going to try harder, you're going to get off the ground in whole piles and your terrain is really rough, then yeah, maybe maybe $ 1,000 is worth spending, especially if you're the kind of person who do it likes to like top notch and nice things.- Yeah, yeah, I think again, another case where you have a good framework to build on so in the future when you want to incorporate more fancy parts is there is nothing wrong with putting them on this frame.- Yes. (upbeat music) So, big souvenir here, Kazimer.

What? Do you think of the Hightower? - I'm still a fan. I like the carbon version, I like the aluminum version, if I were rich I would probably buy carbon, if I had more money, probably go aluminum. - Yes, here too, for me it's just an all round solid trail bike that's more skill-focused than a traditional trail bike so again if you're that type of rider looking for something like that, an excellent choice.

Okay, that's it for the Hightower D. Stay tuned for cheaper bikes from our Field Triphere in Sedona, as well as a round table discussion where we p each of those bikes against each other. (Joy music)

How much does a Santa Cruz Blur weigh?

2022 Santa Cruz Blur tech details

Claimed frame weight, with all hardware (including seatpost clamp, but excluding rear axle) and a SID Luxe rear shock is 1,933g for a size large. Considering the shock has a claimed weight of 235g, that's a really light frame.
1 июн. 2021 г.

How much is Santa Cruz Blur?

Priced from 99 (MSRP)

Will there be a new Santa Cruz Blur?

In short, the lines between XC race and XC marathon have, well, blurred. That's where the new 2022 Santa Cruz Blur comes in. Santa Cruz Bicycles has lived - for better or worse - on their famed VPP suspension for more than 20 years.1 июн. 2021 г.

Why is Santa Cruz dangerous?

Santa Cruz is in a particularly perilous position. It has the high cost of living of Bay Area counties but with relatively lower incomes reflecting its low-wage agriculture and hospitality jobs. Still those incomes are often too high for families to be eligible for welfare programs. It's a scary squeeze.8 сент. 2019 г.

Why is Santa Cruz so expensive?

Santa Cruz bikes are more expensive than other similar bicycles because Santa Cruz does not produce a massive number of bikes like Giant or Trek. They also spec their bikes only with quality RockShox and FOX suspension, as well as with mid-range and high-end SRAM and Shimano groupsets.6 дней назад

Is Santa Cruz a safe city?

Santa Cruz is a generally safe place to visit.

Is Santa Cruz overpriced?

Santa Cruz bicycles are generally more expensive than the average. The prices vary between around ,000 and ,000, depending on the model, frame material, and the components.6 дней назад

Are Santa Cruz bikes good?

Santa Cruz has spent nearly three decades perfecting their range of mountain bikes, so you can be sure that not only is the lineup vast enough to suit most needs, it'll be of excellent quality as well. In terms of budget, they're certainly at the higher end of the spectrum, but they deliver serious bikes as a result.

What's the weight of the Santa Cruz blur?

The Blur is a light enough bike—Santa Cruz claims just shy of 22 pounds (with a 2,060 gram frame weight) for the CC XX1 Reserve Build—that in a tighter, lower speed setting, one could throw this bike around, there’s not much to it.

Is the Santa Cruz blur XC a race bike?

2019 Santa Cruz Blur CC Review The Santa Cruz Blur is the brand’s newest 100mm full suspension XC race bike. Using Santa Cruz’s proven VPP suspension and a stiff carbon frame with progressive geometry, the Blur is a mountain bike designed to reward hard pedaling and aggressive riding. Santa Cruz Blur CC XC Race Mountain Bike

When did the Santa Cruz Blur first come out?

When the original Blur first debuted in 2002, Santa Cruz was already established as an early pioneer in full-suspension mountain bikes. However, the brand at that point had solely relied on the simplicity of single-pivot designs, with such memorable models as the Tazmon, Heckler, and Superlight.

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