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Who owns specialized?

Mike Sinyard

The elite public high schools of New York City- The city's most prestigious high schools- And now for the latest scandal rocking the academic halls - These are national treasures.

Call them dream factories for immigrant children - they understand that this is their only access to a tenement house in Chinatown. So they take it very, very seriously. - 14 Nobel Prize winners are more than many countries have.

And for the three high schools that can do that, that's incredible - A typical day is going to school from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and then going to school for another three hours to prepare.

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These people are working their asses off. Why should we try to hold back people whose performance reflects what is can be achieved in society? (soft music) - For the longest time, we've had at least three large specialized high schools. Stuyvesant is the oldest, then Brooklyn Tech and then Bronx Science.

They go back to the early 1900s. They are basically shaped to educate o the most progressive and talented children in New York City in science and math. In 1971 they passed a law that stipulated that admission should only be made through this test. - To enable you to compete based on your own individual skills.

It's you and the test. You don't have to worry: 'Do I have the connections?' 'Can I call the headmaster and bring my child in?' 'Can I make a donation and bring it in?' it is not easy for poor families. No, you don't have to.

Most of the students who go to college are actually poor. Many of them are immigrants. Most of them don't even speak English .- These are not the elite cleaning houses with the multi-billion dollar foundations.

These are working class immigrants from around the world who are climbing the ladder of American society. Bearing witness to what is possible for people with humble economic backgrounds and very little toeholdin American society. What can they achieve? - The immigrant ethos greatly contributes to this.

You have your back to the wall. You have to study and work - Asian students are the ones who blow every other group (laughs). They kick everyone in the butt. (Hiss of air) You know, when I went to Bronx Science there were 20% black and Latin American students compared to today, maybe single-digit percentages .- Of the 895 students admitted to Stuyvesant next fall, only seven are African American. - It is incomprehensible that only seven black students are qualified, seven? - These schools are facing a major diversity problem. - In June 2018 the mayor or the suggested that the Discovery program be reformed. - The Discovery program started in 1965.

And it was a way to give disadvantaged students a chance to try the specialized high school education. You had to attend a summer program. It's like an alternate recording option - but de Blasio manipulated it.

They walked around and saw, 'Okay, where are the Asians mostly based?' Because we don't want to include them in Discovery. 'We want to exclude the Asians.' - We have schools that are mostly Asian.

These schools were excluded. (soft music) - It is specially designed to decimate Asian enrollment. - For my life, I do not understand how a single black leader could oppose a lawsuit that says' not 9%, but 45% of your children 'will be able to attend specialized high school.' This is mind-blowing. - (Sighs) Man, in the 21st century, if you don't realize that affirmative action is deeply problematic for blacks, offends black people's dignity, you're not paying attention.

I mean, economists, I want to win the Nobel Prize in Economics one day. I doubt it will happen but if it did it would be a good thing, it will be a great day in the Loury household if I did! But damn it, it wouldn't be worth anything if the committee that awards the Nobel Prizes had been parried by Black Lives Matter for six months before they awarded it to me, demanding that a black American be awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics. which has never happened! So here is my testimony to the MP, whatever his-name is, let me keep my hands off my honor! Let me reach and fail on my own.

Then when I reach it, it will benefit me because I will have made it on my own! These immigrants are not rich people. They're not Chinese billionaires, you know, moving to SoHo or whatever. These are struggling families with relatively modest means.

They also come from poor parts of the city. And they are immigrants, fighting for the American dream. 'Do you want to play off minority against minority?' - Oh, absolutely not.

I just don't believe in the story that some ethnic group is admitted to school. - This test was born of racism and it achieved its goal. And that is to stay away from those specialized high schools - in fact, it's historically inaccurate.

So in 1971, 90% of Stuyvesant was Jewish. From the mid-70s to the mid-90s, for a solid 20 years, more than half of Brooklyn Tech were Black and Hispanic. (soft sounding music) So nobody owns it.

The roots of this test even block the possibility of racial discrimination - it is color blind. Either you know math and you know English and you come in. - Good evening - Good evening - My 1932 uncle, a child of tenants, passed the Stuyvesant High School exam.

He passed, but they forced him to take the test twice. He did it twice and he passed it twice. (Audience cheers) They had no choice but to attend.

I know that in 2019 children of color can pass this test. (Audience cheers) We can! - So even the same test wasn't biased then, how did it get biased now? The problem isn't the test. They are trying to divert our attention from gross flaws in their system - They want to distract you from the real problems in the education system here - They want the public to say, 'Oh, let's talk about college.' Why are you talking less than 1% of children in New York City? (lost bluesy music) - We spend all the time at three schools ignoring them g the schools we can change now.

I haven't heard from the Chancellor, the Mayor, or anyone else say what we are doing about these schools. - We should not allow you and others to divert strategy from the three schools that are being talked about, talk to other schools that the city can take care of. We'll cover the city and these other schools, but stick to the point. - There are schools where 90% have no math skills and 90% of them still pass grades in English - I don't know who ever said that we don't prepare children in elementary and middle schools.

We do a lot of work - Students came back getting answers to tests and got promoted to the next grade despite having bad grades - Children who said their average was 45 are suddenly switched to 65 and get their diploma. (lost bluesy music) - Oh, that's great. We graduate 99% of our students, but it's wrong.- You send children into the world and you forced them to go to an education.- Civilization depends on the achievement society.

New York City is a metropolis that attracts a cultural influx from all parts of the planet. And your institutions of excellence are a valuable asset to our civilization.- You have developed a map of the human genome Help us unravel the secrets of human biology.

Mission took off. The source of Mission 51D and the crew of seven of the .-- The comfort we enjoy, the long life expectancy we have, the great wealth that surrounds us.

These are all fruits of man's genius and achievement.- On behalf of the Royal Academy of Sciences I wish.- Why should we try to hold back people whose achievement reflects what is possible in society? - My grandparents worked in sweatshops so I could Have a better future here.

We should have equal opportunities and opportunities to go to a specialized high school. The Pacific Legal Foundation is now working with multiple families. They announced they were filing a federal lawsuit in front of a full audience - I want this to be a fair and equal opportunity for my two young children. - For the Asian parents, I'm so proud of you.

Keep it up! (Audience cheers) (soft music)

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Where does Mike Sinyard live?

This is Mike Sinyard, founder and owner of Specialized, one of the founding fathers of mountain biking and a man at the helm of a bicycle company that now measures its annual turnover in eight ?gures.

Morgan Hill, California. The specialized design and research center. This is Mike Sinyard, the founding father of the bike brand.

The story of a bike-crazy backpack adventurer who became a bike giant begins in the hippie days. His Volkswagen van sells for $ 1,500. and Mike travels to Europe.

Through friends in Amsterdam and Barcelona, ​​he ends up in Milan and discovers Cinelli bicycle parts. Mike is so excited about the parts that he spends his last $ 1,100 to buy parts and takes them back to America, the US is happy with the import. Mike needs to find money.

In order to meet the demand, he has to import more parts. Slowly Mike wants to make his own parts according to his own wishes. The first parts he makes are tires.

Specialized is a modern company with its own philosophy. A bike-crazy company. Part of their philosophy is that they stretch their legs at every break.

Driver for driver. And not just male bikers. Since 50% of humanity are female, Specialized is also c ater for women.

How old is Mike Sinyard?

Sinyard and his wife have two children and live in California. He hopes to continue to improve the mountain bike weight, comfort, durability and performance as well as to offer an affordable machine.

Which is the most expensive bicycle brand in the world?


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welcome to the gcn tech show with mealex and olliewelcome you said thank you i'm looking forward to this one alexwait wait wait who comes later for the robbery that comes later this week we have hot technology including the lightest saddle in the world your equip the bike safe and ours most important topic of conversation why are some bicycles so expensive, well, they'll put the lid back on later that was the first time since you did the tech show with me and i haven't done the tech show for a long time, so i am I'm so excited to get off to a good start, we're starting the last few weeks' poll so let's do it well, let's get the results, so last week we asked what people think of the Spicoaero breakaway bars and what do the youth think of Alex holds. Well it's not about me, it's about the viewers I'm honest, I was expecting this result, yeah, I'm not surprised to be honest and I agree and I don't want to see too many people on them, because i think it would be harmful in the corners, not great, but on to the main discussion point, why some bikes are so expensive, now i know this is a really broad question but there are many different areas that we are discussing can, isn't daalexyeah that's right and over the years we've seen that bicycles have become a lot of high-tech and with them the prices? We are going to start with research and development companies and manufacturers are putting a lot of time and effort into research to make hyperbikes high performing bikes, and it's not just luck that they just show up and They're just the top, the fastest, and the lightest. It takes a good long time, it can take years, and it can take a long time for manufacturers to cover these costs.

Yes, and one thing to note is that all of this technology can and will sink into the cheaper areas, but it won't take you a while, but don't be shocked by these kind of expensive bikes because like we said, this technology will eventually tri climb down and it will work for everyone and over the years we've made some different articles comparing old top end group sets to the cheaper but new group sets and you know what the cheaper new group sets are almost every time We're going to the next topic, yes, material cost now a lot of consumers are going to think that the material is most of the cost and although these high tech materials are quite expensive, they cover it not the bulk of the cost, right? No, and the labor is actually one of the biggest costs to consider because high-end carbon bicycles, the intricate design of which requires a lot of human labor to make and they can't just be automated with machines, so it is just an expensive process to get all these people to make them the more complicated the bikes the more time consuming it is probably the next topic is free market, right because there is a market for it if people don't buy these expensive bikes then there would be none Market, so the manufacturers or dealers would have to cut those costs to get the sale, but we as consumers buy these bikes so well that they resell them that they keep selling them at a premium for the shop that sells it because you do were there and used their services so that they had to make a profit from it, otherwise the shop just wouldn't exist and you can I Don't buy your bike and that's why some direct brands can undercut shops that sell bikes because they don't have that middleman who makes that little bit of money. Exactly that's a fair point and we love keeping bike shops close by, we don't think about branding prestige either, that's a high value now for every manufacturer out there, it's the brand, the look and the feel, it is the name on the bike that can also withstand a lot of weight, isn't it like that when you buy a bike you also buy the name of that bike? so marketing is a pretty expensive area, brands invest heavily in their marketing and keep their brands kind of prestigious and desirable to people, yeah i think it's time we look at some numbers, yeah we do , I actually did some quick calculations for this, so I'm going to need my laptop here. I have an Alex Soso.

I have included some basic numbers here for the cost of a ten thousand pound bike, so it's a hyper bike and you know what I've broken down when you factor in the approximate cost of maintenance over a four year period I'm looking at almost 25 pence a mile which is more than I thought it is quite a lot. I mean, I've been pretty generous with some of the numbers, but it gives you a bit of baseball numbers, so if you did a 100 mile drive, yeah how much would? That costs me, it could possibly cost you £ 25 but then we looked at the positives Alex yeah, you know £ 25, it's cheaper than a bus ride, you even look at a cab which is way cheaper than a cab ? and it's fun, it's fun, it's fun, it's your hobby so i think the value isn't a business investment it's a business investment but it's fun all terrain scout gear and this is a series of collaborations between the Service Cores and other brands and they are bringing out a brand new gravel shoe which is pretty cool and it has a unique color and the materials are made with reflective pigments Safety first I love these, they look absolutely amazing off, don't! They look like you just stepped in a bit of mud and you left that green layer of mud on the bottom of your shoe, why it's green, it's not on the shoe they look cool but yeah they keep going despite them also come up with Hit Pack which is hand made and really easy to access to stow all your integrals so that you have your snacks. So if you want to access your snacks while driving, you can do that on the back of your hip and they also say that they are much more comfortable than backpacks you know why alex is good as I understand it is that when you have a backpack on used a bike, it's very top-heavy, so it can be quite uncomfortable to ride back and forth, so the hip bag is much more comfortable when you're riding on uneven terrain, but if you go on from that back of your hip, got man atg clothes, this is the tech clothes they bring out in 2021 I'm really excited to see this but next you drove to work and left you know what i need to bring my coffee with meno oh okay if you've ever thought we had a bike cup holder and that goes as well as any handlebar you can take your coffee with you but a bike cup holder S You'll need a sealed lid because it just clips onto the handlebars.

It has a little claw inside to keep your cup from falling out, but what? If you drive over a pothole or a speed bump or suddenly break you have to be a bit careful, I may have to try one I have to try somewhere there is a gcn tech challenge, how much coffee can you keep in it? Your cupon on the way to work and be the fastest Maybe there will be penalties for too much coffee-Ollie has no chance He doesn't have far to ride even if it's not true, he could be dropped Next is the seller italia c59saddle, the claims to be the lightest saddle in the world. Sits amazingly at 61 grams, it actually looks pretty cool, but do you know what the weight of 61 grams is? Alex No, come on, I did a little research on this and it's a razor that can weigh 61 grams, but more importantly, a full-size egg weighs 60 grams that you wouldn't want to sit on eggway would you no it is a a bit fragile it is not the saddle but a good idea and you know why that sounds so easy no well it is because it is made of carbon fiber carbon fiber rail carbon fiber r base and the padding good there is nothing new, there is no padding no padding at all and that's why is it so easy i have to say i need a saddle with matewell padding i am quite fascinated and actually ordered one, so i am fascinated by how it looks oh the lightest saddle in the world maybe then you ollie will fall when you climb actually no you do this regularly that's the next bit of hot tech what is the inflatable saddle cover oh that looks cool looks really very comfortable I could use one, why is it on our list, it did include it well because it just looks a bit bizarre, it's not how it works then Alex, well it's interesting that you asked that because I was a got bit of a quote from their website and it says it uses the 3d airbag design with one? Gas bag internal air circulation to distribute the hip pressure effective shock buffer hip and the aftershock excellent permeability It's the best partner of the driver mewas you only think a little, but how much is it raised on Kickstarteruh? I'm going to say 500 pounds your miles away is a very 40,000 pounds 40,000 pounds so I have a feeling they could get to Shopknee soon, green-edged go-ahead see this in 2021 Green Eggs will be using their brand new bike supplier Bianchi and they will will use a number of new bikes that are available yes you will use three bikes that you will start with specialistthen the ultra and also the aquila so you have three different bikes to use dont know yes the specialty is your light gc bike with a frame of approx. 750 grams beautiful light bike the ultra is your aerodynamic road racing bike ideal for the kind of sprint stages and split-off stages and your Aquila yes or Tequila yes, now I keep it clean, yes this is your journey through time, by the way, it is your time to our bikes , so we could see something, uh, a couple of bi g time trials on these motorcycles, we can what about the F arben oh yes don't forget the colors you wanted to use the badge, right, because it is supposed to be a little lighter, but don't worry, you actually stick to the traditional bianchicolor? so what isceleste uh for all the bianchifans out there no carefree eggs are going to ride the coolest colorful bike snacks yes this time we have christmas snacks can hardly wait pretty ladies have sent us these uh christmas presents, but they were addressed to ollie so well yes we gotta get rid of you buddy you're done my name ain't let's go hey nice come to us buddy what else is fine we're at the snacks of the week and we thought this lovely lady sent you some snacks so it was just that right that oh you had your cake oh yes catherine an enthusiastic gcn viewer and also an enthusiastic cyclist and baker has hereby proved us right look at the custom christmas cake with our gcn rondel on top, how unbelievable that is this view is nice yes look at that on and that's not good in a few cans yes i have some on this page yes they are mine i have here and in this theamaretti biscuits there you go these are the short breads that are a small christmas tree shorti like chocolate truffle like well truffle yes they are all made of stainless steel on this page yes sorry good thank you i think good i will open this cake i think you want a beer ah go because who's here in front of me i don't know a new guy oh yes it cuts you want a little yes yes nice i just go cut open i should have taken the ribbon off the edge oh yes it's nice the first time cutting a cake is as big as a piece you want i just swallow this and watch my weight oh yeahyeah you know what buddy i will tell you i was already oh ok i have been looking forward to it all week since we knew they sent it badly that what oh it's too late now don't worry so you enjoy snacks of the week so sweet thumbs up from you my favorite part of the songs so oh is not what's next good pants of the week ready ig now with this crowd it is now time to screw it up upgradebye upgradeand here you enter upgrades that you have made your bike equipment or the bike life is stuck that is ollie's quote is not okay to win the ultimate prize yes the ultimate prize of this one week is the gcn shadow booth so you can get some killer bike volts photos withthatfirst up the poll from last week yeah let's look at the results we have pellegrin mtvs lotuslookalike against burns peugeotrenovationyeah and uh, the results are pretty close , they're actually pretty even, up 47 percent is pellegrin's mountain bike lotus lookalike, and winning the 52 percent win is burned renovation, so we get that mailed, so keep an eye on facebook yeah, that's right for this week we have davzadz ahwinter suggests a bike built around a hybrid frame they got last winter this bike it looks great yes but hedabzad is against the rubber now thegump comes from louis lewisville in kentucky i have never been to louisville you no i haven't but i would like to uh so one day uh half the fun i have cycling gets on my bikes, so why not upgrade the bike shop with the beer fridge-tv-cowhide-carpet- and parking-tool-collection the woman has a hard time getting me out of the basement and i can definitely see why look at you the color of the lighting yes it even has ollie on the tellyoh yes right that we may have to change but umby that it looks really good that's impressive yes i love that so it's not up to us no it's not up to you in the gcn app so stop by and win the vote winners don't forget we win the ultimate prize shadowstandes is now time for the bike safe how everyone gets their bikes in the bike safe alex Well, you upload them to the gcn app in the bike safe, yes, and we can vote whether you are nice or super nice and then we're in the boat.

I would like to read that it's been so long ago, let's get in they put the bike safe bikes first neilbauer one and he has one what is that there is arally sprint1983 that is from wait wait wait wait that is definitely super nice has to judge it a little first good i'm pretty, i go ahead of the fight, you know them Bike safe specs yes, well, I'll take this so that the valves are lined up, it's beautifully presented, yes, the valve has a crankset at 45 degrees, yes, it's very clean, it's white, yes, I like white but i like a white bike it has a good background saddle you got it right yes i'll be super nice so that's good i'm satisfied with it to the power of five immediately next up you go up for the next one we have a spec ialized turbo creocomp carbon it 'sent in by anderslee jordanda's first e-bike that we have had for a long time so i picked this one but not so good suboptimal presentation i will say i agree with you i have not really thought about the background us have a garage door yes crank areon setup and then aligned aligned valves are not lined pictures not directly on pictures oh my god i'm sorry it's just a nice jordan, it will be a nice so nice next uh martyo charism23202 yes um patch that one upyeah this is the ventum ns1 and i have to say it looks like a really nice bike i never really convinced him, but it looks really cool it looks like a definitely um super bike, but a few emissions there are a few missions not in the right gear no windo ws and wheels we are not inbiggie smalls no saddlebags we still have his accessories on the cranks of the wrong one we have a saddlebag with the light on the back for a photo that we have to do afterwards yes we have to take it off again it's a nice unhappy nice i think ring the bell next upi don't think i can say yes yes uh crisp titanium street binding that's cool now this is a cool bike people will say now that this backdrop is pretty messy but i think it adds to that there is a bit more flavor doesn't it, it has an agraffiti look to it It's a titanium bite with carbon forks and saddlebags It looks very nice, I think that sounds bad, looks clean even though it looks clean, still has multiple bottles on the bike a lot of spares on the bike uh, yeah I will give i think it's nice but i think i could get a super right, okay oh this is the last, this is our last entry for this nothing went fast, it really went fast I have to say that bike safe is always the best thing about the show, so keep sending ng in your bikes all you have to do is upload the monto to the gcn app everyone else can vote on it and we will select the favorites that we at the showyeah right that was it for the gcn techshow it was unbelievable i loved every minute of it theuh the snack a little bit was my absolute favorite, so thanks, Katharina, for sending it, but if you have any more christmas presents in the gcn Shop, of course don't forget to go to the gcn shop, you can get some Christmas presents for all your cycling lovers and a cool collection that's enough for this week you're right there mate oh yes I just had the worst dream drove the hank came and did the tech show it was a reality for mei hope you enjoyed this article and if you give him a big thumb, i got my snacks and everything gessen yeahbizarre i just walked in and started doing what you wanted

What is a peloton worth?

Since launching in 2012, Peloton has sold more than 400,000 bikes and amassed more than 1 million members, which helps explain why the company is worth an estimated billion.29.03.2019

What Specialized bikes worth?

How This 'Brilliantly Batsh*t Crazy' Founder Turned ,500 Into a Billion Bicycle Business.

Who owns Supacaz?

He has followed his father into the bike industry with his own line of cycling accessories and clothing, but what does Anthony Sinyard, son of Specialized founder Mike Sinyard, have to offer?

Who founded Trek bicycles?

When Richard Burke and Bevil Hogg founded Trek Bicycles out of a barn in Waterloo, Wisconsin in 1976, they weren't dreaming of one day outsourcing their manufacturing to Asia.

Is a peloton worth the investment?

The bottom line is that if you are going to faithfully use a Peloton bike, it might be worth the cost. First, the monthly subscription gives you unlimited streaming access to all of Peloton's workouts. You could do two-a-days if your schedule allowed, there is really no limit.05.05.2021

Can peloton instructors see you?

Yes, the screen on the Peloton bike and tread has a video camera! It is in the top center of the screen. However, it is not used for the instructors to see you. Instead, the video camera allows for you to video chat with friends during the ride.14.08.2020

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