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Michael o'leary ryanair - how to decide

Wie alt ist Michael O Leary?

Michael OLeary/Alter

Here a deer goes into sleeping people. Here you are. (soft music) - If I have an idea and people say it sounds a little crazy, then it's the right idea - Einstein had a crazy idea of ​​time thinking the faster you move, the slower time would be pass away.

An idea Rickey wanted to put to the test. - So we're in downtown San Francisco right now. I had this crazy idea last year to put together a running tour, on a bus, and see a lot of the western United States in no time: San Francisco, Yosemite, Zion, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, the Big Sur Coast and back to San Francisco.

Seven days, six nights, 24 of my closest running friends. And to put all of these pieces together, it takes a lot of things, if not all of them, right. - Rickey is no stranger to touring.

But it was impossible to know if this group knew exactly what? You were just about to get in. - I really can't believe you signed up for this. That's it.

This is the start of Bus Run Bus. Look at all of these idiots. (laughs) And then we're going to have a really fun run around town, 12 miles around the tip of the peninsula and some of the most famous parts of town. ♪ They say there's something in the water ♪♪ It got them all so crazy done ♪♪ Yes, if you want es You better listen carefully ♪♪ We don't go running, running ♪♪ If you want where we meet ♪ We're on Baker Beach, I think we have a naked guy. ( Happy music in a foreign language) I think I've lost half of the group, maybe more. ♪ We know we can do better ♪ And then go back to town, take the bus, we're around nine o'clock and ourselves then rush through the night and wake up in Yosemite for a big long day of running - who wants to be high up? No, I'm like, I fall down from big things. - I'm falling too, I'll just sit down where I am. - I'm staying low. - This shouldn't be a cruise.

This was supposed to be a bus full of smelly runners who slept six inches apart for a week. What could go wrong (soft music) It's a bizarre thing to wake up somewhere brand new. Especially next to a busload of strangers whom you only met the day before.

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This group consists of people from all over the world. Canada, Mexico, Germany. It seemed like they only had trail running in common.

And a giant green bus - we're in Yosemite Valley and it's 9:15 a.m. and we have to be there by 8 p.m., the bus leaves without us. (Happy music) - There was no set path so the runners just dispersed at their own pace. (Birds chirp) (birds chirp) - The colors start to pop.

It's just great. It also seems to be the time of day. If you're still running now, you often try to cut something or beat the sunset.

Or get home before people worry bus later or are we lost? (Cheers) I started planning which tree would curl up under - surprisingly everyone made it back on time. So they slept while the bus drove the 791 miles to the next location. (upbe music) - Yes - Today all steps and personalities would run as a group.

So for Rickey it was time to count. (speaking in a foreign language) - I'll show our route. We go, that's the only complicated part - we were all on the same run but it seemed like everyone was measuring it differently.

Seconds, steps, hours, missing runners.- So that was two, four, six, e ight, 10, 11, 12, nine, 10.- Full upper body.- Nice. (Speaking foreign language) (engine turns) - We were now on our way to run in the two most anticipated parks of the trip: Zion and the Gran Canyon, unless of course something went wrong. (tense music) - We have been instructed that we are not allowed to walk here because of our permission.

Cannot film here, that is against our permission, too. (soft music) - On closer inspection, the permit said nothing about scrambling or sketching. So our group left our running ambitions on the bus and headed to the park to explore at a slightly different pace.

It's fun, even standing still for a second can help keep movement all around you. And that's how this small group of runners found themselves just standing. Connected in canyons that were millions of years old, and so big that they could be seen from space.

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After two days at these grounding points, Rickey decided to go somewhere a little different - we're moving past the old school Las Vegas and move towards the new Las Vegas school. We meet at midnight so you have five hours to get in and out of jail.- The chaos of Las Vegas would be the real test if this group could stick together.

Of course, Rickey lost the entire group in about five minutes and spent the next five hours tracking them down. ♪ I was tempted ♪♪ Your smile tried me ♪♪ I was tempted ♪ - I found the light switch for the switch Arco sign. (laughs) ♪ And for a while ♪♪ I was sure ♪ - Run, Forrest, Run! ♪ That I would be the one who changed you you And you will be mine ♪♪ You will be mine ♪ - We are in the forest Woke up 47 miles outside of Las Vegas. - Everything's going pretty well so far.

People seem to be having a good time. (soft music) It's not where you would expect enlightenment, but Rickey made some good points in this log - if you spend half the night in Vegas and half the night on the bus on the mountainside and now we're cooking Breakfast and then hopefully everyone goes up this mountain behind us.- The fun that this group didn't have makes the time faster or slower.

It just made time disappear. ♪ Now I'm right next to you. Fireflies want to buy ♪♪ Open to Hunder l (laughs) ♪ High on the blues, over there ♪♪ Wishes after the beat like the Milky Way Orion ♪♪ We ♪ (laughs) ♪ Lullabies linger ♪ - If we clean everything up, we are about five miles from our last run. 180 miles from San Francisco. - So we have to go and it's very sad because now we have to go back to our JO-B's that don't run, and that sucks. - That really wasn't a big experiment to start with.

But it's hard to say what happened over time on a trip like this. - One, two, three! - Yee-haw! (cheering) - That was our last. Last photo of the trip - It was an incredible experience - Very adventurous, almost too adventurous - Can we do this again? - We have just dropped off 25 Bus Run Busers in downtown San Francisco.

The bus drove away and now we are willy-nilly on our feet again - maybe we shouldn't measure life by the time, but by the people we spend this time with and of course by the crazy ideas we can fit into. (lively music)

Wo wohnt Michael O Leary?

When did Michael O'Leary start working for Ryanair?

After studying at Trinity College in Dublin, O'Leary's first job was as an accountant at KPMG. He later worked as a financial advisor to Ryanair founder Tony Ryan before joining the budget airline in 1988 as deputy chief executive. He became CEO in 1994 and has held the role ever since.

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Who is the Chief Executive Officer of Ryanair?

Michael Kevin O'Leary (born 20 March 1961) is an Irish businessman and the Chief Executive Officer of Ryanair. He is one of Ireland's wealthiest businessmen. Michael O'Leary was educated at Clongowes Wood College, County Kildare.

Who is Michael O'Leary in the Global 100?

Global 100: Michael O’Leary, Ryanair. Ryanair is a prime example of a domestic business that has had phenomenal success on an international stage.

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