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Campagnolo car wheels - common questions

Did Campagnolo make car wheels?

Campagnolo no longer manufactures any wheels for cars, but a few companies, including the UK's Group 4 Wheels, still produce replicas.23 янв. 2018 г.

People often wonder what is the difference between alloy wheels and carbon wheels, but what is really the difference? What wheelie is the difference so that most bikes with alloy wheels come standard and generally only the most expensive road bikes come with carbon wheels which say they are a very popular type of upgrade? Component for most bikes yes and you can pick up a pair of carbon wheels for around £ 500 and $ 700 if you are in the US but they also range from around £ 1,000 to £ 2,000 because of the cost of the manufacturing process compared to the alloy wheels, in contrast, aluminum rims usually range from around 100 to 700 pounds or dollars for a good quality pair, so buying a pair of carbon rims can be very expensive considering purchasing.In this article we are going to tell you all you can think of about the differences between the two need to know so that you can make the best decision, we should make it, but other than the price, what's the difference, I hear you ask and now, the first obvious thevisuals are those carbon rims that always rock absolutely phenomenal for men , right, and you know it may not be the fastest driver, but I can still look fast and that is t most important but traditionally alloy wheels had an unpainted braking track and that's because they broke that surface caused the paint to peel off. The manufacturers just left them there, but that's changing and as proof of that I have an exhibit on Hanks bike these brakes are becoming more and more popular on racing bikes and, above all, cheaper - and if you have an aluminum disc brake wheel, you can get it in any color as the braking is done on the disc and therefore does not wear off the paint on the rim and that means you can have a relatively entry-level bike like this vision, try Max 30, but it can be this all black kind of almost have carbon look which is really classy, ​​unlike the look, carbon rims can also be made lighter than the corresponding alloy rims and also more aerodynamic because the depth of the rim can be made much deeper, if you had a super deep alloy rim it would be just very difficult to drive and probably quite uncomfortable, so the carbon rim comes into its own here.

The next big difference is the weight-level-Al The uminium wheel set now typically weighs around two kilograms for a pair without tires, if you compare that with a carbon clincher tire with a depth, the ction rim like this visionMetron 55na weighs around 1,500 grams for a pair without tires, which saves around half a kilo , but carbon wheels can be even lighter. So when you have some top-notch carbon wheels they can weigh as little as a kilogram per pair, which may not sound like a lot, but it is really noticeable when you extend it, especially when you accelerate for the climb. The area of ​​the wheel where weight is most important is the rim and the reason for this is that the mass here has a greater moment on the center axis of the wheel, which means that if you do a criterion, you Accelerating out of many technical corners or having to negotiate steep climbs, the most advantageous wheel can be a lighter rim with less inertia, but aluminum wheels can be great and.

You can only weigh 1300-1400 grams which is hot, no it's not a lot, but you can save another 300 grams if you opt for an impeller like the Vision Metron 30tubular, which we don't have here, but it is quite a big saving, yeah and that doesn't sound like a lot, but when you step on the pedals or smash crime that makes a real difference yeah interestingly now I ride carbon wheels and it's James it's James riding aluminum wheels, the vision Mets have on 55s and James rides the Trimack Surfy and they both weigh roughly the same ballpark around 1,500 grams, but the key difference is that keeping an eye on the extra mass is aerodynamic because it's deeper, so it comes down to our next difference, aerodynamics, the greatest Advantage over carbon rims isAerodynamik you can opt for these deep section aerodynamic wheels like Ali'sgot here and just grab one drives at same effort faster and I mean who doesn't want that now how much faster a deep section impeller is probably either loaded or not very dependent on your perspective, so this has been a lot of research from many different independent sources and in general you can't expect it to be around 30 seconds save over 40 kilometers at 40 kilometers per hour by using a deeper wheel like this over a flat wheel like this which sounds quite a lot. So if you are making the effort to get more aerodynamic and faster, then quiet wheels are the right choice when you are braking.If you are using rim brakes, aluminum rims are accepted as they have better braking performance than carbon rims and this is something that is special being overdone on wet aluminum rims which also offer better heat dissipation than a carbon rim and if you are a heavier rider or pull the brakes down steep descents are possible to delaminate a carbon, but manufacturers have done this by texturing the rim and improving of the resin fixed.

When you use these brakes, the material your grip is made of doesn't matter as all braking is done on the disc and another benefit is to do so Carbon rim can get very expensive as it is good to use it can't really be repaired, but it's not a problem that your sun in discs sounds pretty good to medium sized tires like these can be more difficult in cross winds and this is a common worry people unfortunately that Coralie shows you today because today is the quietest day of the year, but I've ridden deep sections in a variety of conditions and I can say it's not as bad a problem as many people think, and it is something that has been greatly improved. With more modern rim shapes, it can be more of a problem if you're a smaller lighter rider like me, but I would go for an all-round balance bike so the 40 millimeter view I have here is perfect it's easy its aerodynamics it just does everything yeah and it won't flinch in the cross wind, which is ideal when talking about stiffness, what about that? Wheels of course yes, having a stiff pair of wheels is a really important quality to hit the pedals and it's also much nicer and more self-confident to have a stiff pair of wheels in the corners, but it's important to point this out and it's a big book that you can make really stiff wheels out of aluminum or carbon the only difference will be that the aluminum wheels will probably be a little heavier I don't want to take it lightly, they equipped it with this knowledge. Hopefully now you can choose the wheel that best suits your needs and if you found it useful then please give it up as it will help others find it too yes and if you watch a article on the difference between aluminum and carbon bikes and click here

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What are Campagnolo wheels?

Modern Campagnolo wheels are lightweight, durable and dependable. Whether you need a set of carbon wheels for road racing or robust alloy wheels, Campagnolo have you covered with a huge range of road wheels.

What are the best car rims?

  1. Editor's Pick: Volk Racing TE37. This list could not be completed without the inclusion of the revered TE37 from Volk Racing.
  2. American Racing Torq Thrust.
  3. Enkei RP03.
  4. BBS Super RS.
  5. HRE Vintage Series 505M.
  6. Konig Hypergram.
  7. Anything from ADV1.
  8. OZ Racing Ultraleggera.
17 янв. 2019 г.

Disclaimer! These aren't our personal favorites when it comes to aftermarket wheels. These aren't the best wheels out there. - Well, some of them could be. - Most of them could be the auto scene in the Year 2020 for the most part-- - Everywhere.- How to show up on cars --- Auto shows. - At car shows - All that good stuff - So this is the top 20 list of the most popular bikes in 2020 - Last year we had some blue smoothies that were a bit - You mean so? - so? - Okay, you know the exercise. - Wheels, tires, suspension. - Fitmentindustries.com Baby I think we should just jump right into the bike list and get started here. - Absolutely, and just a quick note, every bike mentioned on this list is available on fitmentindustries.com Industries, don't forget to subscribe, let's give the first bike - So at the beginning we have number 20, the Kansei- Frickin tandem.

Okay, I really like this company. They bring back old school JDM designs. - Absolutely. - And the Tandemis is one of those really nice looking bikes.

It has an aggressive offset, good concavity, and doesn't suit every application, but the ones it fits on look really good. And the reason it's at number 20 is Kansei is a pretty new brand. As if they weren't fresh, they've been out for a little over a year now - Little over a year now.

They are flow form wheels, they are well designed. The tandem is more based on the GTR style wheeoff like the R34 and such. Really nice looking bike. - On to the next one - All right and at 19 we have the Aodhan DS02.

Now this is a wheel that offers a deep lip, a one-piece cast wheel, which makes it a very solid choice for anyone who is after the 350Z, Genesis Coupe, maybe even like Widebody FRS. looking for 'sand like that. They are a cast wheel, they get really wide, they are very affordable. - Definitely affordable. - They offer good style, you can use them to achieve this multi-part look. - You know.

It's an entry level bike and that's why it made the list. - Exactly. - All right, what's number 18? - So, to get to number 18, I own a set of that brand, Rotiform RSE - Oh okay, all right.

Do you have some VIP monitors on them? - No Rotiform BLQs, I have 'em on the cart. Anyway, the RSE is a super nice option from Rotiform. These are wheels that you will likely hear quite a lot on these lists, but these wheels look great on anything. - Absolutely. - And that's why you'll see them coming so often in 2020 - And they accept the Aerodisk too, right? - Yeah, so that's a super cool feature of it because they have this spinning thing that hides the wheel nuts.

It's not a center lock, it's not meant to be like that, it's just supposed to cover the wheel nuts and give it a clean look. But the cool thing is that you can do the Aerodisk over it, and that gives you a ton of customizable options too. And not only that, but the Rotiform RSEs are really affordable, you get that Rotiform name.

They look good and these arenas are not just Rotiforms that are meant for Volkswagen. I've seen these at Mustangs and everything in between. - And they are like a thousand dollars. - Exactly, super cool. - Cool, so let's go to number 17, we have the second bike from Kansei.

Probably the more popular of the group and that is the Kansei KNP. It's the bronze Patrick five-spoke wheel that everyone asks about in every article, so that's Kansei's most popular design. - Yes, it's kind of like their flagship wheel. - Absolutely, it's their flagship -Wheel.

It's a bronze finish with a dope texture that it comes in. It is available in a silver and a dark gunmetal gray. - The bronze looks phenomenal. - The bronze looks really nice.

It's probably my favorite of the group. So it's a full-form wheel again. Relatively affordable.

Around a thousand, eleven hundred dollars, depending on the size you need. And they're getting aggressively aggressive with their offsets So, absolutely deserves number 17 on the list - Okay, so on to number 16, we have the Fifteen52 Turbomac, and this one hits me all right? Focus gear, focus gear, you know what i am saying? The five by 108 hole pattern can be a bit of a (beeping), okay? (laughs) So the nice thing about the Fifteen52 brand is that they offer five by 108, so you will see a lot of those bikes on Focus STs. But they go with a lot of other things too.

depression fat

I've seen them many times on Mini Coopers and hatchbacks. They are a bit of a rally inspired wheel, they have that, I don't mean to say mesh design, but it's a spoke with a mesh in it. It's different, it's not for everyone.

But it's extremely popular in the hatchback community, I'd say that. - To get down to number 15, we have put Cosmis Racing in the mix with none other than the XT-006R. - That's good. - Now this is the one Six spoke design with a decent step lip the best of both worlds here.

It's good for so much brake play, all that good stuff. It's a solid six-spoke wheel, comes in a number of good colors that Cosmis is known for. - Yes, especially the red. - Yes, you have.

I have the bronze, you get the red, you get the silver, white, black, black chrome, whatever it has. But they come in really good sizes, really aggressive offsets, great colors. And a good price hundred dollars too - Damn it, yeah.

So number 14, let's move a bit away from the affordable stuff here - Okay. - BBS LM. So this is a super classic design.

The reason it made the list is because this bike is timeless. - Absolutely. - It looks damn great.

The reason it isn't higher is because it's expensive (beeps). I mean, I'm not going to get around the bush here, it's expensive. But you pay for quality.

You get BBS quality, and the LM looks amazing. It's one of the few multi-part bikes on this list.- Yes.- And it's just phenomenal.- Lots of people are starting to pick them up again.- Yes, yes, they are making a comeback. - Lots of people are looking for this classic design.

They say, 'I want some BBS wheels,' what other wheel than the LM? .You can still pick them up in the size you need. Whatever you need. - Let's go.

And then you come to number 13 - Oh god, bad luck thirteen - The option Lab 716, R716. This is a Rad This is very, very popular with the WRX, FRX and BRZ communities. Especially because of the sizes in which they are available.

They don't make a lot of sizes, they don't have a lot of finishes, but the sizes and offsets and everything they're in are made for these cars, and they drive them like, so it's 18 times nine plus 35, it's like one solid way. And they are very affordable, they have the right screw patterns for everything. And guess what, they come in some good sizes and a few good finishes - Yeah, I think you can get those for Focus ST too.

So another one that's on the radar for the Focus. And it's like a set of wheels for $ 7,800. Yeah, super affordable.

Great entry-level bike that looks great with anything. And I see more of them appearing in our gallery - like every day. - Over time. - Okay, we're up to number 12, weren't teenagers yet, and we have the F1R F103.

Slightly busier design with lots of spokes. You see a lot of them, they come in bigger sizes. I see them removed on Volkswagen GTIs and the like.

These are super affordable options too, a great bike to get into. You will see them on 350Z because of their larger sizes, G35s .- Yes, they even like the 19s and 20s.

They get pretty big - and I wouldn't say they have a sportier look, they are more of a luxury look if this is your look to go this would be a great option for you. But only the price they have makes them so high on this list. - Absolutely, so strong in 11th place, we have the Konig Dekagram.

This is one that we've seen on the list for the past couple of years just because it's such a popular bike. Now this is an affordable, track-inspired bike design. Now it's great for a lot of brake clearance, like us.

I like a lot of the Konig bikes a lot, that's what they designed them for. It's one of their flow-formed wheels, so they have the hypergram, the decagram, whatever gram you know - Instagram - Instagram whatever it is. But it's a flow-form wheel, so it's good strength-to-weight ratio, the surfaces are really nice.

They are just a really solid looking bike. - Definitely. - They do what they're supposed to do and they do it well.

And guess what, it's in another affordable bike too. There's a common trend with these bikes. Around $ 800 for a set of four - Damn, so under a giant - Yeah - Damn (beeps) love gram, that's what I'm saying. (laughs) - Go to number 10, we have the JNC JNC005.- That's a tongue twister.- Yes, and that's a bike that we see all the time is a super popular bike.

If we get into the top ten, this is it Wheels that you can see pretty much everywhere. And the JNC005 is no exception to the iece look without the multi-part price. And I think that's why it's such a popular wheel - that's the selling point - yes people who get into the car game, even some people who have had their cars for a while, go with those wheels , they look great, they are extremely affordable.

You will likely see this at a lot of auto shows. Just because of the price is of course the Enkei RPF1.- Extremely light, great price.

It's like the Enkei flagship bike, everyone knows the RPF1, that's why it's on the list. It has to be here, you can't get past it Number 8, we have one of my personal favorites, I absolutely love this balance bike. It's the Work Emotion D9R. - Ay! - So this wheel is phenomenal.

foam roller spine

It'll be roughly in these two big price ranges depending on the size of the wheel you go with. But you get the name Work, you get the quality of Work, and it just looks so damn good. They make some cool color options for this wheel, like it well.

This is one of my personal favorites on the list - Absolutely - You will see it on cars around auto shows because you have your first set of wheels, second set of wheels, or maybe yours Getting the third set of wheels will be the Work Emotion D9Rs. - Or something along those lines. - Yes exactly. - So when we go into wheel number seven, we see another king coming in.

So this is one that we mentioned before - Yep - So this is the Konig Ampliform. So this is another Konig Flowform wheel, it's light, has good finishes, good style, you have the 18s, 17s, they go with pretty much anything, and they look good on pretty much anything. You have a nice bronze finish, probably my favorite finish of all - yes they look good - and you honestly know king does it right.

They do it right, they do it well. And that's why you're on the list. So let's go to number six, we have the ESR SR08.

This used to be one of our top I think it was last year was it ours? Number one? - Yeah, it was probably up there. - If not, it was way up. But this is a super affordable option and it looks really nice.

When you get concave on this wheel it looks amazing. The reason it moves downis ESR kinda moves away from that look and they go for their own unique looks which is really cool to see. So we moved it down a bit, because ESR will push a little less, we will probably be a little less pushing and check out the new stuff from ESR - Yeah, keep an eye on ESR this year, they are doing some cool ones Stuff.- Definitely.- They came out with their own designs, they have cast versions of their multi-piece piece of wheel coming out.

It's pretty neat - but don't sleep on the SR08, it's a great looking bike for a great price - if you go on bike number five we hit that top 5 mark. We have the AVID1 AV6, this is a very, very affordable bike now - yes - probably why it is so high up - yes, definitely why it is up there - probably why we see it so often, when You make the list. Seven spoke design with a lip that looks great on pretty much anything.- Yep.- You know there's not much that can be said about the AV6.

They have a lot of finishes because it's Avid1. They have many sizes because it's AVID1. And it's affordable because it's AVID1 - Exactly - So on to number four, we have the AVID1 AV20.

So that will be everywhere too. As you can see, AVID1 is high on the list here because they are so affordable. They come in a ton of color options.

This is a gravity cast wheel from AVID1. It looks great and you will See these on a number of different cars, they offer a number of different bolt patterns. - Yeah, WRX is a lot, Civics, I mean it's all. - Yes. - All right, so in our top 3 we have some good examples of our top three bikes here.

So this is the Aodhan DS07, now this is another affordable, multi-piece bike. You can obviously see why this is a popular bike that people get the look they are after, but it's a very affordable bike. You get those Lippe, you get a deep lip with these guys.- Everyone wants multi-piece wheels, but let's get down to it, they're fucking expensive.- Unless you're buying used ones and want to find the right size for them or have them remodeled.

If you're just looking for something for a few hundred dollars-- Exactly.- That's what people do.- Exactly, extremely easy to get into the game.

You want some aftermarket bikes. You are fed up with your standard bikes. You just have to get something on it.

Here's an entry-level bike that you'll see everywhere because it's great, it's popular design - Continuing with number two, we have the Rohana RFX11. This is a beautiful bike.- All I can say is I love this bike.

It's one of my favorites.- This is actually on the other end of the spectrum from the last bike we looked at. This is where you get a little more expensive.

But the people who can spend it pick this bike up because it looks so good. This is more of your luxury line, you know. Although they are extremely light.

They're lightweight for what they are, larger sizes, so you'll see a lot of these around 20-inch sizes and the like - the reason this is number two on this list is because the cars are getting bigger. We're seeing these bigger cars that are really starting to come like the late 2010s, late 2012s, - people get up to size. - People get on cars because they get a little more affordable.

They're catching up with these bigger cars like BMWs, Audis, stuff like that. -Mercedes. - Mercedes.

And they actually offer offsets like Mercedes. I don't know if you know, they are really weird - yes they are, they are weird - and they make a plus of 43 on these guys which is absolutely perfect. So, the Rohana RFX11, an absolutely fantastic choice.

The finishes Rohana offers are out of this world - and if you can get concave on these wheels they look amazing - these are big boys 20x12 - but honestly they are not that heavy. When you see this wheel you expect it to be heavy just because of its size. But it's not bad for what it is. - No, absolutely not. - Light. - So intermediate price, you don't really want to break the bank, but you see over fifteen hundred for a set of it.

custom bike builders

But honestly not bad at all for what you get .- That's it. - That's it. - Thank you very much for persevering.

We made it to number one. This is the wheel we expect to be the most seen in 2020. Are you ready? - You became so popular. - You did it.

Cosmis Racing XTR-206.- I love these bikes.- They are awesome.- I said it last year, they were a little lower on our list, we see them move up as Cosmis im Gets more popular over the years.

And I love this bike. It's also one of my favorites on the list. - Yeah, so like I said, Cosmis absolutely kills it with their finishes too.

They have red, they have black, they have the bronzes, they have the white, they have the silver, they have the polish, they have the red polish, they have the black and the machine, they have everything. You know what, and they're pretty affordable like a thousand dollars, a little over a thousand, depending on the size and whatever you take with you. But honestly these things put it absolutely neatly on pretty much every car they leave.- One thing I'd say though, the lower the offset the better with these wheels.

Because once you get there you have a higher offset and you don't have a lot of lip or concavity almost turning into a lower offset wheel on these, but I love these wheels. - And there it is, ladies and gentlemen, these are our top 20 wheels for 2020. And what we think we will see most in cars, out there on the scene, in our gallery all these good things in 2020 and in the future.

So thank you for watching. Every bike we talked about tonight can be found on our Fitmentindustries.com website, if you want to learn more information about them, check them out, check them out on your car, go to the gallery, pocket it, all sorts of good things.- And if there is a bike that you think you should have commented on the list the most popular bikes of 2020.- Absolutely.- So comment below.- All right so thank you for watching , don't forget to subscribe, see you later.Peace.

Can you put car rims on a truck?

Car rims are not the same size as rims for a truck or many SUVs. You might like the design of a set of rims, but if they're not the right size, they won't fit your car. Be sure you get help measuring your rims and matching a new set to the right size for your vehicle.2 окт. 2019 г.

What's going on guys? Jones at Fitment Industries, and as you can see, I've got Fuller here with me today, so that can only mean one thing: we're going to talk about trucking stuff. And no, no, no, don't go yet because we're not just going to be talking about trucking stuff. We're actually going to compare truck wheels to car wheels and tell you why car wheels are so much better - Let's get to it - So, Fuller, you're a truck guy, you work with custom offsets, I'm sure everyone is custom offsets -Type will recognize you here.

So when you get a truck and want to buy a new set of wheels for it, you go out there and shop for your first set of wheels for the truck, like what are you looking for in a wheel? - I think the majority of the people especially our customers, the people who shop with custom offsets, the biggest thing everyone wants is how wide can I go and how big can I get a lift? So you want the 12 wides, the 14 wides, people are doing 16 wides now and they want to see how much lift they can do and how far they can get the wheel and tire out of the fender, what a car driver is, you know that would be weird bumpers and that's not what they care about - Right - Where we have wheels that stick six to eight inches outside our fenders - So they say it's not so much the design, it's more of a size. - Yeah, I mean, obviously people are interested in design too, but I think a lot of the guys just want to get as big as possible. This is probably the most popular question I get on Instagram, so I do all the Instagram news and everyone wants to know what is the largest size wheel and tire I can fit on my Chevy Silveradoor on any truck they ride with any suspension , that you have.

So, motorists, I think, also have it easier when it comes to suspension things because they are either standard or go lower, nobody lifts a car. - Right. - And when you go upstairs there are so many options because it can be two inches, three inches, four inches, six inches, nine inches, twelve inches, and it just depends on what your personal preference is Really - Do you think with the whole size thing, do many truck wheel manufacturers think to consider wheel weight when it comes to the design of their wheels? - I don't think there are many who do this, which I think makes up wheel weight, but that's because I also drive cars and so I am aware of the adverse effects of unsprung mass and there are some people who do think they'll take care of it.

We just went to Sema, just got back and I spoke to one of the forged wheels manufacturers and they really focus on minimizing the weight they add to the wheels because they have an option for a billet cap, so most of the caps in the trucking world are plastic, and i'm assuming that cars are pretty much the same too. - Mmm. - And they have an option for billet, which is made of metal.

So now you're shaving off the back of the cap too, so it's just hollow and reducing as much weight as possible, but it's only a few ounces, you know? , 24x16 inch wheel that already weighs 50 plus pounds. - Correct. Yeah, I think that's a thing with car wheels too, if you see an ad for a car wheel or something like that, or a brand comes out with a new line of wheels, they're like, oh, they get super light, you'll save so much weight and everything, and it's kind of the fact that we pretend we care a little more about the weight than we actually do - you know? who have favourited guys on the line probably really care more than the guys who just do it about looks. - Definitely. - So when I was driving trucks and picking up truck wheels all the time, it was pretty painful to pick them up and then I bought my drift car and got a set of Cosmis 006Rs there I went to pick up the wheel and tire after I got put it on the ground and I literally almost threw it because it was so light and I couldn't believe it, but yeah, I think wheel weight matters more in the auto world than it matters in the trucking world .

Because these things are so heavy we already have terrible gas mileage, you raise it up so they are like, oh what is a few hundred pounds? Obviously, the way the wheels are made often dictates that they turn out to be weight, so your cast wheels will usually be heavier than your forged wheels or your three-piece or something similar. Do you technically think that a lot of the truck wheels? what kind of process do you think most of them would go through? Are they mostly occupied or are the y mostly forged? - So we just looked at some data on this and I think 95% of the wheels we have on our website were cast wheels. The other 5% will then be forged wheels, or the weird oddity of compression force.

So in the auto world you have rotational forging, flowmolding, compression forging, all these different names, but in the truck game we're brand new to the whole compression forging thing, so Ax Offroad is one of the companies that do that and compression forging is what I am will explain to you briefly. It's basically like a cast wheel but then there is a whole lot of heat and pressure and rotation and they pull the barrel of the wheels out to make the simple put it’s stronger. - Sure. - But yeah, there is only one company right now who does, most of them are cast, and what we've found in forged wheels in the trucking world is that they are just as heavy as they are cast.

Really? - And I don't know if it has to do with the density of the material, because there is just a lot of aluminum there and they press it with it, I forget what the statistics are, but it's like a pressure of tens of thousands of pounds to squeeze it all together so I think that you have these molecular grain structures so tight and so tight that you still get one. Even though it's aluminum, it's still very heavy. - Yes.

So what you're saying is either cast or forged that truck manufacturers are just starting to get into flowforming or flow forging? - yes there is literally only one company - you know, from the auto side coming? 'That's what all the companies are trying to do right now-- - Oh, everyone's getting on with it - For example, every bike company out there has the car side like a complete forged line, so that's kind of interesting actually, I never really knew that .- Yes, we are a little behind on this technology. And I don't know if it's because people don't care about the weight I guess.

It's the trucker's mentality I guess - Yeah. As much as designs and such, I mean, and color I guess when I look at your side of the wall and then look at our side --- the black there - are there any other colors than black and chrome and such? - Well the most popular finish is still black, the second most popular is going to be black and milled so it's still mostly black with a bit of a silver accent on it. Chrome rims, we haven't seen that much, and a lot of people confuse chrome and polished, like the way a fully forged wheel is polished while chrome is a coating and there is also PVD chrome, which is like a powder-coated finish, but there are many Surface quality issues, so people stepped back from that and stuck to regular chrome or bought forged polished wheels, so - Sure. - That's that.

Some companies come out with a few different colors, Ax again, so they're the ones pushing the boundaries with compression forging, but they are coming out with red wheels now too, and they have white wheels which I think it would be super hard to keep clean so this gets interesting. But there are a couple of other companies that do a double dark tint, so they're basically going to work the face of the wheel and then spray a dark clear coat over it. and that is becoming more and more popular.

We saw a few different examples of this at Sema this year, so it will be interesting to see what people do with it, but by far the most popular is black. - As for the designs? Wheels, just looking at them I think a lot of them have a lot in common, and I can't say that the car wheels are not like that either, but after what I've seen, would you agree with me or do you think that that is very much? of the modern styling of the car wheels are somehow beginning to penetrate the truck wheels? - Yeah, as much as the truck guys don't? I'm not going to admit that a lot of the styles we see in these popular truck wheels are or are coming from the auto world, and that's just because more and more trucks are being used as showpieces and not how, you know, the off-road Workhorses They Were Before - Sure - Design wasn't that important, everyone thinks the bullet hole style wheels, as we called them, are literally just circles basically stamped into the steel, and now you've got very intricate mesh designs, and a lot of people are walking those on the brand new trucks that are super high quality, your Denalis and whatever is fully loaded right now, and it's more of a luxury vehicle so it deserves more luxury. Stilrad.

But by far I think the most popular we sell is the Big Blockor Moto Metal Line 962 gear alloy which is simple, it's like an eight or six spoke, I can't remember correctly but it's literally just? a large blocky piece. And it's simple and clean, and I don't know why it's so popular, but it is. Types of cars have much more intricate designs I would say. - Definitely.

Yeah, I mean, and there are a lot more crazy designs out there, just a lot more out-of-the-box things that are obvious because they'd fit better in a car that you can't really throw on a truck but what i can say i saw are the direction wheels. - Oh yes.- I can imagine a company that will start offering a real balance bike-- - Right.- This is slowly coming into the truck scene.- I would say, have directional car wheels been around for some time? - Mhm - Nobody in the trucking world wanted to do it because truck wheels are way more expensive, because there is so much more stuff out there, like, you can get a set of pretty decent looking car wheels for around $ 600 and the troubles who have favourited Come on. - Right - Custom Offset, I'd say most people are probably spending over $ 1000 on a really nice looking set of wheels.

The reason people in the trucking scene don't make directional wheels is because the cost is obviously double because you need a left and a right, but Arkon coming out now that was developed with custom offsets basically changes that so we'll see how to do that. One thing I've noticed is that you've had concave wheels for ages. And above all in the multi-part segment, which can be done completely differently, because there are basically no multi-part wheels for trucks either, but I mean, tell me about concave wheels, does everyone ride them, are they super popular? - Yeah, I'd say they're pretty popular, especially with the wider wheels everyone is trying to fit.

You kind of get that naturally, with the lower offsets you start to run. - Oh, and your low offsets are like --- Yes, our low offsets --- are like, still plus 1 0, our low offsets are minus 101.- What just blows me away, you know.- So there is too Dual wheels that are like minus 176. - What's crazy about lift wheels versus concave ones, and what a lot of companies have done, especially in the three piece wheel game, have done a mix of both - Okay - so it's a concave wheel, but they have that infinite spoke thing, it goes like this go on like you're still getting that three or four inch lipon on the outside, so - I didn't know if that would be possible in the auto world because if you got a truck wheel and you got 12 inches to work? with, it's easy to make a really deep concave wheel and still have a four inch lip on it. - Exactly right. - Didn't think it was possible - Yes, wide in our eyes is like a 12 inch wheel. - Yes, for us this is like we're just getting started. - Like the concept cars from Jarrods Auto, these are a great example, they are three-piece wheels, they are very concave, but then you also get this lipon from the outside - Yeah, you can keep them.

We just saw a 30x16 American Force at Sema. - Okay folks, so I guess this is going to finish it off for today. Let us know in the comments what you think.

If you need wheels, tires or suspension go to www.FitmentIndustries.com.

But I'm Jones from Fitment Industries. - And I'm Fuller from Custom Offsets. So if you need trucking stuff, check out our website CustomOffsets.com. - I'll see you later. - Peace. - Peace. (Hip hop music)

Where are Campagnolo rims made?

Campagnolo products are created in Italy, in Vicenza. Campagnolo is the only components company in the cycling world with its own production units, all located in Europe.

bike riding music

Are Campagnolo wheels any good?

The Campagnolo Bora WTO 60 Disc wheels are superfast, superb to ride and superbly expensive. Despite the rim depth, they handle very well and are well behaved in windy conditions. An exceptionally good race wheelset. ➥ Buy now from Wiggle (50.00 ), Chain Reaction Cycles (50.00 ), and ProBikeKit (44.49 ).22.07.2020

Are Savini wheels good quality?

Savini is the maker of a High End Custom 3 piece forged wheel. They are supposed to be a very quality product.27 июл. 2011 г.

Is RTX a good wheel brand?

The RTX rims purchased recently for my car are very well crafted and look terrific. They fit perfectly. They definitely provide an appearance-upgrade as well as increased tire functionality. The wheels look great on my car.

Are trailer rims the same as car rims?

I don't recommend using trailer wheels for vehicles as that is not safe, however you can use vehicle rims on a trailer if they fit properly. The issue you may run into is that vehicle wheel/rims normally have a wide range of offset depending on the wheel style, where most trailer wheels have a zero offset.18 нояб. 2016 г.

Is there a difference between trailer rims and car rims?

May I put trailer rims on a regular car? Expert Reply: Vehicles use wheels with high positive offsets which puts the tire closer to the frame of the vehicle and since trailer wheels are designed to have a zero offset so that there is even tread wear as they tend to deal with heavier loads.21 мар. 2019 г.

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