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Best handlebar tape - how to deal with

Which handlebar tape is best?

The 11 Best Handlebar Tapes, Whether You're Riding On-Road or Off
  • Best Overall. Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Handlebar Tape. amazon.com.
  • Long-Lasting. Tempo Microtex Bondcush Soft.
  • Most Customizable. ESI Grips RCT Wrap.
  • Best for Gravel. Specialized Body Geometry Bar Phat with Tape.
  • Most Funky. BTP Woven Bar Tape.
16 . 2020 .

(Zapping noises) - handlebar tape. It is not as simple as it may seem from the start. And for a lot of people out there, they actually throw itaside or they don't care that much.

But let's not forget, it's one of the three main points of contact between you and your bike. And when shopping for a new handlebar tape, you can be confronted with hundreds of possible combinations. Of course, you have the material of the tape, you have the texture, the amount of padding, not to mention the important color choices.

So today, let's take a look at some of the different versions and strains that are out there. Fortunately, our friends at Physique just launched a brand new range so we can take a look at what best suits your needs. (Happy music) Now it may not be clear to everyone why we use handlebar tape.

The first reason is the grip. So imagine trying to hold onto anti-minion or carbon handlebars without bar tape. And yes, your grip won't be very good at all.

Especially when you work up a little sweat or drive over rough terrain. And the other reason, which is probably the most obvious one, is the added comfort of covering miles and kilometers all year round. (Spunky music) Now, going into a bike shop is probably one of the most exciting things to do for a cyclist.

But when you look at this other type of handlebar tape on the wall, it's often off-putting, to be honest, because you don't know what to look for. And while you would normally use a handlebar tape, often in the back of your mind you wonder if this is really what you wanted? So let's take a look at this range from Physique and see what to look for based on your riding needs. (Zappy music) Now, for some people, the look of bar tape is the most important thing when buying a new bar tape reel.

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But others don't care what it looks like, which pains me a lot because I always think that handlebar tape on a bike often makes a big difference. Well, if you have a really classy looking bike then you need something from that classy looking tape. This is Physique's Tempo tape, so this, well, I personally think adds a bit of class to an old retro bike, or if you're looking for a traditional look for your modern road bike, wrap it up.

I mean, look at tiny little perforated holes, this is the kind of tape drivers used, say, 20, 25 years ago, before the spongy cork tape really caught on. Personally, it's my favorite. I'm still wrapping my bars in it.

I absolutely and absolutely love it. On the other side of this tempo band, we have this. This is brand new.

This is called terratape. So, as you can see, it's very different. It's slick to start with.

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It doesn't have any of those perforation holes that dirt will hang around. Unless it's designed for off-road rides like cyclocross, it should also be a little easier to clean. Next we have something that looks pretty modern, not just from the color but also from the texture.

So you can see there are a lot of grooves running the length of the belt here and I think this might be useful for what we get on next - comfort. (Jazzy music) First you can see on this Microtex classic that it's only 2mm thick so it won't give you a lot of comfort or cushioning when riding along, but it will give you really great control over your handlebars, because you can feel everything that is going through there. But for those of you who think it might be a little too thin - I mean, I've been using this for about 20 years now, I think it's absolutely spot on, but that's my personal choice - you could do something like that to get .

So it has exactly the same texture and appearance but is a millimeter thicker. But after they add a middle layer of foam in the middle of the handlebar tape that we actually wrap on your handlebars, it changes the feel of it a lot. A millimeter, it doesn't sound like much, but if you stick it on your handlebars, I think it makes all the difference.

Then take another roll of duct tape and this one with the sub-name Soft actually feels a little different. So comfort will only vary very, very slightly. This one has a more velvety appearance.

Fairly high quality and noble to the touch. I like that very much. Now the same methodology can be applied to what are probably the most diverse variants of handlebar tape.

For example the Vento, which is available in different thicknesses and also with these edges. Some people will find this very comfortable on their hands, especially those of you who don't wear gloves. Now the tape itself has a kind of rubbery feel to it.

When your hands start to sweat or it rains, the grip or stickiness between you and the handlebar tape improves. Something that a lot of drivers absolutely love. I said at the beginning that there are literally hundreds of different combinations, right? And I haven't let you down so far.

So here's another one in the mix. The type of adhesive your handlebar tape is applied with, so we have a layer of gel on this terra tape that will help you be comfortable. But this layer of gel isn't quite as tacky as some types of handlebar tape either, so you can remove and reattach it without tearing your handlebar tape and leaving any sticky residue.

You could probably even put it in the washing machine to clean. Well maybe not. (Rushing water) If you are now happy and satisfied with your current handlebar tape, I have a little tip for you before you go to this store.

Take a piece of the current handlebar tape with you. That way, you can be sure that you will get as close to it as possible from the display. Because often we go into a store and think, 'Oh, that's exactly the same timing belt as me'.

And that is only associated with an embarrassing return to the store for an exchange for the correct tape. If after all that you are still unsure, go to the shop and get an idea of ​​the different handlebars on the bikes on display. And think to yourself, 'Is that what I want to go with you?' If so, go over there, grab the helpful assistant and say, 'Shopkeeper, this is the tape I would like to have.' and they'll take something from their display, I'm pretty sure of that.

Now we finally have the crucial color decision. Well, here at GCN we are indeed joking that your handlebar tape should match your saddle and vice versa, although it doesn't really matter because your handlebar tape is can be a really great way to express yourself on your bike. Well I hope this has been of great use to you and that you can go there now and get the most convenient, or perhaps the most minimalist timing belt you could possibly want.

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Now it is good to like this article and share it with your friends. Give him a big thumbs up. Share it with someone in need of a new handlebar tape.

We all have a friend of ours who has really dirty stuff on our bikes. Don't forget to visit the GCN shop at shop.globalcyclingnetwork.com, where we have a whole range of different products ready for you.

And now, for a article on how to wrap your handlebar tape, just click here below. (Pointing down)

What handlebar tape do the pros use?

PRO Sport Comfort

PRO's Sport Comfort is the thickest tape here at 3.5mm, thanks to its extra layer of gel padding. The wide, non-sticky silicone adhesive strip actually sticks to the bar effectively and is very easy to remove without residue.
21 2021 .

Is white handlebar tape a good idea?

White is a glorious color to grace a set of handlebars. It emphasizes the sensual sweep of the drops and the beautiful curve from the hoods to the tops. It brings out the crisp shadows of the cables running beneath the tape to highlight a perfect wrap.

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What color should handlebar tape be?

Here is the rule: Handlebar tape shall be black. (You can use other colors, but it won't look as good.)

Why is handlebar tape so expensive?

There are economies of scale. The number of people buying handlebar ribbon is infinitesimal compared to the number of people buying duct tape. So it's going to cost more.

How do I choose handlebar tape?

Choosing handlebar tape

Cork/foam blends are generally considered a good choice for those riders looking for comfortable and absorbent tape. Thick versions (up to 3mm) of microfibre tape are also very comfortable, yet harder wearing than cork/foam and much easier to clean once it gets grubby.

How often should you change bar tape?

Salty liquid is corrosive and it's not uncommon for riders to come across holes in their bars, from a lack of tape maintenance. We at NALAC believe at a minimum, you should replace your tape every six months. Make today the day you get your bars freshly wrapped in new tape!

How often do you change handlebar tape?

Salty liquid is corrosive and it's not uncommon for riders to come across holes in their bars, from a lack of tape maintenance. We at NALAC believe at a minimum, you should replace your tape every six months. Make today the day you get your bars freshly wrapped in new tape!

How often should you replace bar tape?

Salty liquid is corrosive and it's not uncommon for riders to come across holes in their bars, from a lack of tape maintenance. We at NALAC believe at a minimum, you should replace your tape every six months. Make today the day you get your bars freshly wrapped in new tape!

How often should you change your bar tape?

Salty liquid is corrosive and it's not uncommon for riders to come across holes in their bars, from a lack of tape maintenance. We at NALAC believe at a minimum, you should replace your tape every six months. Make today the day you get your bars freshly wrapped in new tape!27.04.2019

Which is the best material for handlebar tape?

Certain bike riders are going to like different types of material. A synthetic grip is usually the most durable option, and they can also make them feel pretty tacky if grip is a huge issue. Synthetic grips tend to use material such as polyurethane, silicone, foam, or gel.

What kind of tape to use for drop bar?

You can find most leather and cork bar tapes, as well as plenty of synthetic options, in this thickness. As gravel rides and other off-road drop-bar adventures become more popular, the number of thicker, more shock-absorbent bar tapes has increased.

How often do you need to put tape on your handlebars?

Your handlebar tape covers two of the five contact points you have with your bike, meaning the typical cyclist spends at least 10 hours a week holding onto it. That’s a lot. So it’s worth investing in quality tape, which is essential for comfort and control, especially at high speeds and in tricky corners.

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